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Analytics Plugins for WordPress


With the proper analytics plugin, a WordPress e-commerce merchant can get the right of entry to vital information to track site visitors and discover what they like and what they don’t, to convert extra site visitors.

Here is a list of analytics plugins for WordPress. There are solutions to track traffic, create page and post reviews, song activities, produce heat maps, and more significant. There is both unfastened and top-rate equipment.

Analytics Plugins for WordPress

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Google Analytics for WordPress by using MonsterInsights. MonsterInsights lets you attach your WordPress internet site with Google Analytics. Enable features with one-click on, and look at reviews inner WordPress. Get metrics such as total revenue, conversion charge, standard order cost, pinnacle products, top referral sources, and extra. MonsterInsights has over 15 million downloads.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP through ExactMetrics. ExactMetrics lets you view general Google Analytics stats, in addition to page reviews and post reviews that permit further segmentation of your analytics facts. Use custom dimensions to track tags, classes, and consumer engagement.

Matomo. Formerly Piwik, Matomo is an open-supply analytics application for distinctive reviews for your traffic, search engines and keywords used, and extra. Choose any metric and phase. Follow visitors in actual time or within the site visitors’ log. Manage more than one site. Matomo consists of a cellular app to get entry to reports at the pass.

Crazy Egg provides heatmaps and character session recordings to get to understand your internet site visitors — in which they’re coming from, where they’re navigating to, and wherein they’re getting stuck. With Crazy Egg A/B trying out, find the proper content material placement, coloration, photograph, or replica to turn more significant site visitors into clients.

Woopra Analytics presents entry to Woopra, an end-to-end intelligence answer constructed for groups to accumulate real-time character-stage evaluation. See who is making payments, interacting with your internet site, opening emails, and using key product capabilities — all within an unmarried platform. Track and unify data across product, advertising, income, and assist with custom tracking and over 50 integrations.

WP Power Stats gives you get entry to Google Analytics information while maintaining your facts secure. Unlike Google Analytics, which shops analytics records on Google’s servers, WP Power Stats saves the monitoring data and analytics information to your WordPress hosting account.

WP Google Analytics Events. Events were added by way of Google Analytics to allow monitoring of precisely defined activities and custom metrics that are not based on page perspectives. For example, ship activities to Google Analytics while consumer scrolls to a degree of the hobby on your website online or click a detail on the page.

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WP Statistics. Display all of the capabilities of the WP Statistics plugin in the dashboard and easily paste in widgets. Receive an email of the data summary with customizable, textual content. Set get right of entry to stages. Include and exclude users from information collection primarily based on various criteria.

W3Counter Free Real-Time Web Stats. This plugin provides W3Counter’s unfastened web stats for your WordPress dashboard. Get reports on recent tourist information, pinnacle pages linking to your website, pinnacle searches using visitors for your website, your top popular posts, time on site, and leap charge, in addition to every day, weekly, and monthly visits, and page views. The plugin requires a loose web stats account from W3Counter.

Jetpack is an all-in-one plugin for layout, advertising, and security. Get real-time updates on website visitors, successful posts, website online searches, and comments for your analytics. Explore insights on your maximum success posts, or identify missing content your site visitors are trying to find.

Simple Feed Stats is a plugin to track your feeds robotically. Collect daily and general stats, and use the dashboard widget for a quick overview of your feed facts. Apply your unique patterns to customize your feed stats.

WD Google Analytics brings Google Analytics reviews for your WordPress dashboard. Set facts filters and monitoring exclusions to clear out facts or activities for specific customers. All checks, consisting of the custom analytics reviews and Google Ads and e-commerce stats, are available from the plugin’s reporting web page to your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Blog Backup Plugins

Countless blog administrations have misplaced documents for a variety of reasons, including dropping internet connection, clicking the wrong button, or getting attacked with the aid of hackers. The quantity of labor that became performed over the years can be worn out. Fortunately, there is a manner to prevent this. Utilizing WordPress weblog backup plugins permits weblog administrators to shop their work securely. Below, you’ll find a compilation of a number of the most pretty-rated WordPress weblog backup plugins inside the enterprise. Read on, determine for yourself, and take your pick!

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WP DB Manager – this is currently the maximum popular backup plugin for WordPress. It permits the weblog administrator to set up an automated backup timetable for his website’s database (through a server or email backup). You may also select to download it manually. The user-friendly set-up additionally permits the weblog admin to pick which objects to repair, delete, optimize, or better to the database. It is important to take observe that the WP DB Manager can most effectively lower backup the content, now not the entire WP weblog.

Online Backup for WordPress -this particular plugin indeed lets you shop 50MB to their server for free. Like the WP DB Manager, the solution it offers isn’t complete because once more; it can handiest backup the database. The relaxed encryption will ensure that your information is secure. Besides that, the Online Backup for WordPress usually serves as an alternative to similar offerings.

Backupify – allows you to backup files throughout social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or even Gmail. Its flexibility is its most important gain. But in any other case, Backupify presents a nearly comparable provider to its more popular counterparts.