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The postcards helping a little girl recover from cancer


For the maximum of her existence, Jessie Stocks has been surrounded by 4 gray partitions and machines in Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

It is the most effective world the 2-12 months-vintage has regarded for the last 17 months after being identified with leukemia.
Now her mom, Mel, is hoping to take her little female on a ride around the sector – in the shape of postcards.
She has launched a social media enchantment soliciting for humans to ship in postcards to decorate Jessie’s room.
They can also be used to train her sister Macy, seven, about the unique international locations of the arena.
The enchantment was picked up at the Facebook page of Sheffield Online on Monday and has been shared extra than five,500 times.
Postcards have already come flooding into the kid’s clinic from Liverpool and York and as ways away as the US, New Zealand, and Australia.
Postcards sent to Jessie Stocks and her family after social media

Postcards had been despatched from as a long way away as Florida and New Zealand
Mel, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, said: “It’s already had a large impact on Jessie.
“Just seeing her with Macy, the 2 of them sat on the bed next to each other passing out an envelope each and pronouncing ‘go’, and each looking to get into them.
“They had been sat there and Macy was studying them to Jessie. It became exquisite seeing the smiles on their faces.
“We’ve had a couple of animal ones and Jessie loves animals and as soon as she sees them it truly is it.
“One of them changed into of a kangaroo and she turned into over the moon, ‘hop hop hop’. She loves them.”

Mel wants to teach her daughters about the unique nations around the sector
Jessie had a bone marrow transplant ultimate 12 months but suffered complications which have intended she has been unable to depart health center and has to live in isolation.
Mel says she had the idea for the postcards to decorate Jessie’s room which the own family has “needed to make into our domestic”.
“I thought it’d be simply high-quality to brighten the ladies’ room up and inside the manner teach Macy about distinctive nations and where they’re and teach Jessie there are more than four partitions and a view out of the window.
“There’s a massive global accessible we would love to take her to peer.”

Macy and Jessie have acquired more than 500 postcards
Mel says her daughters have obtained round 500 postcards and letters in the submit because the appeal turned into release.
One woman also donated a rucksack containing around 2,000 postcards which she had accumulated throughout her lifestyles.
“I’m so crushed with the aid of the reaction by using human beings available, that do not understand us or what we’ve got been via, taking the time to study and share it and send stuff in,” said Mel.
“It’s wonderful. I failed to think we might get everywhere near a number of stocks, not to mention the amount of publishing playing cards.
“I’m just asking human beings to ship a card if they go on the excursion or if they have a favorite region they go to – we call our glad region – take a photograph and let us see.”
Postcards may be despatched to Jessie and Macy Stocks at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

The Don’ts of Skincare That Every Girl Needs to Ignore


Here are a few things that you need to avoid if you want a glowing soft skin within a short span of time:

1. Foods to Avoid:

If we start debating on a general skincare note, the conversation for the unhealthy food for skin will never come to an end. Therefore, if we segregate it on a larger scale, you must bear in mind that caffeine, oily eatables, and consuming too much sweet can have an extremely adverse effect on the condition of your skin. Whatever that you consume has a direct impact on your skin, and eating the things like French fries and chocolates on a regular basis becomes the cause of constant breakouts.

2. Don’t Exfoliate Too Much:

There is no harm in moisturizing daily but when it comes to exfoliation, you should keep a strong check on your routine so as not to overdo it. The skin needs a specific time to recover and to let the cleansing and toning to start its work. If you exfoliate or use scrubs on a regular basis, the skin cells can be damaged, which will eventually cause redness, itchiness, and much more.

3. Makeup Don’ts:

Most people find it weird to consult a skincare specialist for every other issue, but the advice of a professional can have an exceptional effect on your skin. Furthermore, it is a well-known fact that wearing makeup on a daily basis can be harmful as the skin needs to breathe too. The pores on your face can increase or clog for that matter. Even if you have to wear makeup every day, try switching to a BB cream with an SPF that is above 15 to protect your skin and for a flawless makeup finish.

4. Stress and Skincare:

Similar to the effect caused by the food we eat, stress works its way towards the destruction of the skin. Most women have the habit of touching their face too much when they are under pressure or under the effect of stress. What they don’t know is that the bacteria from the hands are constantly transferred to the sensitive cells of the face, which in return causes dullness and pimples start to grow.

5. The Wrong Products:

When anyone speaks about using the wrong products, it is said about both, makeup and generic skincare products. If you don’t use a face wash that goes with the type of skin that you have, then it will do no good to your face. Similarly, if you have oily skin and you use a wrong liquid foundation just because the color looks fine, then you are ruining the health of your skin. With the extreme advancements in the field of beauty products, there is nothing that you cannot find for your skin type.

Refrain from using products or things that are not suitable for your skin. If you experience something bad while using a product for the first time, do not ever use it again. Maintain a healthy diet to cleanse the body from inside out.

Clean and Repair Vintage Postcards and Double or Quadruple Your Profits on eBay


There are ways to make a good card look even better and more appealing to bidders. In so doing an ordinary card can be elevated to super-card status and become the subject of a bidding war that turns a card that cost you a few pence into a three figure multi-bid item on eBay. But you must be very careful when cleaning these fragile items or you could eliminate all resale potential.

* Postcards often get dirty where the margins have been exposed from the sides of a pile or the album containing the cards. It’s very common to see an otherwise very clean postcard with a dirty margin, the margin being the only part of the item exposed to daily hazards like dust, grime, water, sunlight. Most dust can be cleaned with a soft rubber or piece of dry bread.

Use a big rubber or large chunk of bread to prevent your fingers touching the card and your nails causing scratches or tears in the delicate paper. Hold the card down very carefully at both corners nearest the dusty margin and don’t rub heavily over the card or the friction will cause the paper to crumple and crease.

With eraser or bread between thumb and finger of the other hand, rub lightly in one direction across the dusty area. Do not use backward and forward strokes directly on the card, this will cause the material to tear or thin. If the dust doesn’t shift, leave it alone, too much rubbing will damage the surface and affect the picture and make it worthless.

* Real photographic postcards are often found dirty or covered in fingerprints and these are the easiest to clean. Real photographic postcards also crease quite easily, which is usually not a problem except where dirt gets trapped increases and makes condition look worse than it really is. Again hold the card down on a hard surface, finger, and thumb of one hand keeping it lightly stretched, make smooth strokes in one direction over the dirty areas using a damp kitchen towel or face tissue.

Use light strokes, do not rub or you’ll leave marks and you might even tear the card or remove part of the surface. Lanolin-based face and baby tissues are especially gentle for photographic postcards and you can apply a little extra pressure along the line of a crease with dirt engrained. Do not rub against the line of a crease or the card will disintegrate. Don’t expect to remove all the dirt, these items are very old, and fragile, too much rubbing will cause damage and deplete the value of the card.

* Most cards, with the exception of some printed and most real photographic types, were printed in layers of paper and were not really made from a card at all. The top of usually three layers is the picture part, the bottom is the address part, with usually an extra layer between for support.