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A Closer Look at BTS’s Jung Jiwoo


If you’re a BTS fan, you’ve likely heard of Jung Jiwoo. She’s the older sister of J-Hope and has been taking on a lot of responsibility lately.

Now, she’s making a big move: She just signed an exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment. Keep reading to find out more!

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When it comes to fashion influencers, Jung Jiwoo is a name that needs no introduction. She is the older sister of BTS member J-Hope and has been making waves online for her lifestyle content. She has over 5.1 million Instagram followers on her @mejiwoo103 account and also hosts a YouTube channel with the same name.

Recently, the content creator was spotted filming a wedding video for her channel. She posted the clip to her social media accounts. The video showcases her preparations for her upcoming nuptials. She is reportedly marrying her non-celebrity boyfriend in May 2021.

As a popular social media influencer, Jiwoo has garnered a lot of attention from her fans for her outfit choices and travel videos. She has even managed to expand her brand into an e-commerce site. Her fashion line, AJ Look, offers an array of styles inspired by celebrities and social media influencers. The brand is available through various online platforms, including Handu.

Jiwoo also has a popular YouTube channel with over 1.67 million subscribers. She frequently posts beauty and vlogs on her channel, including unboxing vids. On her birthday this year, she recorded a vlog where she showed off some of the gifts she received from friends and family. Some of them included a Dior plate, a Maison Kitsune T-shirt, Moet & Chandon champagne, and Chanel skincare products.

On March 22 KST, it was confirmed that the fashion influencer is now a part of Cube Entertainment’s roster. Although the agency did not reveal the terms of her contract, it is believed that she will be working with them for talent representation and management.

Born in 1990, Mejiwoo is four years older than her brother J-Hope and is a successful entrepreneur who runs her own clothing brand and online shopping mall. She is also the co-CEO of fashion brand AJ LOOK and eyewear brand FUN THE MENTAL. She is an ENFJ personality type, which means that she is an extravert and a feeler. This makes her an ideal partner for a brand that values transparency and authenticity.

AJ Look

The older sister of BTS member J-Hope, Jung Ji Woo, is a fashion influencer and YouTube star with over 8 million subscribers. Her style is eclectic and feminine, and she has been called “drop dead gorgeous.” She’s also a businesswoman, and her net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

In addition to her fashion company AJ Look, she runs an online shopping mall called MEJIWOO and an eyewear brand called FUN THE METAL. She’s also a well-known Instagram model, and she recently partnered with lifestyle business company KVLY to launch her own fashion brand, AJ LOOK. She’s also the creative director of this new brand, which will feature real and trendy styles aimed at customers across Asia.

Jiwoo is a very successful entrepreneur, and she has been in the industry for a while. She has a very dedicated work ethic and is always striving to do her best. She has an extensive wardrobe and is known for her impeccable taste. She loves to dress in high-end brands, including Cartier, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. She has a very active social media presence and regularly updates her fans with new content.

Besides running her own fashion website and creating content for her YouTube channel, Jiwoo is also an investor in other companies. She has invested in a number of other fashion and beauty startups, as well as a cosmetics company. She’s also a beauty expert and has done a series of makeup tutorials for her YouTube subscribers.

In March of 2020, Jiwoo partnered with lifestyle business company KVLY and launched her own fashion brand, AJ LOOK. As the creative director of this new brand, she’s responsible for the overall management and naming of the label. She’s also the CEO of MEJIWOO and FUN THE METAL, two other successful businesses.

In 2021, Jiwoo signed a contract with the famous idol agency CUBE Entertainment. The company is known for launching the groups Pentagon and (G)-idle, among others. Netizens have found a KakaoTV video of her teaching (G)-IDLE Yuqi how to run an online fashion store.

Fun The Mental

Known for her impeccable taste and effortless style, Jung Jiwoo is a successful fashion entrepreneur who runs the clothing company AJ Look, internet shopping mall Mejiwoo, and eyewear brand Fun the Mental. She is also a popular lifestyle and fashion influencer with a Youtube channel that has over 1.6 million subscribers.

J-Hope’s sister has made a huge move in her career as she joined Cube Entertainment on March 22. The agency is sure to boost her already thriving business endeavors, which include her fashion line AJ LOOK, the online shopping mall Mejiwoo, and her eyewear brand Fun the Mental. She is the CEO of these ventures, and she also has her own popular YouTube channel where she shares vlogs and fashion lookbooks with her fans.

Jung Jiwoo has been very careful about her personal life as she doesn’t want to be associated with any controversies that can damage her reputation as a fashion influencer. She has always maintained a balance between her professional and private lives, and she is determined to become one of the top influencers in the fashion industry. It is also no secret that she has a non-celebrity boyfriend who is very supportive of her work.

Cube Entertainment

Founded in 2012, Cube Entertainment is an entertainment company that manages several K-pop artists. Its current roster includes Jo Kwon, BtoB, Pentagon, Choi Yu-jin, Yoo Seon-ho, and (G)I-dle. In addition to managing singers, it also handles fashion brands, online shopping malls, and television dramas. Cube Japan (Japanese: ) is an overseas subsidiary of the company that operates activities in Japan.

On March 22nd, it was announced that Jung Ji Woo had signed a contract with Cubes Entertainment. Though the agency did not reveal details of the deal, it is believed she has signed a contract for talent representation and management. Ji Woo is already a successful fashion influencer, owning her own brand AJ LOOK and running her online shopping mall Mejiwoo with over 1.6 million subscribers. She is also an active YouTuber with her own channel.

The news caused a stir amongst Armies, as many were surprised that she would sign with a bigger label than Big Hit Entertainment. However, fans are defending her decision, saying that she is not obligated to follow in the footsteps of her brother, and that she can make her own success in her own way.

She has over 9.3 million followers on her Instagram account and over 2 million subscribers on her youtube channel. Her style and personality are well matched with the Cube brand, which is why they chose her as their newest talent.

It is a great time to be an entertainer in South Korea, as the industry continues to grow. More and more young people are entering the business and becoming celebrities. The trend will continue for years to come. Regardless of the competition, talented people will always be able to rise to the top.

In addition to launching its own TV series and digital content, Cube has also started investing in blockchain technology. It has established an alliance with Animoca Brands, which will develop a decentralized virtual world called The Sandbox and distribute NFTs and ecosystem tokens to its artists.

Cube also has a joint venture with Animoca Brands to launch an augmented reality platform. The partnership will focus on integrating Cube’s popular K-pop artists into The Sandbox, which will allow users to interact with them and enjoy their music in 3D. The collaboration will be officially launched in 2022.