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Joker ‘virus’ continues to haunt Google, found in these 8 Android apps


A few Google Play Store applications have been spotted with Joker malware. The malware sneaks into a user’s device via applications, after which secretly collects information and goes on to subscribe these customers to top-rate subscriptions without the knowledge or consent of the user.

Joker 'virus

Joker Trojan malware has been noticed in Google Play Store apps for the past three years. A recent record via Quick Heal Security Labs spotted eight Joker malware on Google Play Store. These eight programs were stated to Google, and the tech giant has eliminated all the applications from their shop.

Here are the eight apps that were currently noticed laced with the Joker Trojan virus and ought to be eliminated from any Android device:

Auxiliary Message
Fast Magic SMS
Free CamScanner
Super Message
Element Scanner
Go Messages
Travel Wallpapers
Super SMS

Joker Trojan steals statistics from the sufferer’s device thru SMS messages, touch list, and tool data. The Trojan will then silently engage with commercial websites and subscribes the sufferer to top-rate services without their information.

According to the Quick Heal file, those applications ask for notification access that’s used to get notification information at release. The utility then takes SMS facts from notification and asks for Contacts to gain admission to. When the get admission to is furnished, the app makes and manages cellphone name permission. After that, it maintains to work with out showing any visible malicious interest to the person.

The cybersecurity company claims that malware authors unfold these malware packages at the Google Play Store in scanner applications, wallpaper packages, message applications. These sorts of applications can quickly turn out to be a target. Users are advised to avoid such programs and use only the ones which can be depended on.