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Sammy Hagar on giving back, Van Halen reunion rumors


Sammy Hagar is on the brink of rumors of hosting his annual Acoustic-four-A-Cure gain concert Van, with well-known pals with Dave Grohl, Mick Fleetwood, Pat Benatar, Sarah McLachlan, and Bob Weir elevating funds for pediatric cancer.

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Studies at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Usual co-host James Hetfield, on the excursion with Metallica, is sitting this one out. But Hagar has grown used to multitasking, as he is also promoting his new album, “This Is Sammy Hagar Vol. 1 — When the Party Started,” appearing on the second season of his “Rock’ n’ Roll Road Trip” tour collection on AXS TV and planning an excursion along with his band the Circle. There’s usually that Van Halen reunion to consider too. Hagar, sixty-nine, spoke to us from an excursion stop in Florida.

Q: So James can’t make it this year?

A: No, James is on tour with Metallica. It’s kind of a bummer. We pointed it out, and at first, I thought perhaps we passed one. But then we each agreed that’s now not cool. I’m looking for a lifestyle-size cutout of him that I can put onstage with me. I’ll position the microphone in his face, and he’ll move, “Yeaaah!”


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Q: He’s had a number of the good moments of these live shows, like singing Adele along with his daughter or singing the Beatles music.

A: Having an accomplice like James is so unusual and unique. He’s so uncomfortable with it. There’s no question about it. James might be uncomfortable in Metallica. He’s simply uncomfortable. He’s the sort of good-hearted man. I’m sitting there behind the scenes with him, and I pass, “James, it’s all cool, guy. I’m no longer exact at this both.” He creates tension while he performs acoustically, that’s without a doubt powerful.

Q: Have you taken into consideration taking Acoustic-4-A-Cure out on the road, like a slightly more youthful version of Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band?

A: I would love to do it. Between everything else I’ve got taking place in my life, I don’t even have time to tour with my band. To attempt to take another round on, don’t even get me started.

Q: You’re doing a suitable excursion q4. Did you pass over appearing often?

A: I constantly pass over being on stage. But I don’t omit to be on tour. The way I’ve been doing it for approximately the remaining seven or eight years, I’ll take shows — you recognize, Dallas and perhaps Houston. But I got so antique remaining yr; I discovered that I had to head over to my studio five days per week and rehearse to get my voice into form. Subsequent factor I realize, all I’m doing is getting equipped for two shows. I wouldn’t do more significant than 40 or 50 suggests a yr. I just can’t. It’s my body and my time. And in my coronary heart, I get accessible onstage, and I cross, “You realize, I don’t sense like doing it this night.”

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