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A Simple Guide to WordPress Starter Themes


Starting absolutely from scratch while growing themes approach, you’re unfastened to do anything you’d like. This opens up masses of room for creative freedom, but getting started can soak up plenty of time. Many of the initial obligations you’ll carry out are essential yet time-intensive.

The real news is that WordPress “starter” issues or frameworks (additionally referred to as “blank” subject matters) can do some of the preliminary heavy lifting for you. This is because they consist of foundational base code to work from. They permit you to put in force essential capabilities and start you off with a few acceptable practices applicable to the venture handy.

N this article, we’ll speak about what starter issues are and why they may be so beneficial. Next, we’ll run via some of the top performers, consisting of Underscores, FoundationPress, and Bones. Let’s dive in!

An Introduction to Starter Themes

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For the uninitiated, a starter subject — otherwise referred to as a “clean” subject — provides a primary skeleton you may broaden on top of. However, unlike popular WordPress subject matters, they only include straightforward structural code. There’s simply sufficient there to get the theme to work and help you put any foundational capability into effect. They’re also no longer intended to be used as parent issues themselves, however, as the premise on your discern topic.

Starter issues can be highly available for improvement purposes. Here are just a few of the motives why:

You get ahead to begin coding the vital foundations of your subject matter.
They provide insight into the high-quality practices you’ll want to comply with.
You have the power to code a custom theme, even as still getting an excellent base to work from.
Of path, no starter subject matter is perfect, and you’ll need to recall a few issues earlier than determining whether it’s worth using one. For example, you’ll still be gambling via another developer’s guidelines, and that they get to decide which functionality is considered foundational. In this method, the subject may be packed with snippets that don’t simply assist you in creating the form of the issue you need.

In addition, you could nevertheless need a while to pick through the code to take care of what the subject matter does out of the box. Of course, starter topics aren’t always geared up to roll by default, which can be a perplexing idea to understand at times.

All the same, except you, ’re working with a specific subject matter (as an example, we’ve visible developers the usage of issues inclusive of Divi and Avada as their base). We think starter subject matters are an excellent tool for the general public of WordPress builders. If you decide to put in force one, the next important question is which to choose.

5 Top WordPress Starter Themes to Consider for Your Next Project
In any other Torque article, we looked briefly at a more extensive series of starter issues. However, we’ll now take a number of the standout options and study them greater closely. The solutions within the list underneath are generally unfastened. However, we’ll genuinely point out when there’s a rate concerned.

Let’s start with a subject matter that certainly has the WordPress seal of approval.

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1. Underscores

Underscores is arguably the exceptional-known starter subject to be had. It’s evolved and maintained with the aid of Automattic (i.E. WordPress’ builders) and was at first a fork of the Toolbox topic. The tagline for Underscores is that it offers you a “1,000-hour head begin” while developing issues.

In reality, every default topic labored on with the aid of WordPress (from Twenty Twelve onward) uses Underscores as a base:

Of course, the main selling factor right here is that you’re getting WordPress’ high-quality practices in a single accessible bundle. Therefore it’s going to be simple to create a valid subject based on WordPress’s requirements. However, until you have got some deft coding chops, it’s also effortless to make any other “me too” WordPress subject by accident.

If you’re interested by trying out Underscores, we formerly posted The Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Theme With Underscores, which does precisely what it says on the box. You may also want to look at the WordPress Theme Development Guide, as this may also show you how the code is dependent at a base level.

2. FoundationPress

Next up, FoundationPress is an open-source starter subject matter built on Foundation 6, which uses Sass and Grunt. It was launched in 2013, regularly remains up to date via a network of builders, and is billed as the “maximum superior cellular-first framework in the global”.

You’ll generally see FoundationPress used to develop custom issues for specific corporations and organizations. The GitHub web page has a show-off outlining the various websites that present the usage of the starter subject matter. This consists of the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities:

his theme is ideal in case you’re trying to expand for enterprise-unique purposes. On the flip side, there aren’t as many topics you can download to get a feel for how FoundationPress is used within the “actual world”. Your great wager is to test the Kitchen Sink template and study via the subject’s thorough documentation.