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Looks Matter: Finding the Best Invoice Template


There’s simplest one component Invoice higher than getting that Matter very last fats test after you have completed a protracted-term project: Template getting paid on time.


There’s only one issue higher than getting that very last fats take a look at after you have completed a protracted-term venture: getting paid on time. In the development industry, contractors are anticipated to front massive sums of money to procure substances, equipment, and labor. Self-acting preferred contractors have it easier, however, for folks who have to subcontract, it may get financially messy.

You can simplify and speed up the method of getting paid by way of locating the pleasant invoice templates and filling it out cautiously. The layout of your invoice is vital as it’s representing you and your corporation. It has to be the expert, clean, and it must be easy to read.

What to encompass

The fundamentals to include on a bill are your agency’s name and cope with, your patron’s name and cope with, contact facts, bill range, and date. Whoever is signing that test doesn’t need to must shuffle through papers trying to find who to make the test out to or what the address is. Making it less difficult on your client manner getting your money quicker.

Also, make certain to consist of what offerings or supplies you’re charging for. Be unique along with your descriptions. Your organization is likely being commissioned to paintings on a specific floor, in a selected building, and you’ve some jobs happening immediately. So, be clear what your purchaser is deciding to buy. This is especially crucial for progress invoicing.

Bad example:

Yes, this makes experience whilst you do the mathematics, but what paintings did you do? Why does the patron owe you $15,000?

Good example:

Description Qty. % Remove Replace Total

Tear off plaster on wood lath 3,000 SF 50 1.50 0 $2,250
Remove, replace window 20 EA 50 25 50 $ 750

Total: Building (full) $three,000

Now your consumer is aware of exactly why they’re paying you $3,000. Your fee, what you probably did, and whatever rectangular photos the building has is all very clearly laid out. Also, be sure to include the figures for “paid to date.” It’s essential in an effort to keep the music of this for yourself and the consumer, so each person’s on the equal web page.

What to omit

You possibly have an agreement with the patron, so there may be no want to cite something from the agreement at the bill. Leave out reconciliations – those have to be separate documents, and that they don’t belong for your invoice. Reconciliations may want to include reductions, credit, and exchange order requests.

Why design topics

Branding is important to every commercial enterprise, as it facilitates replicate the sort of corporation you are, and no longer simply which you’re jogging a preferred contractor organization. It speaks to who you are as the proprietor and what your agency stands for. Your invoices need to beef up this, so use your emblem, color topics, the identical font, and layout. This also creates familiarity and encourages customers to pay you on time – if your invoice shows up regularly, they get used to paying you and no longer thinking who sent the invoice.

The layout must be clear and smooth to examine to make it less complicated to your patron. The fewer cellphone calls you need to take to answer questions about what is at the invoice, the faster you receives a commission.

Where to discover the best templates

You will have someone in-house layout and bill for you the use of Photoshop or some other photograph layout software program. However, there are plenty of invoices available for gratis to you, or a low cost. A brief Google seek suggests countless options obtainable, however, you need one it is customizable.

Tidyform.Com offers a handful of free templates which are easy and fuss-loose. If you decide upon something greater based and with the choice of a photo, test out Template.Net. To truly make it easy, by billing and invoice software program. Not handiest can you operate premade templates and customize the search for your enterprise, you may effortlessly enter records, keep invoices and export them to PDF or email invoices straight from the software.

The Case for Making Invoice Factoring the First Choice in Business Financing


In the United States, Invoice Factoring is often perceived as the “financing option of last resort.” In this article, I make the case that Invoice Factoring should be the first option for a growing business. Debt and Equity Financing are options for different circumstances.

Two Key Inflection Points in the Business Life Cycle

Inflection Point One:  A New Business. When a business is less than three years old, options for capital access are limited. Debt financing sources look for historical revenue numbers that show the capacity to service the debt. A new business doesn’t have that history. That makes the risk on debt financing very high and greatly limits the number of debt financing sources available.

As for equity financing, Equity Investment dollars almost always come for a piece of the pie. The younger, less proven the company, the higher the percentage of equity that may need to be sold away. The business owner must decide how much of his or her company (and therefore control) they are willing to give up.

Invoice Factoring, on the other hand, is an asset-based transaction. It is literally the sale of a financial instrument. That instrument is a business asset called an invoice. When you sell an asset you are not borrowing money. Therefore you are not going into debt. The invoice is simply sold at a discount off the face value. That discount is generally between 2% and 3% of the revenue represented by the invoice. In other words, if you sell $1,000,000 in invoices the cost of money is 2% to 3%. If you sell $10,000,000 in invoices the cost of money is still 2% to 3%.

If the business owner were to choose Invoice Factoring first, he/she would be able to grow the company to a stable point. That would make accessing bank financing much easier. And it would provide greater negotiating power when discussing equity financing.

Inflection Point Two: Rapid Growth. When a mature business reaches a point of rapid growth its expenses can outpace its revenue. That’s because customer remittance for the product and/or service comes later than things like payroll and supplier payments must take place. This is a time when a company’s financial statements can show negative numbers.

Debt financing sources are extremely hesitant to lend money when a business is showing red ink. The risk is deemed too high.

Equity financing sources see a company under a lot of stress. They recognize the owner may be willing to give up additional equity in order to get the needed funds.

Neither of these situations benefits the business owner. Invoice Factoring would provide much easier access to capital.

There are three primary underwriting criteria for Invoice Factoring.

    1. The business must have a product and/or service that can be delivered and for which an invoice can be generated. (Pre-revenue companies have no Accounts Receivable and therefore nothing that can be factored.)
    1. The company’s product and/or service must be sold to another business entity or to a government agency.
  1. The entity to which the product and/or service is sold must have decent commercial credit. I.e., they a) must have a history of paying invoices in a timely manner and b) cannot be in default and/or on the brink of bankruptcy.


Invoice Factoring avoids the negative consequences of debt financing and equity financing for both young and rapidly growing businesses. It represents an immediate solution to a temporary problem and can, when properly utilized, rapidly bring the business owner to the point of accessing debt or equity financing on his or her terms.

That’s a much more comfortable place to be.

Mr. Kocharhook is Vice President of Sales with 1st PMF Bancorp – an invoice factoring and trade finance company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. PMF provides global Factoring and Trade Financing services.