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London Bus Tours Have Gone to the Dogs


Dog proprietors journeying London can take their partners alongside sightseeing Tours on a dog-themed excursion of the town.


According to the corporation presenting the excursions, the bus is the “international’s first ever city bus tour designed for dogs.” The tour is designed to show dogs and their proprietors round London’s dog records. The K9 course will skip Downing Street, Kensington Palace and Gardens, and the Houses of Parliament. On board, excursion guides will percentage tidbits approximately famous London dogs, which includes Queen Elizabeth’s corgis and Winston Churchill’s poodle, Rufus.

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But due to the fact this is a tour designed for puppies, there are masses of stops. Dogs and their proprietors will make stops at Hyde Park, Kensington Palace Gardens, and Green Park to get off the bus and stretch their paws.
The excursion will even tip London dog proprietors off to some pet-pleasant eating places and stores around the city.
The ninety-minute excursion is loose but requires a ticket, that’s to be had on-line. The ultimate day of the excursion is January 19.

The excursion changed into launched by means of More Th>n, a British insurance enterprise, to have fun their new service, which gives puppy proprietors with coverage and provides a monthly package of objects to maintain dogs healthfully.
“London is a city famed for its captivating records and rich lifestyle, tons of which guy’s fine pal has been closely concerned in,” Steve Jay, from More Th>n, stated in an assertion. “The K9 Bus Tour aims to celebrate this often underappreciated fact, even as additionally presenting owners with an amusing and specific manner to spend time unique their loved puppy.”

Are Bully Sticks Good for Dogs?


Do you have a pet dog that loves to chew on your stuff all the time? Does he always look for your shoes and other everyday items to chew on? We know that dogs love to chew and they are always on the lookout for things, especially when no one is paying attention to them. It may be harder for you to find the best chew toys for your pup. A good alternative is bully sticks.

Bully sticks are considered a safer and nutritional alternative to a variety of junk available on the market in the here and now. If the product is Greek to you, and you want to know about its ingredients, we suggest that you read on.

The Making of Bully Sticks

In simple words, bully sticks are a type of chew toys. They are made from puzzles of bulls. The product is natural and has a lot of nutritional value as well. As a matter of fact, manufacturers prepare the product with great care. They dry and drain the puzzles before adding flavor. The flavors make the product more enjoyable for your dog. The beauty of the sticks is that they last longer than other products available on the market. Therefore, they are a good alternative to common chew products for dogs.

Is the Product Safe For Dogs?

If you search online, you will find a lot of useful information about the safety of these sticks. The majority of vets and dog-product websites and blogs claim that the product is safe and offers easily digestible nutrients. The beef protein found in these sticks contain taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that helps make the eyesight and heart muscles of your dog stronger. On the same sites, you will find articles claiming that the bully sticks don’t have too much fat. If you want to keep the teeth of your dog clean, the sticks are a great choice.

In 2013, a research study was carried out by the researchers at the Tufts University. The study discovered a few calorie-rich bully sticks and a small section of the sticks that was contaminated with harmful bacteria. While the study was done by the researchers of the university, we doubt their findings as far as the overall safety of the product is concerned. First of all, the researchers only studied a small section of the product, and the bacteria was found on 30% of the sticks. So, the study can’t be taken as solid evidence that the sticks don’t pass the security requirements for the safety of animals.

The Takeaway

Long story short, bully sticks are a great alternative for many other chew products on the market. What you need to do is buy your dog a safe chew, and bully sticks are the best choice for this purpose. Most cheap products out there have preservatives and chemicals that can have a bad impact on the health of your dog. So, make sure you go for the safe products

Guide to Westminster Abbey and Other London’s Top Attractions


Westminster Abbey is probably one of the most famous abbeys in the world, known for hosting the famous Royal weddings over the years. The abbey was originally called the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster and is a spectacular Gothic abbey and the most notable religious building in the United Kingdom.

You may be wondering what makes this particular church so appealing and why is it that almost every person in the world has either been there or knows about it? The abbey was considered a cathedral between 1540 and 1556 and from 1560 it was a church.

The current church was constructed by Henry III in 1245 and it has hosted the Royal weddings since 1100 including the famous Prince Charles to Diana Spencer and more recently Prince William to Kate Middleton.

Westminster Abbey is an architectural gem and every inch of the abbey offers something to look at from the spectacular Gothic architecture outside to the carvings and more on the inside. The organ is also something to be amazed by and should not be missed.

The abbey is also home to a museum, a chance to step back in history and soak up the culture and history this one religious building has to offer. It is definitely worthwhile when visiting Westminster Abbey to take advantage of a guided tour. The tour guides are knowledgeable and are able to provide you with valuable insight into the building, it’s history and more, this ensures you don’t miss anything as you make your way around, being amazed and enjoying the experience.

Another of the top attractions, once you have visited Westminster Abbey is to consider seeing the crown jewels at the Tower of London. The Tower of London also dates back centuries, to 1066 to be exact. It is located in central London in an open space called Tower Hill.

The Tower of London was started by William the Conqueror in 1078 who is responsible for building the White Tower, which not only gave the palace its name but still stands proudly today that you can see it for yourself, soaking up the exquisite craftsmanship from those many years ago.

The Tower of London sits in two rings, each ring is made up of numerous buildings. It has been a top tourist attraction since the Elizabethan times and in the past few years, it has welcomed millions of visitors through the door.

If you are staying at a top London hotel that has knowledge and experience of the area, they are likely to recommend that you purchase a London Pass. The London Pass gives you access to all the top attractions, including Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, London Bridge and more. With the London Pass, you pay a set rate for access to over sixty top attractions in London, which you can use during your stay. You choose how long you are staying and how long you want the pass to be valid for.

The pass not only gives you a discounted price on the entry into these top attractions, but it also fasts tracks you in the queue. When you think that there are thirty-one million people visiting London each and every year, you will not be surprised to find that most of the attractions will have an unwelcome queue. Take your pass, walk to the front and gain instant access, it is that easy and convenient.

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