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2019 Web Design Trends


Web design is an ever-evolving area; generation is continuously converting, and we as designers and developers need to have our palms on the pulse of what’s occurring within the industry. Discerning among a fad and an enterprise trend is what continues your internet site from searching stale after three months. As we near the door in 2018, right here are numerous developments emerging that I think will retain to dominate in 2019.

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Mobile First Design Continues
Website traffic that originates from cell devices has, in the end, passed computers, and it’s predicted that via the end of 2018, 2/3 of all website site visitors will come from a cell tool. The modern-day trendy is to design for a laptop view, and with the potential for web sites to be responsive (i.E., Cutting down the page to match anything browser size the consumer is using), designing for cellular first wasn’t a priority.

However, in advance, this yr Google announced that cell friendly sites could be prioritized over websites that had been not mobile pleasant. Designing for cellular first will become paramount within the internet design procedure. Understanding why a user is reaching for their cellular tool, and designing websites that satisfy “micro-moments,” way your web site might be able to win over customers, even if they’re unswerving to a one-of-a-kind logo.

Asymmetrical / Broken Grid Layouts

The “grid” is what designers and developer refer to because the grid device that’s been used for decades to create all kinds of layouts, from newspapers to commercials and web sites. A grid is an invisible skeleton that lets in a designer to region diverse factors on a web page and features it results in a considerate and organized layout. Using grids also facilitates hold matters organized and regular across multiple devices – which is a should while users view websites on various sized computer systems and laptops, phones and pills. While a grid system can be very beneficial – it can additionally stifle creativity. Breaking out the grid and aligning things at an angle gives the web page an awful lot greater visible hobby and a feel of movement.

More depth / Flat layout 2.Zero

As smartphones have become extra ubiquitous and information plans extra high priced, the need for fast-loading websites became a priority. This ushered in a trend in layout wherein the entirety seemed flat. Gone have been the icons that resembled their actual-lifestyles counterpart in a desire of flat outline icons. Flat design is fun to layout in – it uses shiny hues, simple typefaces, and specializes in minimalism. Many users balked at this trend – elements have been too minimal and too simplistic which made it tougher for them to realize what to do. Over an ultimate couple of years, Flat 2.0 emerged and kept to become the greater favorite. Flat 2.Zero is one-of-a-kind in that it makes use of gradients, highlights and shadows to create intensity, the use of any color scheme (rather than just bright colorations) and multiple tints and shade values. By using shadows around a button or card, it cues the consumer that a movement may be taken. The consequences are sites that still sense modern-day however don’t sacrifice usability. Going into 2019, we’ll see extra websites with layered elements, shadows, and gradients to create an experience of weight and intensity.


Videos will continue to dominate over static imagery due to the fact they may be compelling and straight away seize the consumer’s attention. The common user spends 88% extra time on an internet site with video. The more time a person spends on an internet web page, the more the risk they convert and take a motion. It also helps a website’s search engine optimization as time spent on a web page is one of the metric’s that determines your rank on Google. Toyota’s 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Report uses a video in their hero vicinity tremendously properly. It showcases their body of workers in various departments and highlights the authentic variety of their crew individuals. Not to say it’s appealing and attracts you in to learn more and study their memories.

2018 has been a super 12 months for net layout, and we can wait to peer what 2019 will carry. Will our predictions are correct, or will some thing flip the net design global on its head? Stay tuned to discover!