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Lana, the world’s ‘saddest dog’, needs another home


Lana the Labrador once dubbed the saddest dog in the world, may have found a third lease on life.

In 2015, the dog found a home after a Canadian animal adoption group posted a heartrending photo of the young lab mix that went viral.

The second owner recently returned Lana, so the rescue group said she was again up for adoption and had until 20 May before possibly being put down.

They have since been flooded with some 5,000 emails and adoption offers.

“I’m sure we’re going to find her a place,” said Brenda Dobranski from Rescue Dogs Match in Cambridge, Ontario. “Third time’s a charm.”

The organization admitted “there is still work to be done” despite “tons” of training when it comes to Lana’s behavior. They say she should ideally be able to spend the bulk of her time outdoors because she is “skittish” inside.

Ms. Dobranski described Lana as being a bit like a cat in that she preferred to keep her distance.

“When you see Lana she reminds you of the type of dog you want to hug and cuddle on the couch with,” she said.

“She’s not that type of dog. She very touches sensitive from humans, she’s just learning now that it’s OK to play with other dogs. Right now the trainer that she’s been living with can pet her on the head for a few strokes but then you see her body tense up.”

  • Lana’s story first made headlines in 2015 when the dog rescue group posted about how she “shut down” after being placed in a kennel. Her first adoptive family surrendered her after snapped at one of the owners over food.

She found a foster family and then a second adoptive home, but that too was short-lived.

While she is described a “loving and silly”, she can be cautious around new people and “possessive” with her food, a behavior that developed when she was a puppy and the runt of the litter.

Rescue Dogs Match says she needs a home with no other pets and no children, and a fenced in backyard. Lana turns three years old this month.

“People just want to save, and that’s great – it’s absolutely wonderful. But it has to be the right fit for the people as well as other pets and that specific dog,” she said.

Lana was first brought to Canada as a rescue puppy from Mexico.

Ms. Dobranski says her story helped Rescue Dogs Match raise C$15,000 (US$11,000/£8,500) for the organization in 2015, funds that went towards medical bills and boarding for all their rescues.

The World’s Most Sustainable Cities That You Need To Visit Right Now


The world we live in is rapidly growing and becoming more aware of the environment. More and more countries are joining the cause to save the Earth and live in an environment rich in greenery and natural goodness. Some countries and places have made significant progress with this mission and are actually living examples of how to work on the environment should be done. And if you’re an environmental enthusiast, then these places are something that you should definitely see too. So without further ado, we bring to you, a list of the world’s greenest and environmentally friendly places. Oh and here’s a little friendly travel tip – make sure you Buy Cathy Miles to save your money on travel.

1. Oslo, Norway:
The capital of Norway is the top greenest city in the world. No surprise there, seeing the measures that they took to achieve this title. This city, even though it has the highest population in Norway, managed to make use of innovative and new sustainable techniques that cause it to save energy and fashion a healthy environment for residents and visitors alike. The city has several laws and regulations in place that promote energy efficiency as well save as safe practices. The end result of all of this is that Oslo is filled with beautiful places that are certainly pleasing to the eye.

2. Stockholm, Sweden:
This European city has the honor of having the title of The Green Capital of Europe because of the amazing sustainability techniques and policies that have been implemented here. This city started working on improving its environment when the whole world wasn’t even aware of the term “Environment Destruction”. And today if you visit Stockholm, you can see that all the efforts of the ancestors have truly paid off. The rivers, the buildings, the streets everywhere you go is so pollution free that it truly feels like a piece of heaven.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark:
This city is a famous destination for tourists from all around the world and yet has also maintained its status as one of the greenest and sustainable cities of the whole world. Amazing really! The city has been categorized this way due to its high standard of living for visitors and residents alike. Due to the collaboration of the efforts by the citizens and government a hygienic, clean and green environment has been established in Copenhagen. So, not only is this place an out of this world tourist destination worth seeing but it is also called the most livable city in the whole Europe. Do you need any more reason to go visit it?

These three cities are just some of the many places around the world that have embraced and welcomed sustainability with open arms. Other places included in this list are Vancouver, Bristol, and Portland. So now that you which places in the world are the most environmentally friendly are you ready to move? If your answer is yes, then we suggest you Buy Cathy Miles, whenever you plan on traveling.

Home Heating Safety

Home Home

The other day, I was cleaning his house when I found a one-inch piece of charcoal burnt into one of my couch cushions! It came from a piece of wood that popped from my fireplace to the couch. While all that little chunk of member did was burn a hole in the furniture, my house could have gone up in flames! I am thankful that all I have to do is turn the couch cushion around to hide the burn mark!

Most home fires happen during the winter months than any other time of year when the cozy warmth of a fireplace is at its most inviting. Not only fire a danger, space heaters are often used to heat rooms that need an extra boost; plus, home heating devices can produce an abundance of deadly carbon monoxide gas.

Seniors aged 65 and older are three times more likely to die or be injured in a house fire than other age groups. Not only that but if you live in a newer home, reports are saying you may have less time to escape a fire because of synthetics. Here are some important home heating safety tips to remember:

1) Check Your Chimney and Fireplace for Hazards
Have the chimney flue pipe checked each year if you or your loved one uses a wood-burning fireplace? Make sure that there is a screen or glass in front of the fireplace to catch any wild sparks or moving logs. Keep flammable objects such as stockings and curtains away from the fireplace when in use.

2) Get the Proper Fire Extinguisher
Get an ABC multipurpose fire extinguisher for your home, read the manual so you and your loved ones know how to use it, and store it in a place where it is easily accessible in case of a fire. OSHA gives some helpful tips for the workplace, hut they can apply to your home as well.

3) Check On Smoke and CO Alarms
Make sure each room has a smoke detector, especially the kitchen, living room, and all places where it’s most likely a fire will start. You need CO detectors outside each sleeping area, so they can wake you up in the event of a carbon monoxide outbreak; CO is at its most deadly when you are asleep since you are not alert to get out of the house. Check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and make sure all batteries have been replaced. Install additional detectors if you find areas without them.

Lana Fuchs: Paradox of Privilege and Purpose

Empowered and enlightened people come in all forms, all shapes, sizes, colors, and purposes. At their very core, they march to the beat of the same drum. I recently met such a person, Lana Fuchs – a kindred spirit, who exquisitely expresses the fullest potential of human possibilities.

Most people know Lana through her former television show Sin City Rules. The show followed the lives of five high-powered women living in the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas. Lana’s lavish lifestyle of private planes, million dollar parties, and collection of designer guns captured the attention of its viewers.

The real story of Lana, the one that created and informs how she shows up in life today, was missed by many in the audience and among the critics. How can she be a good parent indulging her children in seemingly outrageous luxury? How can Lana have a deep