Thanks to mobile tech, the camera has never been as candid

Give Thanks


My name is Betty Syombua Kim. I am a mother of a handsome boy, Ethan that I adore and love so much. He’s just an awesome little man. Ever considering I first met him, my existence has been not anything but superb. He’s taught me to like in a manner I never knew I may want to love a person. A love so genuine and so unconditional. Why communicate approximately my son Ethan you may ask. Ethan is my miracle infant. Reason being despite the fact that God planned that he might appear, I had by no means genuinely planned to have him at the time he got here.

October 1, 2015, is a day I’m going to take into account for a long term to come back. I had missed my periods for 2 months now and for some time were questioning that it became because I had been taking a few anti-malaria tablets and some typhoid tablets thanks to some quick fellow misdiagnosing me. But on this day I decided to get a package just to get the doubts out of the manner. I have in no way been so taken aback as I became on that day. I was in denial. How, while, why? I had such a lot of questions. Why might God let it happen while the timing was just so incorrect?

I had simply end my employment a few months earlier than then to move back to high school to pursue my master’s diploma so definitely with no monthly profits, just having gone again to school and my baby’s daddy having denied responsibility, my global came crashing. I had no concept how I might continue to exist. The destiny in one instant became so bleak. The coming months could be harrowing. My mother and father especially my mom’s denial of the scenario turned into heartbreaking. Here I was, pregnant and no longer positive how I was going to plot for my infant who becomes going to be coming in seven months. And I had no single cent on me.

But with my son having four months to go to his first birthday, right here is what I actually have learned. That God is constantly faithful. That God will in no way depart you nor forsake you. That though we’ve got sinned and fallen quickly of his glory, His mercies toward us are never finishing. During that trying time, the scenario drew me toward God. I realized that, even though a situation that you are going through won’t be what you’re anticipating for, there has to be an amazing cause why it took place. So supply thank you.

And today I deliver thanks for my son each day. Ever considering that he got here into my existence, the whole thing has modified for the higher. I even have made so many advantageous adjustments in my existence. He makes me satisfied. He has made me blessed. He has given me a purpose of awakening every morning and working so difficult simply so that I deliver him an first-rate existence. Through him, I see Jesus’s persisted works in my life. So I would really like to inspire you who’s feeling careworn and misplaced approximately a certain state of affairs for your lifestyles, it’s constantly darkest earlier than sunrise. Your dawn is coming.

In Isaiah forty:31 we are reminded that those positioned our hope within the lord will renew their energy. They will leap like eagles and now not develop weary. That they will run and now not grow faint. And that’s what I had to learn to do best. And He confirmed himself in our lives. By his grace, my toddler shopping and hospital payments were taken care. By his grace, I actually have spread out a business this is selecting up so well. By his grace, I am still taking my grasp’s training. By his grace, my son is a glad wholesome little champ… Do all of us have reasons to expose a mindset of gratitude?

History of the Camera


Early cameras of the sixteenth and 17th century were capable of venture pix onto paper or glass but the examine of capturing, processing and printing the photos took many greater years. Up till the seventeenth century, scientists believed that mild become composed essentially of the ‘white’ that is perceived by means of the human eye. It took the studies accomplished by well-known physicist Isaac Newton to find out that light is sincerely composed of a spectrum of colors. While he made a huge contribution to the take a look at of optics (this is in the middle of digicam advances) with this discovery, Newton did not virtually have something to do with digicam improvement consistent with use.

The early camera that first has become a phenomenon was a bit greater than a pinhole digital camera and may be traced returned to 1558. It became known as the Camera Obscura. The Camera Obscura turned into seen as a drawing tool for a clearer and sensitive portrayal of gadgets. It changed into inside the early 19th century that an invention named the Camera Lucida become brought with the aid of Cambridge scientist William Hyde Wollaston that consisted of an optical tool that would help an artist view a far-off scene or person or item on a paper surface that she or he changed into the use of to attract. In other phrases, the artist gets to view a superimposed photo of a topic on paper and this image might be efficiently used to try and draw, trace or paint it. Both the Camera Obscura and the Camera Lucida furnished a picture that was temporary, which could not be lastingly captured directly to paper for later reference.

Studies however continued nicely into the 1800’s on the way to honestly seize the picture onto a material. It changed into in the course of this time, round 1822 that French researcher Joseph Nicephore Niepce, created the primary picture by means of the use of paper that changed into covered with a chemical. The photo would now not stay completely on the paper and would disappear after a short even as. Even so, notwithstanding the short-lived nature of the photograph, the concept of pictures become born with this experiment and paved the manner for in additional study and development on this subject.

Capturing pics to hold them longer and permanently have become the subsequent massive quest for researchers. Another Frenchman Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre partnered with Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1829, to expand the technique of making permanent pics. Joseph Niépce died in 1833, however, Daguerre persevered with the work and succeeded in 1837 after many long years of experimentation. The system of shooting photographic pix that would no longer fade away, delivered by Daguerre came to be referred to as the ‘daguerreotype’.

The word ‘pictures’ was coined via scientist Sir John F.W. Herschel in 1839 and it’s far definitely is derived from two Greek words ‘fix’ that means mild and ‘graphene’ meaning draw.

A slightly greater advanced version of the daguerreotype called the Calotype process that makes a couple of copies viable the use of the negative and high-quality method have become to be had very soon after. In fact, it changed into in the course of the 1840’s that the usage of photographic pictures in classified ads first began and cameras made their mark at the electricity of visible verbal exchange. It became not an awful lot later, inside the 1850’s that photographers first started out experimenting with underwater photography of seascapes.

Up till 1850, the method of shooting photographs become bulky requiring up to half an hour of mild exposure. The discovery made in 1851 via Frederick Scott Archer became a blessing for the reason that new method termed the Collodion process called for simply 2-3 seconds of mild publicity to capture an image.

Prior to 1871, photographers went via a development manner where they had to coat the plate with moist chemical every and on every occasion and technique the photograph right away. With the discovery the gelatin dry plate silver bromide method via Richard Leach Maddox, negatives did no longer need to be developed straight away. This becomes a critical discovery for the reason that up until then the captured picture needed to be processed instantly.

Kodak created in 1888 by using George Eastman has been a modern-day pioneer of types in cameras and images for the loads. George Eastman and the scientists who labored with him at Kodak evolved the photographic movie in 1889 and made it available in rolls for the mass use of clients. An essential milestone in our entertainment and conversation records became the improvement of transparent roll film through Eastman. This improvement led to another key invention – the movement picture digicam by way of Thomas Edison’s in 1891.

Effects of Mobile Games On Human Life

There is a difference between the bringing up of the kids these days and the way their mother and father were raised by way of their mother and father. The essential reason for this difference is the brand new medical innovations. One of these innovations is the phone, the cellular telephones with large screens of about six to ten inches which have the functionality of entertaining one every time and but one needs it. As the hammer is to Thor, a mobile phone is to its proprietor. An individual feels paralyzed while he’s far away from his mobile phone.

Video games are and always were the pinnacle-of-the-listing supply of leisure for the reason that their invention. If your appearance returned, no longer a long way, but just a decade ago, human beings used to play the video games at the cumbersome PCs. Next, play stations and X-containers took over the video gaming international. Now cellular phones, in all of us’s arms, are within the lead.

We can investigate the ways the cell games are influencing human lives. The tough estimate of the age organization this is extra prone to play the video games is 10-25. They have little information about the realities of the world. That is the age whilst someone will have a number of enjoying approximately how the matters are in the global, via journeying around and by interacting with the other individuals of the society. The video games have affected their peer relationships. They spend the maximum of their time playing on screens They hardly participate in fixing social troubles which affect their intercommunication skills.

There is not any scarcity in the genres of mobile video games, as an example; fighting, capturing, sports activities, flight simulating, makeup games and surgical treatment video games. Such games can be very informative and can offer to understand beforehand to the kids. Take an example of an infant who plays a riding game. Let us assume that the child does now not have any real existence revel in of driving. Of course, gambling an online game cannot give the feeling of the real lifestyles no matter how desirable the snapshots are, however, he will get to know much stuff about motors. Similarly, surgical operation video games that deliver the majority of data approximately human anatomy and make the participant sense like an actual medical doctor saving lives, furnished that he does not squirm at the sight of blood.

Drawbacks of the video games are instead loud than their advantages. There is not any disclaiming of all of the ill results of the video games. A baby grown up gambling these video games is hardly ever capable of shake himself off the video game mode. For example, there are no obeying site visitors policies in the video games nor do the game developers look at it for the sake of making their sport more fun. So whilst this child receives to drive an actual automobile, he is gambling that game within the again of his head which he used to play in his early life and drives as recklessly as he used to drive in the sport.

From governance to forming government​, mobile phones are changing roles

What Is Your Share of Government Debt?


It’s that point of 12 months in which we review the impact of government debt on person taxpayers. It is essential to recollect who’s on the hook for authorities reckless spending binges.

Whenever we pay attention politicians to make marketing campaign promises, they sound like they may be spending their cash. But authorities do not have any money, so the simplest way they can put into effect their high priced ideas, is to tax their residents and organizations, as this is their only supply of sales.

What is simply troubling is that once the USA authorities (and maximum others) deliberate their price range for the modern economic year, the budget to spend more than they knew they will obtain in tax revenue. In reality on account that 1970, the United States has the most effective balanced their price range four times. France has now not had a balanced budget due to the fact that 1974.

When governments overspend, they need to fund the one’s deficits by means of issuing bonds. As the debt continues rising, an increasing number of-of the price range goes to paying the interest on the one’s bonds. Last year American authorities spent over $250 billion on simply the interest payments to the carrier the Federal debt. They spent over $430 billion if we encompass the State and Local Government (SLG) securities.

Every election, candidates claim they’ll not upload to the debt, but except for four years within the past forty-five years, every year the USA authorities has appreciably added to the debt. In Obama’s 8 years in the workplace, the United States debt has exploded higher, by way of almost $10 trillion to $19.86 trillion.

The almost $20 trillion is the professional debt parent, but there’s additionally a huge quantity of ‘unfunded liabilities’. Future responsibilities along with Social Security, Medicare, Veteran Affairs, and Federal worker benefits aren’t funded. The total of these ‘unfunded responsibilities’ totals over $100 trillion.

Children and Their Changing Roles Throughout History


Children in latest society appear to be a good deal more pampered and less accountable than they had been a few many years in the past. They also appeared to have lost tons of the feed device that most of us took with no consideration growing up. By examining the roles of kids inside the past, we may be able to trace the source of the troubles that we’re having with trendy troubled young people.

In olden days, kids had been treated as small adults and given some of the same duties that have been shouldered by way of their parents. Youngsters labored aspect by using the side with their dad and mom inside the fields as quickly as they may stroll. Children serving as squaddies were no longer unusual in some nations. Marriages passed off when a person was about twelve years of age inside the hopes that they could reproduce within the few years that they needed to stay. Young people in these times were exposed to the tough realities of lifestyles certainly from delivery.

Death changed into also an everyday event whilst the common lifestyles span become about 40 years of age. Only one in five children survived to adulthood, so the loss of siblings turned into a commonplace incidence as properly. Many parents did not stay to look their children grow up because of the loss of life in conflict and childbed, and many children had been raised via adults that had the very little blood connection to them.

All of those elements prohibited most children from being pampered or spoiled. The each day struggle to survive curtailed any frivolity. This isn’t to say that that mother and father did no longer value or care approximately their youngsters. Any child that survived infancy became considered to be an exceptional asset and human nature dictated that those children may additionally have been loved dearly.

Discipline turned into additionally a good deal greater energetic than it is these days. Due to the risks that have been present in the settings of vintage, disobeying a discern’s rule should normally lead to dying. As a manner to protect those kids, many mother and father bodily beat them to ensure that the regulations had been obeyed.

In the current international, everyday survival is not the warfare it once changed into. Parents have emerged as more lenient and loving than their predecessors would have dreamed of being. Every child enjoys gambling with toys and receiving the best training. Many professionals strain that mother and father ought to allow their kids to thoroughly revel in their youth as a vital step to them becoming wholesome and glad adults.

Due to this attitude of toddler rearing, numerous troubles have advanced. Some younger humans today seem to haven’t any respect for anything, and many are finishing up in jail before their eighteenth birthday. Drug and alcohol abuse is walking rampant. As adults, lots of those children find that they may be unable to cope with “actual” existence.

Mobile Phone Parts – How to Buy Them Online


A cell phone is made of many one-of-a-kind sections of included circuitry (ICs) like the CPU, the Network IC, the Flash IC, the Power IC, the Charger IC, and the Logic IC. It is likewise made of network related Antenna switch and P.F.O. Then there are the oscillators and crystals, filters, ROM, and RAM. These are the primary inner parts of a cell smartphone, which cover all its functions of the show, networking, garage, etc. Then there are the external frames and add-ons all of which can be precise to their brands and version numbers. Like every manufactured product, there’s a thriving on-line marketplace for such elements and with cellular phones becoming the most crucial accent in modern day situation, this market is absolutely booming!

China is the largest marketplace for cellular phones in terms of subscribers. They are also the sector’s largest producers of branded telephones for other nations as well as off emblem cell phones that they sell through various channels at very low fee. This is due to the fact they do not spend a great deal on studies and layout and producers typically buy a casing molding and fill it with their very own components. These case moldings are based totally on across the world well-known brands and so their local off brands get to plug into the popularity of the international brand and experience it as well.

So, the marketplace for the elements for cellular telephones is quite an interesting cocktail!

Who are the customers for the cell smartphone parts market?

They can be users such as you and me or shops of cellular telephones and components

What sort of elements do those online sites sell?

· Terminal product restore elements like LCD screens, battery, and flex cable

· Accessories like earphones, tempered glass, USB cable chargers

· Repair equipment

· Other products which are custom designed

How do you make the proper desire of vendors for mobile cell phone elements in the sort of state of affairs?

· Replacement monitors are the most extensively sold a part of a cell smartphone. One has to continually look for a good great screen which has no useless pixels or lifeless spots and can in shape any OEM display screen. In short, the the elements need to be of an exact grade. Many of them buy their components in bulk, but such elements are of inferior first-class and cannot be traced lower back to the manufacturer in case of defects.

· They need to offer technical support as properly. Some on-line shops of cellular telephone components have to tie u.S.A.With producers with whose cooperation, they are able to enhance their fine of technical expertise.

· They have to be capable of meet unique demands, whether it is an OEM product or a Chinese copy and many others.

· They should have top satisfactory manage and provide lifetime warranties for the products.

· Some in their customers like shops could be the happy with the economic assist just like the guarantee of credit score.

The charges are indicated along with an image of the product. The various brands are all protected in most on-line cell cellphone parts dealers.

Mobile apps have come to be a core advertising and marketing device for each enterprise which, substantially help in purchase engagement. However, apart from tapping the ever-developing smartphone target audience, apps can help an organization to enhance its level of productiveness and performance. With cell packages, companies are altogether entering into a brand new era of greater streamlined paintings system and getting matters finished faster and quicker as properly.

Adhering this truth, this article will spread the benefit of incorporating mobility in boosting the level of productivity of a business.

Mobile ERP for Supply Chain Management
The method of Supply Chain Management comprises of logistics, warehousing, and distribution of the synthetic goods after finishing touch of the entire production process. This degree calls the need for ERP systems for diverse critical sports like Inventory planning, Distribution Management, and Batch Management which, sincerely becomes more powerful by using mobilizing them.

Mobile ERP Systems for the Production Process
Though production of physical goods is quite a one-of-a-kind from production a software program product, but, product cycles include a special cycle time right from the very scratch to the remaining execution step. Thus, it will become pretty daunting to coordinate a number of the various associated teams to make the complete undertaking simple. However, implementation of mobility solutions for assignment management and production manage practices can work successfully for entrepreneurs. With the assist of cellular apps, businesses will succeed in facilitating higher resource making plans, thereby decreasing the production charges and cycle time as properly.

Mobile ERP Solutions for Administrative Management
Big corporations ordinarily deal with a big range of employees and extensive scale operations. Major paintings operations like HR and Finance results in wastage of cash while mismanaged. Moreover, whilst the business receives operated across numerous geographies, expenses related to those operations grow to be extra expensive. Furthermore, troubles related to miscommunication, fund mismanagement, and absence of centralized supervision become in making the method more difficult. By introducing Mobile ERP answers, which typically come either in a two-tier or 3-tier structure marketers can make the executive functions like management of worker attendance and grievances greater easy and effective. These Mobile ERP Solutions play an essential position in enhancing the administrative manner thereby, boosting the extent of employee satisfaction as well.

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Each week, I obtain heaps of questions from my listeners about tech worries, new products and all matters virtual.

Sometimes deciding on the maximum exciting inquiries to spotlight is the great a part of my process.
This week, I obtained questions about the quality LED bulbs money should buy, a secret Microsoft browser, iPhone pointers and tricks, and greater.

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Vulnerable telephones
Q: I have the brand new iOS 12. Is it really that Apple made it less complicated for the police or a family member to get into my cellphone when it is locked?

A: Apple constantly stresses that the employer takes user privateness severely. Still, there are ways for the determined to interrupt into an iPhone.

One of the maximum interesting new iOS 12 functions is the USB-handiest mode, which makes it extra tough (not easier) for humans to get admission to your smartphone by way of your computer or a uniqueness tool.

That’s no longer the handiest change Apple has made. You really want to study all of the defaults.

Tap or click on here for 12 security settings you want to change properly now.

Protect your Edge
Q: I use Microsoft Edge. You stated that there may be a selected placing to prevent awful commercials, malware, spyware, and power by way of downloads. I cannot find it. Help!

A: Microsoft Edge become a soar for Microsoft, and maximum customers agree that Edge is superior to the now-defunct Explorer. Microsoft software program is quite liable to malware, and there’s no simpler way to the agreement a virulent disease (or get hacked) than thru the internet.

One manner to defend your self is to make your browser invisible on the net, and Microsoft had the foresight to make that possible.

The Windows Device Application Guard is a new characteristic that’s explicitly designed to hold you secure.

Tap or click on right here to use the net securely with Microsoft Edge’s special placing.

Listen in!
Q: I would love to pay attention to your radio show. What station are you on in my native land?

Image result for Leave a comment Best LED bulbs hidden Microsoft browser

A: I’m glad to record that The Kim Komando Show has a 98% footprint throughout the United States and is broadcast on four hundred radio stations.

There’s never been a TV Guide for radio programming, so even extensively dispensed indicates can be hard to discover, besides with the aid of trial-and-error or a whole coincidence. That’s why I even have a reachable station finder on my website.

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Better bulbs
Q: I hate LED bulbs. Are there any bulbs that don’t blind you?

A: When LED bulbs first became popular, they regarded too top to be authentic. They burned brighter, lasted longer, and had been smaller than an incandescent bulb on the market. They were more environmentally friendly, too.

So that’s no longer to like? Well, as you factor out, not all LED bulbs are created identical, and a number of them can be downright annoying.

Luckily, there’s an extensive form of bulbs available; some live bright, others can be dimmed, and still, others are designed to retain a herbal-searching color.

You might not love LEDs, but there’s probably a bulb accessible that works for you.

Tap or click right here for the excellent LED bulbs.

Organize contacts
Q: My iPhone contacts are all messed up. Is there an clean manner to clean it up?

A: As years move by means of, iPhone contacts can get quite messy. You forget about that Uncle Joe is already listed in your telephone, and also you re-input his data three specific times.

You input a primary name and get in touch with variety, however, you couldn’t bear in mind which Erin you supposed to keep. Phone numbers had been disconnected, but the list lingers.

I even have heard that some humans whose contacts get even greater muddled when they import information from one telephone to any other. So how do you find out this mess? There are numerous exceptional procedures you could use.

Tap or click on right here for five easy steps to clean up your iPhone.

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Non Stanford: Welsh triathlete refocused after World Cup win

Welsh triathlete Non-Stanford is confident she can make the maximum of her first ever World Cup win following a winter disrupted through injury.


The 28-12 months-vintage gained the Chengdu event in China and will now compete in her first World Series triathlon of the season in Yokohama, Japan on Saturday.

“For me, the weekend turned into about getting again into racing and refocusing greater than the victory itself,” she said.

“Winning offers me a bit more self-assurance going into the World Series.”

Saturday’s event is raced over an Olympic distance which includes a 1.5km swim, 40km motorbike experience, and 10km run – four times the gap of the race in Chengdu.

The 2013 global champion will compete along with fellow Briton Vicky Holland, who pipped her to Olympic bronze in Rio, and 2016 global champion Flora Duffy of Bermuda, who are also competing in the World Series for the first time this season after overcoming accidents.

“The level at the World Series is that lots higher than the World Cup,” stated Stanford.

“The area is pretty stacked and that’s exciting which you exit there and in fact get to check yourself in opposition to the excellent that triathlon has to provide.

“It’s absolutely going to be hard and no longer as smooth as it turned into at the weekend. I do not think the victory will come quite as easily.

“I just need to go out there and do an Olympic distance, see where I’m at and what we ought to paintings on for the relaxation of the season.”

Non Stanford
Stanford is decided to compete for Wales at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia
The Chengdu event consisted of two activities held over days and Stanford, who had no longer raced on the World Cup circuit due to the fact that 2011, did no longer count on victory.

“The format of the race was unusual and I wasn’t sure at all how I could do. You should have finished first or remained in that situation.

“I made some clever selections whilst I changed into racing. I stayed quite calm that is important in that sort of race which is so fast.

“It’s very short decisions inside the warmness of the instant and I managed to make accurate decisions at the proper time and that helped me to the pinnacle of the podium.”

Swansea-born Stanford, who completed fourth at ultimate summer time’s Olympic Games in Rio, has continued a difficult few months.

“I got a small tear in my Achilles back in November and restoration from that hasn’t been truthful,” Stanford instructed BBC Wales Sport.

“I didn’t do any proper running until quit of February, so it hasn’t been smooth at all. It hasn’t been my pleasant iciness of education and that is why I absolutely surprised myself on the weekend.”

Stanford overlooked out on the 2014 Commonwealth Games through harm and has her sights set at the Games on the Gold Coast next April.

“The essential aim for this season is to make certain I affirm my selection for the Commonwealth Games subsequent year,” Stanford said.

“I become genuinely devastated to miss out at the Commonwealth Games in 2014. To sit down on the sidelines and watch become pretty tough.

“It’s been a lifelong ambition of mine to represent Wales at the Commonwealths.

“It, in reality, got here onto my radar before the Olympic Games ever did.

“It could be a unique moment to position at the Welsh package and get the flag flying for us.”

Leading People in the VUCA World


Warren Bennis, an American scholar and a pioneer of the contemporary field of Leadership Studies said that success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing. Especially, we are now moving into the digital age and everything moves very fast. If we cannot keep up with those changes, we will be left behind. This article will explore 4 key areas to deal with the fast-changing world.

American Military used an acronym called VUCA to describe extreme conditions in Afghanistan and Iraq. It stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Actually, VUCA does not exist only in Afghanistan and Iraq, it can be found in countries, townships, families and organizations. It is everywhere and always gives a hard time to leaders.

  • Volatile: Things are not very easy to predict like before. With the new technology, the world becomes like a big village and smaller. Everything can happen at any time in anywhere.
  • Uncertain: Nothing is permanent and today’s business world is full of uncertainty. If we want to make decisions only when we know things very clearly, we may never make decisions in this fast changing world.
  • Complex: Almost all situations are very complicated in the business now a day. Leaders are facing many problems and challenges related to many rules and regulations which need to be compliance with, a lot of requirements, product issues.
  • Ambiguous: Everything is unclear and vague. Unclear situations, policies, rules & regulations make leaders confused. It is very hard for leaders to make clear decisions.Therefore, a leader must understand the word VUCA that is used to describe extreme conditions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Leaders must create another VUCA in order to deal with the VUCA that is meant for the extreme conditions. They are Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Agility.
  • Vision: Since the future is not easy to be predicted, leaders must have a clear vision where they want to go. A leader without having any sense of direction will fail in the long run.
  • Understanding: Leader must be able to understand the situations where there is full of uncertainty. Leader must understand their business, the situations they are in, and people who they are dealing with.
  • Clarity: Most of the business situations are complex and complicated, leaders must be able to see things clearly and create clarity. They must be able to clarify things which are not sure or unclear.
  • Agility: When things are unclear and vague, it will very hard for leaders to make decisions. Therefore, the leader must have the agility and must have the ability to move quickly and easily.

Gwyddbwyll and Tallowed, Ancient Welsh Board Games



Long before chess came to Europe from India, the British Celts were playing board games where the object was to capture a central ‘king’ piece. Two variants of this game existed, Gwyddbwyll and Tallowed.

Gwyddbwyll, literally meaning ‘wooden wisdom’ (and thus it is related to the Irish game Fidchell) and is known predominantly from mythological sources. Indeed, the game features in three of the Welsh epics known as the Mabinogion: The Dream of Magnus Maximus, Peredur son of Efrawg and the Dream of Rhonabwy.

In terms of popular belief, gwyddbwyll is played on a 7×7 board and this ties in with the Ballinderry Game Board found in 1932 during the excavation of a “crannog”, or lake dwelling at Ballinderry, West Meath, Ireland. It seems that the game was played with a king and four princes (or defenders) against eight opponents (or raiders).

The king is placed in the center of the board, flanked by four princes. The aim of the game being to move the king to the safety of one of the corner squares. Eight attackers are evenly spaced along the edges of the board. The king wins by moving from the central space to one of the corners of the board and only the king is allowed to enter the central space at any time. The king loses if the attackers surround him or if all the princes are lost. Capture of the princes or attackers is accomplished by blocking the opponent’s piece between two of your own. However, a piece can move in between two opposing pieces without being captured. Each piece can only move one orthogonal space at a time (ie only forwards or backward). If not occupied by the king the center square counts as an additional ‘man’ ie any piece (except the king) sandwiched between it and another piece is captured. The king can also be captured at the edge of the board by only three opposing pieces. Which means that if the attackers are down to only two men the king’s side has won by default.

In contrast, Tallowed (literally peg-board [though the name can also be derived from tall ‘to throw’, referring to the die with which the board is played]) is known from historical sources. It is described in the Cyfrraith Hywel Dda (The Laws of Hywel Dda) which specifies the value of a tow RDD which shall be provided to various members of a king’s court (and which they may neither sell nor give away) as well as the value of the king’s tow lbw RDD; the latter “is worth six score pence, and that is shared thus: sixty pence for the white forces, and … thirty pence for the king, and … three pence and three farthings for every man”. Which would seem to imply that the game was played with a king and eight ‘princes’ or ‘defenders’ against sixteen ‘attackers’?

Minister defends current tariff quota for tuna loins

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and the Environment Isabel García Tejerina states that the modern-day tariff quota for tuna loin imports, corresponding to the period 2016-2018, ensures the operativeness of the effective and industrial sectors, without distorting the operation of the market.


In the Senate, the minister defined that this very constrained quota, set at 25,000 tons, was established in 2013, taking into consideration each the needs of the canning industry and the potential of the freezer tuna fleet to supply the market.

Speaking at the plenary consultation of the Senate, Tejerina recalled that for you to alleviate the shortage of raw substances, self-sustaining tariff quotas are mounted, via which the industry can import sure portions with a purpose to manufacture its merchandise, paying a discounted tariff.

“A delivery of uncooked cloth at international market prices is fundamental for the competitiveness of the seafood product canning and processing industry,” said the minister.

In addition, she said that it become accredited, inside the framework of the European Union (EU), after consulting the Community enterprise and the Member States to reach a consensus among all the parties.

The minister also highlighted the improvement of the Spanish fishing fleet in the tuna area, “a current fleet that is competitive and accountable from the fishing, social and environmental factor of view, which has 26 devices that operate in fishing grounds around the world, taking pictures around 270,000 tons in keeping with a year.” She added that the incorporation of nine new devices is in manner, “which offers a concept of its growth potential”.

Tejerina underlined the importance of the Spanish canning industry, that is at the vanguard of the EU and within the first places inside the global. And she cited that canned tuna debts for nearly 70 according to cent of general production, which in 2016 amounted to 224,549 tons of tuna. The uncooked material coming from the tariff quota represents approximately five in step with the cent of production, Tijerina said.

Therefore, the Minister confident that for the 2018 evaluation of the brand new tariff quota for 2018-2021, the Government is in everlasting contact with the representatives of the Spanish fishing and canning sector with a view to “protect a balanced position that lets in the entire operability below the first-class conditions

Functions and Powers of the Prime Minister



In the Parliamentary system Prime Minister is the head of the government and the whole system of the state revolves round him. He is the leader of majority party in the parliament and he is the source of power. He is more power full than the president.

Relevant provisions

Article 46,91,95 of the constitution of Pakistan.

The office of the Prime Minister according to the constitution of 1973

The Prime Minister under the constitution of 1973 is the real executive and head of the Govt. The president is merely a constitutional figurehead who acts on the advice of the Prime Minister. In fact, he is the real ruler of Pakistan.

Qualifications/characteristics for the office of Prime Minister (P.M)

Citizen of Pakistan

He should be the citizen of Pakistan.
Member of National Assembly

He should be the member of National Assembly.
Should not hold any office of profit

He should not hold any office of profit in the service of Pakistan.
Ideology of Pakistan

He should believe in an ideology of Pakistan.
Mentally and physically fit

He should be mentally and physically fit.

Nomination of the P.M.

The president in his discretion appoints from amongst the members of National Assembly who has commanded the majority of members in the house.

Election of the P.M

The members of the National Assembly elect PM, the leader of the majority party. Assembly in its first session elects speaker and Deputy Speaker and then the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister shall be elected by the majority vote of the total membership of the National Assembly.

Oath of the P.M

After an election, the P.M takes the oath in the presence of the president. He declares to be Muslim and the belief in the finality of Prophet (S.A.W.W) promises to act upon the Islamic ideology, to give presence to the national interest, protect the constitution and be loyal to the country.

Allowances and salary of the P, thousandsM.Prime Minister is given different allowances and salary thousand.
Term of the office

The tenure of the post of the P.M is five years.

Powers and functions of the P.M

The powers and functions of the Prime Minister are as under:-

Chief Advisor of the President

The P.M is the chief advisor to the president. The president performs his duties with the consultation of the P.M.

Formation of Cabinet

The Prime Minister after taking oath select his cabinet. Every Minister, individually and cabinet as the whole are responsible for their acts to the parliament.

National Leader

The P.M is a national leader. He leads the nation and organizes the public opinion in favor of his party.

Leader of the cabinet

The PM is the leader of the cabinet. All the minister work under the supervision of the PM.

Leader of the House

The PM is the leader of the National Assembly. His proposals are honored in the house. He expresses his views in the Assembly.

Power to confer titles and awards

The PM has the power to confer titles and awards to those who show excellent performance in a different field of life.

The power of appointments.

The PM has the power to appoint the high ranking officials with the approval of the president of Islamic republic of Pakistan. He appoints diplomas, ministerial staff and judges of the Supreme Courts and the High Courts. He also appoints the members of National Finance Commission etc.

Financial Powers

The PM also performs finance matters. The budget is prepared under his supervision.

Public welfare

The PM works for the public welfare. He takes every possible step to improve the life style of the people of his country.

Foreign Relation

The foreign policy is prepared under his guidelines. The diplomats are appointed by the president on the recommendations of the PM.

Power of Legislation

The PM takes part in legislation. All proceedings are conducted with the consent of the PM. He plays a vital role in law making.

Administrative Duties.

The PM performs the administrative function. He is responsible for the smooth running of the affairs of the country. He maintains law and order in the country.

Defense of the country

The PM is responsible for the defense of the country. He can take the step to improve the defense system of the country.

Power to Dissolve the National Assembly

The PM can ask the president to dissolve the national assembly.

Party head

The PM is the party head. He belongs to the party who has a majority in the house. He has his political significance.

Power to terminate ministers


The PM if not satisfied with the function of his minister he can terminate them.

Bridge between president and Cabinet

The PM is a link between president and cabinet. The PM is duty bound to inform the president about work of cabinet.

Representative of the Nation

The PM is representative of the nation in international level.
Resign of Prime Minister

The PM may tender his resignation to the president as and when he desires so. After PM has resigned all the minister shall cease to hold offices.

Termination/ Vote of no confidence against Prime Minister

Under the present procedure, a resolution for a vote of no confidence can be moved by not less than twenty percent of the total membership of the National Assembly. The resolution shall not be voted upon before the expiration of three days, from the day on which such resolution is moved in the national assembly.

Acting Prime Minister

On the death, sickness leave, resignation or foreign tour of the PM the senior minister look after the work.

Ending Remarks

While summing up it can be said that the PM is the real executive of the country. He has the strong constitutional position. The PM is the Chief Advisor of a president. He is the leader of the house and elected for the term of 5 years. He can be removed from his office be passing a resolution of a vote of no confidence against him.

Fifa ratifies nine African World Cup places

Council has ratified the choice to provide Africa 9 automatic places whilst the World Cup expands to 48 groups in 2026.

The Fifa 

The flow become showed on Tuesday in Bahrain – the continent presently has 5 spots on the event.

A 10th African u. S . A . Will take part in a six-nation play-off match to decide the remaining two spots.

The Bureau of the Fifa Council made the authentic suggestion of how it deliberate to allocate the forty-eight locations on 30 March.

The elevated World Cup will function 16 groups from Europe.

Fifa individuals voted in January to make bigger the World Cup from 32 to 48 groups, starting with the 2026 version.


Asia: eight direct slots – accelerated from four.5 (presently forty-six individuals)
Africa: nine direct slots – improved from 5 (presently 54 members)
North and imperative America: 6 direct slots – expanded from 3.Five (currently 34 contributors)
South America: 6 direct slots – improved from 4.Five (presently 10 individuals)
Oceania: 1 direct slot – accelerated from 0.Five (currently 11 members)
Europe: sixteen direct slots – increased from thirteen (presently fifty-five individuals)
Finals two places in 2026 decided by six-crew play-offs

World Championship Rings


World Series rings are awards given to every player in Major League baseball who has won the World Series. Started in the 1922 World Series when rings were given to the members of the winning team, the New York Giants, courtesy companies like Tiffany& Co or Balfour, they have grown in stature and size. They flaunt the team’s logo in precious stones like diamonds and rubies and are set in 14 karats white gold. Teams buying their own members have a system of classification with the grandest rings for their top players and watered down versions for players lower down the rank and team employees. While the first rings had a couple of diamonds, the modern-day version has over 200 diamonds!

Valuable Sports Memorabilia

It is also considered by fans as valuable sports memorabilia that can be auctioned or sold at will. Sites like eBay host such items, and many a player in want of money have sold his ring and made thousands of dollars. Museums have replicas as exhibits and there is a reckoning of who has won the most number of rings. Yogi Berra has won the most number of rings at 15!

Like baseball, there are several professional, semi-professional, amateur, college, and high school sports. Basketball, Super Bowl Football have all got their championship awards in the form of these rings which are coveted by everyone, but unfortunately, can be enjoyed only by those players and their teams who win the year’s championship.

Teams are also made up of fans, who root for their beloved players, shouting themselves hoarse and cheering them to victory. So, when someone came up with the idea that these fans too should be rewarded with their own championship rings, it was implemented by a few companies who dedicated their time, effort, knowledge, and expertise in making exact replicas of the World series championship rings, as shown, as exuberant, and as ‘obnoxiously over the top’ as the originals.

FIFA The Championship rings of some of the major tournaments and leagues these companies look at replicating are

  • MLB- World Series- (Baseball)
  • NFL – Super Bowl (Football),
  • NHL-Stanley Cup (Hockey),
  • CFL – Grey Cup (Canadian Football)
  • NCAA (Basketball)
  • NASCAR (Auto racing)

Since every year there has been a winner in these games, the variety is mind-boggling and one can order the year and that team’s ring for oneself. It is a passion only fans can understand and there are thousands out there!

World’s biggest building project aims to make China great again

Chicken the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, unveiled what a few call the most ambitious improvement plan in records, Zhou Jun determined almost without delay he should head for the hills.


The 45-12 months-vintage entrepreneur packed his luggage and activate for one in every of his u. S .’s maximum staggeringly lovely corners: a sleepy, high-altitude border outpost referred to as Tashkurgan that – at almost five,000km (three, the center one hundred miles) from Beijing – is the maximum westerly settlement in China.

“I saw a great possibility to turn this little city into a mid-sized town,” Zhou explained throughout a tour of ‘Europa Manor’, a garish roadside spa he recently opened for Chinese travelers alongside the Karakoram, the mythical 1,300km dual carriageway that snakes through China’s rugged western mountains closer to the four,700m-high Khunjerab Pass.

Zhou stated he turned into a part of a wave of marketers now pouring into this isolated frontier close to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, hoping to coins in on President Xi’s “Belt and Road initiative”, a multi-billion dollar infrastructure campaign that appears set to convert big swaths of Asia and the sector beyond.

“This area goes to see massive adjustments,” predicted Zhou, who hails from the important town of Xi’an, as he guided his traffic via a center filled with plunge pools, wicker chaise lounges, and fake plastic bushes.

Tajik ladies who’re optimistic approximately the vicinity’s redevelopment.
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Tajik ladies who’re constructive about the vicinity’s redevelopment. Photograph: Tom Phillips for the Guardian
This weekend international leaders inclusive of Russian president Vladimir Putin, Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will gather in Beijing to have a good time Xi’s plan, which supporters hail as the begin of a new generation of globalisation but sceptics see as a strategic ploy to cement China’s function as Asia’s top canine.

“The Belt and Road discussion board will cross down as a landmark occasion inside the history of Chinese foreign coverage,” boasted a frontpage commentary in the Communist birthday celebration’s authentic mouthpiece, the People’s Daily, on the eve of the occasion, which bears the unfortunate English acronym “Barf”.

As the last stop at the Karakoram before the border with Pakistan, Tashkurgan stands at the front line of one of the boldest components of Xi’s mission: the $62bn China-Pakistan monetary hall (Spec).

Officials in Beijing and Islamabad claim the corridor – a widespread internet of deliberate infrastructure tasks going for walks diagonally from the aid-wealthy vicinity of Xinjiang in western China to the deep-water port of Gwadar on Pakistan’s Arabian coast – will spark an “economic revolution” in the south Asian united states of America.
The jaw-losing landscape of glaciers and grasslands around Tashkurgan, a historical Silk Road buying and selling hub that is home to China’s Tajik ethnic minority, has modified little in loads, if now not heaps, of years. “It is worth a journey from England simply to look this vicinity,” the British adventurer Robert Shaw marveled after trekking thru the area’s “stupendous peaks” within the late 1860s.

Children in the city of Tashkurgan.
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Children within the city of Tashkurgan. Photograph: Tom Phillips for the Guardian
But this obscure and secluded town is now bracing for a revolution of its very own, as authorities cook dinner up grand plans to transform it and the surrounding region.

In order to ferry human beings and system into this a ways-flung outpost, which is seven hours’ drive from the closest important town, certainly one of China’s highest altitude airports is being constructed just south of town on the Pamir plateau, a sparsely inhabited vicinity previously the keep of farmers, nomads, and yaks.

Construction groups on both facets of the border were rebuilding some of the most treacherous stretches of the Karakoram, the arena’s maximum transnational highway and a mission that took two decades and more than 1,000 lives to construct.


Further beforehand, there are incredible plans to construct the so-referred to as Khunjerab railway, an excessive altitude line that would run more or less alongside the Karakoram and link north-gap Pakistan with the Chinese metropolis of Kashgar.

Such proposals are the song to the ears of fortune-seekers consisting of Zhou who’ve flocked to this landlocked city to open improbably named companies inclusive of the Sea Front International Hotel.

Passengers sit down in an open crowned automobile at the Karakoram Highway,
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Passengers sit in an open crowned automobile on the Karakoram Highway, Photograph: Tom Phillips for the Guardian
“The subsequent 10 years are going to carry brilliant alternate,” Zhou boasted. He claimed, with a heavy dose of hyperbole, that the city’s future might resemble that of skyscraper-studded mega-towns together with Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Muzaffar Shah, a Pakistani salesman who changed into passing via the Chinese town on his manner returned from a shopping excursion to the bazaars of Kashgar, said he also sensed change turned into coming.

Shah remembered his first ride to Tashkurgan, in 1993, while “it turned into nothing”. “This is developing very rapid [now] – very, very rapid,” he brought over a plate of yak curry by way of the Karakoram, which Chinese visitors name the China-Pakistan Friendship Highway. “Everything has modified.”

Over the coming years, Tashkurgan is not going to be the only region to experience the outcomes of China’s infrastructure campaign, which a few compare to America’s submit-battle Marshall plan to rebuild Europe.

Nunu ft Arkin, a 45-year- antique farmer, outdoor the new home at the outskirts of Tashkurgan.
Nunu ft Arkin, a forty-five-year- antique farmer, outside the new home on
the outskirts of Tashkurgan. Photograph: Tom Phillips for the Guardian
From Mongolia to Malaysia, Thailand to Turkmenistan and Indonesia to Iran, a slew of Chinese initiatives, such as electricity flowers, solar farms, motorways, bridges, ports, and high-speed rail hyperlinks, are set to be built with guide from China’s banks and paintings force.


According to a few estimates, China will bankroll some $150bn of infrastructure projects each year in countries that embrace Xi’s signature foreign policy initiative.

Tom Miller, the author of the latest e-book about Xi’s Asian infrastructure blitz, said the Belt and Road schemes had been a part of a tremendous wave of Chinese capital that changed into now “washing over the sector”.

So many economic and geo-political goals lay in the back of the program that it defied one easy definition but basically it becomes Xi’s solution to Donald Trump’s #MAGA: “Let’s Make China Great Again”.

“It is a part of a push to cement China’s function as the undisputed power in Asia,” he said.


“China’s finest strengths are monetary – it has sizeable economic muscle – and building infrastructure. So it’s miles placing the one’s things together and the usage of its economic international relations to build roads, railways, ports, powerlines [that will help] combine Asia [and] puts China at the center of Asia.”

“It could be very massive due to the fact China is the only country that has the potential to construct infrastructure like this and the most effective use this is inclined to do it,” Miller added.
Might a child not sleep? Try explaining Xi Jinping’s infrastructure dream to them
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“You may be very skeptical about what the Belt and Road itself approach … but no person doubts that China is lending a variety of money and constructing loads of stuff.”

The winds of trade have already been blowing in Tashkurgan and affecting its forty,000-robust populace.

Physically and culturally, the town, which is the primary domestic of the Sarikoli-talking Tajik minority, is set as far from Beijing as you could get, without crossing China’s 22,000km border

And show off at the local authorities museum, the Tajik Folk Culture Exhibition Hall, describes its natives as having “ordinary capabilities of Caucasian race, with mild skin shade, golden yellow or dark brown hair, dark blue or grey-brown eyes, thin lip, high nostril, now not excessive cheekbone, developed frame hair and beard.”


Slowly, but, the make-up of the populace is changing. Locals say the last decade has seen the main influx of Mandarin-speaking immigrants from China’s ethnic Han majority after the government started trying to increase the nearby financial system by means of turning the picturesque border metropolis into a tourist destination.

Those efforts intensified following a virus of deadly ethnic rioting in Xinjiang’s capital, Urumqi, in 2009 as the government started pushing for a burst of “leapfrog” economic improvement that might calm the province’s violence-hit south.

Miller stated one of the Belt and Road initiative’s key objectives was to convey improvement and balance to China’s disadvantaged outer edge by linking such areas with overseas markets.

How the world will end: from zombies to alien takeovers

From zombies to an asteroid effect and nuclear missiles, there are various catastrophic activities that would wipe humanity from the face of the earth – but what are the percentages of them, in reality, taking place?

A UK-based having a bet web site has performed studies to examine that top 10 approaches the arena ought to quit, which additionally covered the possibility in which every is in all likelihood to arise.
Although the company shared numerous eventualities that could spark the apocalypse, the sun ingesting the earth, Judgment Day and an epidemic because the most probably ways the sector could perish.
Scroll down for motion pictures
Although the firm shared several eventualities that could spark the apocalypse, it has indexed the sun ingesting the earth (pictured), Judgment Day and an epidemic as the most likely ways the arena might perish.
Although the company shared several scenarios that could spark the apocalypse, it has indexed the solar heating the earth (pictured), Judgment Day and a plague because of the maximum probably methods the sector could perish.


1. Sun consumes earth

Odds: one in one

2. Judgment Day

Odds: one in one

3. Pandemic

Odds: one in

4. Nuclear missiles

Odds: one in 30

5. Natural Disasters

Odds: One in forty-five

6. Bioweapons

Odds: one in 60

7. Robot uprising

Odds: one in eighty

eight. Grey goo

Odds: one in 100

nine. Black hollow

Odds: one in one hundred twenty-five(1/one hundred twenty-five)

10. Aliens

Odds: one in 500

The document was created with the aid of the 888Poker, which investigated exclusive situations of ways the end could come approximately and put them collectively in an informative infographic.
‘While there are no foolproof processes for survival (especially in the event of the solar destroying the Earth), you may as a minimum begin getting ready for some of the extra uncommon screw ups,’ the company shared in a press release.
‘So, if by hook or by crook you manage to escape the horrors of the Earth’s loss of life, you could thank 888Poker for warning you before it becomes too past due.’
The occasion with the best odds become located to be the sun ingesting the Earth – it has one in one odds of going on.
Researchers inside the beyond have warned that 5 billion years from now, the sun can have grown right into a red massive celebrity that is extra than a hundred instances its present day length.
And many have speculated that it will likely be huge enough to swallow the Earth.
‘The sun expands, becomes what’s called a Red Giant and its radius may be large enough to envelop the Earth,’ 888Poker explained.
‘While a protracted manner off, the percentages are superb short, because the even it assured’.
The subsequent occasion won’t be believed via all people, but it additionally has a one in a single hazard of going on.
The Bible tells of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse using swiftly across earth on Judgment Day.
Those who are deemed ‘correct’ will ascend to Heaven, even as those who have fallen from grace will spend the rest of eternity in a fiery hell.

Secrets of Bonding 141: Surety Bonds and Zombies


Zombies are bad. They eat your flesh and your brains. Who wants THAT?!

Same goes for your construction business. There are zombies that can ruin your bonding and eat up your business. And the worst part is… it’s preventable!

Does the zombie have a name? Accountants call it “Fixed Overhead.” This is a controllable expense that, if left unattended, can eat your flesh and brains (figuratively.) Let’s define the monster:

Fixed Overhead – Construction companies incur common fixed overhead costs. These are costs that do not vary with the level of the company’s output such as: tool rental, depreciation on construction equipment, insurance premiums, salaries, office expenses, licensing fees and safety equipment.

As opposed to Variable Overhead – These costs vary in proportion to the amount of production. Variable overhead mostly relates to hourly indirect labor costs, supplies and utilities such as electricity, gas and telecommunications expenses.

The danger of fixed overhead is that, during times of reduced volume / revenues, the expense does not go down. This means when sales are weak, your expenses have not diminished proportionately. These bills keep rolling in relentlessly. They just don’t care.

The only hope construction managers have is to be cautious when incurring such expenses, and always work to reduce them so the company can survive the inevitable troughs that come between the peaks of activity.

Here are 40 ideas that may help reduce / eliminate fixed overhead:

  1. Lease-purchase options for vehicles and equipment
  2. Employ part-time mechanics and administrative staff
  3. Pay employees for use of their vehicles
  4. Keep equipment longer
  5. In unprofitable years, slow down depreciation schedule
  6. Overhaul facilities and equipment instead of purchasing new
  7. Review / quote insurance annually. Consider self-insurance or association captives.
  8. Eliminate overlapping insurance coverages
  9. Improve safety program
  10. Examine Workers Compensation classifications
  11. Consider increasing deductibles
  12. Eliminate over insurance, such as reducing inventories
  13. Deactivate, de-register and uninsure unused vehicles
  14. Challenge property valuations (taxes)
  15. Avoid the expense of audited financial statements if possible
  16. Reduce accounting fees by assisting your CPA
  17. Consider using a local CPA rather than a national firm
  18. Lease unused space
  19. Consider a smaller building
  20. Consider high density stacking and storage systems
  21. Renegotiate rent or move
  22. Get indefinite lease with 6-month cancellation rather than fixed term
  23. Pay moderate salaries with bonuses for exceptional performance
  24. Reduce number of management staff
  25. Reward managers with stock instead of cash
  26. Trim fringe benefits (deferred compensation, automobiles, club memberships, etc.)
  27. Cut managers first
  28. Pay bonuses to field staff first
  29. Pay raises based on merit, not cost of living
  30. Cross train office staff to eliminate temporary employees
  31. No vacations during “busy season”
  32. When hiring, seek individuals whose employment qualifies for tax credits
  33. Four day work week
  34. Charge employees for replacement tools
  35. Put company ID on tools, keep records
  36. Centralize tool storage with check in / out system
  37. Close dormant companies
  38. Consider solar panels and solar water heat
  39. Monitor unemployment claims
  40. Consider an office maintenance service instead of employing a janitor, or use a part-time after hours person

ConclusionCompanies can achieve better financial performance, support their bonding and banking and survive the weak years by controlling these relentless expenses.

Remember: You can’t kill a zombie because technically they’re already dead. And you can’t get rid of fixed overhead either – but good managers work to control it.

Steve Golia is an experienced provider of bid and performance bonds for contractors. For more than 30 years he has specialized in solving bond problems for contractors, and helping them when others failed.

The experts at Bonding Pros have the underwriting talent and market access you need. This is coupled with spectacular service and great accessibility.

Full Time Gambler Reveals the Truth About Sports Betting


I’ve often heard it said, “you can’t win betting on sports.” The truth is sports betting is one of the few types of gambling that you CAN win at. The problem is there are so many factors which need to be taken into account, it can be very overwhelming.

There are playing conditions, injuries, home or away games, players health, defense, offense, past performance, coaches, importance of match, rivalries to name a few just to calculate a very precise outcome.

What’s The Odds?

Most people betting sports aren’t aware that you only need to win 52.5% of your bets to break even. 56% winners makes you very successful. If you can manage to average above 56%, you are going to make an enormous amount of money.

Now 56% doesn’t sound like much, does it? just over half your wagers.

The rest is discipline, money management and no doubt, a good selection method. But let’s be clear, there is no magic bullet, no quick and easy method… or is there?

Are You In It For Fun Or For Money?

It can definitely be fun and very exciting to win, especially when you’ve got a big bet riding on the game. Or maybe you just lost a game and decided to double up on the next one to try and “get even.”

If you’ve ever tried this tactic, I’m sure you know all too well that more often than not you lost the 2nd game too. Now you’re broke, starting over, building up a new bankroll and hoping for a better outcome the next time… But as you know, hope is not a winning strategy.

This kind of heart-stopping action is not for me. For my money I prefer a more predictable type of wagering whether it’s betting on sports or any other form of gambling. I like to have more control over the result.

Just to be clear, there will be losing games and maybe even losing days, but by managing your money, patiently building your bankroll, you can comfortably afford to take a swing at those parlays.. that is a winning strategy.

Betting a small consistent amount per game is not exciting… but that is what intelligent, professional sports bettors do. So the question is, “are you doing it for the excitement, or for the money

Taking The Gambling Out of Sports Betting

Is Mexico really the second-deadliest country in the world?

The headlines have been as stark as they were shocking: Mexico is the second one-deadliest us inside the world.


According to an annual survey by using the International Institute for Strategic Studies (), Mexico in 2016 became greater violent than warfare zones which includes Afghanistan or Yemen, with a death toll, exceeded simplest by that of Syria.

The look at was extensively stated, or even Donald Trump – who has often used America’s southern neighbor as a political punching bag – retweeted a link to a CNN article on the document.

But the report landed with a thud in Mexico, in which the government has been looking to improve the united states’ worldwide image amid a decade of drug warfare violence.

Analysis Mexico’s warfare on drugs: what has it accomplished and how is America involved?
Felipe Calderón released the battle after being elected in 2006, and on account that then the United States has donated at least $1.5bn – but the biggest expenses had been human
Read extra

“Mexico is far from being one of the maximum violent international locations inside the world,” the foreign and interior ministries said in a testy joint assertion, which talked about that consistent with UN figures, the united states of America’s murder charge of 16.Four murders in keeping with one hundred,000 citizens become significantly lower than several different Latin American nations, including Brazil (25.2 murders according to 100,000 residents), Venezuela (53.7 murders in line with 100,000 citizens) and Honduras (ninety.Four murders according to a hundred,000 citizens).

Parts of Mexico have suffered terrible violence since the then president, Felipe Calderón, declared battle on prepared crime a decade in the past. That battle has claimed an estimated two hundred,000 lives and left extra than 30,000 missing.

But large swathes of the united states of America are unaffected by using drug violence, (tourism visits grew with the aid of a healthful nine% in 2016), and the notion that Mexico became corresponding to Syria – now in its sixth yr of war – infuriated Mexicans.

Many argue that the us of as violence is fueled via US call for unlawful drugs and the black marketplace in American firearms – neither of which might be probably to be stopped by means of a border wall inclusive of that proposed by Trump.

Trump’s obvious endorsement of the study only introduced to the irritated response in Mexico.

“I wish these morons are happy. Their idiotic report changed into already retweeted by means of @realDonald Trump,” tweeted Alejandro Hope, a Mexican security analyst.

Police officials and forensic employees work in the vicinity in which six corpses had been located on a road in Mochitlan, Guerrero State, Mexico.
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Police officials and forensic employees paintings at the location where six corpses had been observed on a road in Mochitlán, Guerrero State, Mexico. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images
“Violence associated with prepared crime is a local phenomenon, which goes beyond the borders which Mexico shares with the US, Guatemala, and Belize,” the declaration stated. “The demanding situations Mexico confronts in this area can’t be isolated from the phenomena associated with different jurisdictions, together with hands trafficking and call for for tablets.”


Mexico has killed or captured dozens of drug bosses – consisting of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, who turned into extradited to the USA on the eve of Trump’s inauguration. Law enforcement methods have succeeded in breaking apart a few cartels, in turn unleashing similarly violence as new crime bosses squabble for manipulating.

According to the IISS, the bloodletting is similar to that of a civil war. “It is very rare for crook violence to attain a degree corresponding to armed battle. But this has come about in the Northern Triangle of Central America (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador) and, mainly, Mexico,” the IISS record said.

“The first two months of 2017 were the maximum violent January and February on file, with 3,779 homicide cases registered through the authorities,” the file stated, including that the greater than 35,000 displaced people, country weak spot and corruption and accelerated militarization of gangs “illustrate how Mexico’s violence has reached a degree corresponding to armed conflicts”.

But analysts in Mexico cast doubt on the IISS technique and puzzled why the USA became singled out within the resulting insurance.

“I ought to ask myself if Brazil had declared struggle on organized crime – because Brazil has registered 50,000 homicides – could IISS encompass it in their study?” asked Jorge Kawas, a Mexican security analyst.

Tom Long, a professor at the University of Reading in the UK, said: “This is shoddy work and sensationalist promoting … Equating violence around drug trafficking to a civil battle is truly an uneven contrast.”

Latin American cities often occupy the lists of the arena’s maximum murderous municipalities – in conjunction with some US cities such as St. Louis, Baltimore and Detroit.

“Estimates are fuzzy, but possibly half of-of Mexican homicides aren’t associated with drug trafficking,” Long stated.

Why I Love Living in the Country


Country living is not for everyone. It can mean extra work on weekends, and additional daily chores that does not come with living in the city.

Gardening is a good example. I plant a large garden that takes a lot of my spare time to weed and maintain. The result of this work is fresh vegetables that are far better than store bought. My garden is large enough that I have to can/freeze several packages of vegetables to consume throughout the winter. I deliver the rest to friends and neighbors for them to eat.

Typically, people who chose to live in the country have farm animals as well. Horses, chickens, pigs etc. These animals require daily maintenance and care. Cleaning pens can be a major chore, but adds remarkable nutrients to the garden. Also, country people tend to try and be self sufficient. Meaning, any chore like roofing a house, digging a ditch, building fences, are done by hand with help from friends and neighbors.

This brings me to why I love living in the country. Gardening is hard work, but in my case, it seems like relaxing work. Gardening relaxes me when I see my effort come to fruition. It really excites me to deliver fresh produce to the neighbors and get their feedback on it. It is a sense of job well done. At the end of a long hot day, relaxing in the shade with a cold drink makes it all worthwhile.

Helping friends and neighbors is also very satisfying. By lending a helping hand, large projects can get done quickly. Another sense of job well done as you relax in the shade in your favorite patio chair with your cold drink, knowing that the neighbor owes you a favor!

Country living is not always about extra work. It also means you are closer to nature and can easily spend the day fishing in your favorite trout lake. Bringing home fresh fish to grill also leaves me with a sense of job well done. You can also load the dogs for a long ride in the forest. My dogs love this part of their life. While I am out in the forest, one hobby I have is photographing wildlife. I don’t have the best camera, or am the best photographer, but it is very fun and useful. The website I manage has several photos of the forest animals that I have captured digitally. I constantly change these photos, so check in often to see the new ones.

Last, but certainly not least. Peace and Quiet. Sometimes our day is relaxing in the shade at home and not doing anything. We can sit on the porch for most of the day and not one vehicle goes by. No sirens, no loud mufflers, no noisy neighbors. Just relaxation. Oh, and throwing the ball to a couple of Labradors.

Ron is an avid outdoorsman and country living fan

Education and Artisanal Mezcal Production in Oaxaca, Mexico


A characteristic of growth in the global wine industry for some decades is slowly creeping into artisanal mezcal production in the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca. That is, small producers are using their new-found disposable income to educate their children, with a view to increasing manufacture in a sustainable fashion while at the same time improving sales through tapping new markets.

Oaxaca is where most of Mexico’s mezcal, the typically high alcohol content agave-based spirit, is distilled. In the early years of this decade the state began to witness a dramatic increase in sales of mezcal, both in the domestic market and for export to the US and further abroad. Mezcal tourism was born. Visitors began to make a pilgrimage to primarily the state capital and its central valley production regions, coming to learn about artisanal production, to sample and buy for home consumption, to educate themselves and their staff with a view to attracting sales at bars and mezcalerías, and to consider a business plan for export to foreign and to non-Oaxacan Mexican markets.

Lidia Hernández and Baneza García are representative of this sweeping new trend in Oaxacan mezcal production, not because they are young women (in their early twenties), but because of education. In both cases their parents, integrally involved in family artisanal distillation dating back generations, did not progress beyond primary school. Ms. Hernández has recently completed law school at the state run university and Ms. García is in third year industrial engineering at a private college.

The postcards helping a little girl recover from cancer

For the maximum of her existence, Jessie Stocks has been surrounded by 4 gray partitions and machines in Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

It is the most effective world the 2-12 months-vintage has regarded for the last 17 months after being identified with leukemia.
Now her mom, Mel, is hoping to take her little female on a ride around the sector – in the shape of postcards.
She has launched a social media enchantment soliciting for humans to ship in postcards to decorate Jessie’s room.
They can also be used to train her sister Macy, seven, about the unique international locations of the arena.
The enchantment was picked up at the Facebook page of Sheffield Online on Monday and has been shared extra than five,500 times.
Postcards have already come flooding into the kid’s clinic from Liverpool and York and as ways away as the US, New Zealand, and Australia.
Postcards sent to Jessie Stocks and her family after social media

Postcards had been despatched from as a long way away as Florida and New Zealand
Mel, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, said: “It’s already had a large impact on Jessie.
“Just seeing her with Macy, the 2 of them sat on the bed next to each other passing out an envelope each and pronouncing ‘go’, and each looking to get into them.
“They had been sat there and Macy was studying them to Jessie. It became exquisite seeing the smiles on their faces.
“We’ve had a couple of animal ones and Jessie loves animals and as soon as she sees them it truly is it.
“One of them changed into of a kangaroo and she turned into over the moon, ‘hop hop hop’. She loves them.”

Mel wants to teach her daughters about the unique nations around the sector
Jessie had a bone marrow transplant ultimate 12 months but suffered complications which have intended she has been unable to depart health center and has to live in isolation.
Mel says she had the idea for the postcards to decorate Jessie’s room which the own family has “needed to make into our domestic”.
“I thought it’d be simply high-quality to brighten the ladies’ room up and inside the manner teach Macy about distinctive nations and where they’re and teach Jessie there are more than four partitions and a view out of the window.
“There’s a massive global accessible we would love to take her to peer.”

Macy and Jessie have acquired more than 500 postcards
Mel says her daughters have obtained round 500 postcards and letters in the submit because the appeal turned into release.
One woman also donated a rucksack containing around 2,000 postcards which she had accumulated throughout her lifestyles.
“I’m so crushed with the aid of the reaction by using human beings available, that do not understand us or what we’ve got been via, taking the time to study and share it and send stuff in,” said Mel.
“It’s wonderful. I failed to think we might get everywhere near a number of stocks, not to mention the amount of publishing playing cards.
“I’m just asking human beings to ship a card if they go on the excursion or if they have a favorite region they go to – we call our glad region – take a photograph and let us see.”
Postcards may be despatched to Jessie and Macy Stocks at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

The Don’ts of Skincare That Every Girl Needs to Ignore


Here are a few things that you need to avoid if you want a glowing soft skin within a short span of time:

1. Foods to Avoid:

If we start debating on a general skincare note, the conversation for the unhealthy food for skin will never come to an end. Therefore, if we segregate it on a larger scale, you must bear in mind that caffeine, oily eatables, and consuming too much sweet can have an extremely adverse effect on the condition of your skin. Whatever that you consume has a direct impact on your skin, and eating the things like French fries and chocolates on a regular basis becomes the cause of constant breakouts.

2. Don’t Exfoliate Too Much:

There is no harm in moisturizing daily but when it comes to exfoliation, you should keep a strong check on your routine so as not to overdo it. The skin needs a specific time to recover and to let the cleansing and toning to start its work. If you exfoliate or use scrubs on a regular basis, the skin cells can be damaged, which will eventually cause redness, itchiness, and much more.

3. Makeup Don’ts:

Most people find it weird to consult a skincare specialist for every other issue, but the advice of a professional can have an exceptional effect on your skin. Furthermore, it is a well-known fact that wearing makeup on a daily basis can be harmful as the skin needs to breathe too. The pores on your face can increase or clog for that matter. Even if you have to wear makeup every day, try switching to a BB cream with an SPF that is above 15 to protect your skin and for a flawless makeup finish.

4. Stress and Skincare:

Similar to the effect caused by the food we eat, stress works its way towards the destruction of the skin. Most women have the habit of touching their face too much when they are under pressure or under the effect of stress. What they don’t know is that the bacteria from the hands are constantly transferred to the sensitive cells of the face, which in return causes dullness and pimples start to grow.

5. The Wrong Products:

When anyone speaks about using the wrong products, it is said about both, makeup and generic skincare products. If you don’t use a face wash that goes with the type of skin that you have, then it will do no good to your face. Similarly, if you have oily skin and you use a wrong liquid foundation just because the color looks fine, then you are ruining the health of your skin. With the extreme advancements in the field of beauty products, there is nothing that you cannot find for your skin type.

Refrain from using products or things that are not suitable for your skin. If you experience something bad while using a product for the first time, do not ever use it again. Maintain a healthy diet to cleanse the body from inside out.

Clean and Repair Vintage Postcards and Double or Quadruple Your Profits on eBay


There are ways to make a good card look even better and more appealing to bidders. In so doing an ordinary card can be elevated to super-card status and become the subject of a bidding war that turns a card that cost you a few pence into a three figure multi-bid item on eBay. But you must be very careful when cleaning these fragile items or you could eliminate all resale potential.

* Postcards often get dirty where the margins have been exposed from the sides of a pile or the album containing the cards. It’s very common to see an otherwise very clean postcard with a dirty margin, the margin being the only part of the item exposed to daily hazards like dust, grime, water, sunlight. Most dust can be cleaned with a soft rubber or piece of dry bread.

Use a big rubber or large chunk of bread to prevent your fingers touching the card and your nails causing scratches or tears in the delicate paper. Hold the card down very carefully at both corners nearest the dusty margin and don’t rub heavily over the card or the friction will cause the paper to crumple and crease.

With eraser or bread between thumb and finger of the other hand, rub lightly in one direction across the dusty area. Do not use backward and forward strokes directly on the card, this will cause the material to tear or thin. If the dust doesn’t shift, leave it alone, too much rubbing will damage the surface and affect the picture and make it worthless.

* Real photographic postcards are often found dirty or covered in fingerprints and these are the easiest to clean. Real photographic postcards also crease quite easily, which is usually not a problem except where dirt gets trapped increases and makes condition look worse than it really is. Again hold the card down on a hard surface, finger, and thumb of one hand keeping it lightly stretched, make smooth strokes in one direction over the dirty areas using a damp kitchen towel or face tissue.

Use light strokes, do not rub or you’ll leave marks and you might even tear the card or remove part of the surface. Lanolin-based face and baby tissues are especially gentle for photographic postcards and you can apply a little extra pressure along the line of a crease with dirt engrained. Do not rub against the line of a crease or the card will disintegrate. Don’t expect to remove all the dirt, these items are very old, and fragile, too much rubbing will cause damage and deplete the value of the card.

* Most cards, with the exception of some printed and most real photographic types, were printed in layers of paper and were not really made from a card at all. The top of usually three layers is the picture part, the bottom is the address part, with usually an extra layer between for support.