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Gomberg: Dear ‘Men Prefer Debt Free Virgins Without Tattoos’ blogger


Dear Lori AKA The Transformed Wife blogger,

I got here throughout your weblog the opposite day once I noticed a Facebook publish of a lovable, smiling gal with the textual content “Men Prefer Debt Free Virgins Without Tattoos,” because I simply had to understand who should percent such understanding is so few words. That’s once I determined you, my buddy, and what a divine delight it changed into.

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You know, for someone with one of these keen eye for girls’s attractiveness, I ought to admit that I almost thought you might play for my team (that’s a touch lesbian comic story lest you watched I became speakme actual sports activities), but no.

You’re a sage, heterosexual, God-fearing wife dedicating your spare time to maintaining all the naive younger ladies accessible from making tragic errors like pursuing — gulp — higher education (which have to be called “higher monthly bills” in case you ask me).

Scream it grammatically incorrectly from the rooftops, lady friend, due to the fact voices like yours are just too uncommon nowadays! I suggest, what do those gals think? That know-how or personal fulfillment are more important to carry to a marriage than averting high-priced pupil loans that their husbands would ought to pay? If they knew what a dowry was, they’d be in real trouble, lol.

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I’ve been saying for years now how alarming it’s miles, the quantity of ladies who mistakenly suppose their bodies and lives are their personal. Good grief! Let’s don’t forget whose rib we got here from, girls, and get back in the kitchen wherein the handiest apples we address grow to be in pies for our voluminous families (amiright?).

It’s simply that I suppose you and I are in a disappointingly small minority of folks who definitely care approximately the bad younger guys who’ve to fish out of a sea of independent, clever, decorated ladies who need more in life than to “prepare dinner massive food” and make kids — that’s assuming they even bodily can at their decrepit, post-university ages.

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Girls, the only math you want to recognise is a way to double a recipe or subtract the financial savings from coupons! The relaxation will come in the shape of orders out of your loving, biblically advanced husband. It’s like I continually say: Submission is the undertaking due to the fact giving direction gives him … um, cause.

I ought to surprise if these gals have even taken into consideration that enlarging their brains is partly what shrivels their ovaries (I heard that somewhere; I’d cite a have a look at, however I didn’t waste my child-making adolescents setting unneeded statistics in my useless skull-filler).

And you make another amazing factor: Men don’t want girls who have revel in in romantic relationships (or, as I name them, “residents of Slutsville, U.S.A.”).