Blogger behind Pinoy Ako Blog to take online bashers to court docket


MANILA, Philippines—The character behind the Pinoy Ako Blog, which has been the target of bashing from pro-Duterte bloggers and netizens, will convey the online struggle to a courtroom.

“Oo, Maria Josephina Vergina Laurie is Pinoy Ako Blog and I will see you all in court,” PAB said in a summit on Friday morning.

Pinoy Ako Blog has been beneath attack from seasoned-Duterte bloggers and online influencers RJ Nieto of the Thinking Pinoy blog and Sass Sasot.

Laurie stated in her submission that the past week has been the toughest for her. She stated she even had to report a go away of absence from work and faculty.

“These human beings are looking to wreck my existence via exposing my photograph, my real call, and my school,” Laurie stated.

“As Jover Laurie, I was crying normal. As PAB, I attempted to be courageous and preserve running a blog. But I think it is time for me to fight again,” Laurie stated, adding that each one the bashing must forestall.

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“I have already talked to a few lawyers and I could be filing a civil case,” Laurie stated.


On September 29, Nieto first claimed that the person at the back of the PAB as Cocoy Dayao. He later stated at a Senate hearing that Dayao owns the Google Ads publisher ID related to the blog and with different websites crucial of President Rodrigo Duterte and his management.

More than per week later, Nieto posted a post digging into the “content material creators” of the blog wherein he recognized a certain “Jover” many of the writers of PAB.

Nieto then proceeded to publish links to Laurie’s vintage Facebook and Twitter posts and her Pinterest account.

The blogger also revealed where Laurie, a regulation student, goes to high school.

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Former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay stated on his Facebook webpage that he and the participants of the Alyansa ng mga Abogado Para Sa Bayan are “extending felony offerings to Ms. Laurio so she will protect herself and pursue her harassers.”

Hilbay said that the “latest day trip” by using “pro-authorities elements” of the character at the back of the blog is a “very critical and repeated violation of her constitutional rights to privateness and freedom of expression.”

“These constitutional violations give upward push to more than one criminal and unbiased civil moves pursuant to the Cybercrime Prevention Act, the Data Privacy Act, and the various provisions of the Civil Code relating to Human Relations,” Hilbay, who become at the criminal crew within the arbitration case that the Philippines filed in opposition to China’s sweeping declare over the West Philippine Sea, stated.


The e-book of personal data, from time to time referred to as “doxxing”, has ended up a commonplace exercise online and on social media.

According to a file on Wired.Com, doxxing is “the general public, virtual release of a person’s private data without their consent, usually to exert a few type of electricity over the dox-ee.”

Fake News probe

On October 4, the Senate Committee on Public Information and Mass Media, headed by Sen. Grace Poe invited Nieto and different bloggers, which include Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson to shed mild at the proliferation of faux information.

The hearing changed into in part known as after seven senators had been offended by way of social media posts about them for now not signing a Senate resolution urging the government to act on killings, mainly of teens. The senators said the comments have been malicious because they’d no longer be given a threat to sign the decision.

Notably, the dialogue with the aid of the Senate mass media panel missed important questions and problems as senators aired their criticism over allegedly being a target of “fake” facts and so-called digital influencers defended their online sports.

The National Bureau of Investigation stated that no government organization exists to reveal fake information, which has but to be defined in Philippine law.

Personal Blogs – What Good is a Blog If You Can’t Monetize It?

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Think approximately the blogs which you want to go to. Most of the blogs that I go to on an ordinary foundation are non-public blogs. They may be primarily based around a significant topic like fashion or cupcakes or college, however, they don’t have any particular key phrases or SEO shape to them. They’re simply amusing, exciting blogs. That I go to three or four times per week.

Yet these non-public blogs I go to are all monetized in one way or some other and they all get heaps of site visitors. They do not have AdSense commercials, they don’t have a group of flashing banner advertisements but they all make money – and some of them make a lot. And it’s because they have tons of traffic.


Now those are personal blogs and maximum of them didn’t start off with the concept of creating wealth with their blogs, they just started out to have amusing with a blog. Their content material, since they don’t need to focus on key phrases and search engine optimization, is wonderful and informative and it gives their traffic a few type of a concept about who they’re simply studying. It’s now not simply regurgitated streams of statistics. It’s a glimpse into the private fashion and existence of each blogger. Their content material bureaucracy a reference to each of their readers and the readers go back publish after put up.

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