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Komodo 13 is World Champion of laptop chess


8/28/2019 – In Macau (China), the “Chess Events” of the International Computer Games Association (ICGA) got here to a cease last week. In reality, international championships in 3 disciplines are behind this prosaic name: the World Computer Chess Championship (WCCC), the World Chess Software Championship (WCSC), and the Speed Championship. At the start had been six groups with their packages, which include Komodo 13, which gained in every one of the two primary Photos: Erdogan Günes.
“ICGA Chess Events 2019” in Macau

Founded in 1977 by the Scottish International Master David Levy, the “International Computer Games Association” is now not involved handiest with chess, however also with, for instance, Go. The laptop world championship has been around when you consider 1974; It has been held annually, seeing that 2002.

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Those who have in no way studied the difficulty of pc chess will, in all likelihood surprise what the difference between the World Computer Chess Championship and the World Chess Software Championship is. The decision introduced ten years ago with the aid of the ICGA reveals it:

The World Computer Chess Championship for the Shannon Trophy could be contested by groups who’ve no limit on their preference of hardware.
A new tournament might be known as the “World Chess Software Championship” to be held in the identical region and throughout the same duration as the WCCC. This will be a uniform platform occasion the use of computers loaned through the host corporation. In each sport played in this tournament, the two computers will, as a way as viable, be the same with appreciate to their hardware abilties: number of cores, processor velocity, memory length.

So for the WCCC, there aren’t any regulations on the hardware on which to run your application. In WCSC, however, it is essential to apply computer systems provided by the organizer, which have to be equipped equally for both warring parties.

Not pretty as crucial as the WCCC and the WCSC is the “Speed Championship”, which shares an afternoon inside the plan with a tour.

The video underneath (about one and a half mins) indicates that the championship is not (but) quite as futuristic as you may assume. The operators are flesh and blood gambling out the machine’s actions on an ordinary chessboard:

Erdogan mans the dragon

Komodo t-shirt after the turbulence experienced at the beginning on the way there, my ambition of correctly defending all three titles disappeared. Since probably we (Team Komodo) arrived a day in advance, I became capable of recover to some extent from the traces, extra or more negligible. On day one, when we, to begin with, for example, set up our hardware over the net: how fast is the network provider to the central computer systems and additionally to the backup machines which we had prepared? Then, for the software event, the Tablebases are to be mounted on the usual computers, and, and… There turned into plenty to do there and then, and we helped each other out because we’ve got end up like one big family (like a caravan within the barren region).

We also looked after things in the player’s assembly, and after drawing masses, the first pairings were introduced. You should see how, after the pairings were announced; some programmers rushed to their computer systems like Usain Bolt and Rambo mixed in an unmarried character to be able to make the final preparations for the combatants they now knew they might face. I had already achieved my homework at home and genuinely remained cool and appeared on because the others created a type of panic.

And things additionally were given off to a right away begin with the software group; our daily software was also very tightly scheduled, unfortunately. It appeared to me that we’d have infrequently any time to breathe. From 9 inside the morning till the past due night at 22:00 we were in the match hall had to play our video games.