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NY attorney general investigating Manafort’s real estate deals


New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is investigating the actual deals property offers of Paul Manafort, who briefly attorney served as President Trump’s marketing campaign manager, Bloomberg News pronounced Sunday.

The investigation is inside the early ranges, a source informed the information outlet. Bloomberg said that Cyrus Vance Jr., the Manhattan district attorney, is also beginning a research into Manafort’s dealings.

Representatives from the AG and DA workplaces declined to comment to Bloomberg.

“If a person’s leaking facts about an investigation, that’s against the law,” Jason Maloni, a spokesman for Manafort, instructed Bloomberg.

A document on Friday said the Justice Department had requested Manafort’s financial institution records as it conducts a federal probe into ability ties among Trump marketing campaign body of workers members and Russia.

Manafort’s price range was beneath scrutiny in latest months. The Treasury Department in March received info of Manafort’s overseas financial transactions as part of a federal anti-corruption investigation.

Manafort stepped down in August as Trump’s marketing campaign supervisor amid controversy over his paintings for former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

What You Need to Know About Investigating Workplace Accidents and Implementing Corrective Action


Accidents cause some kind of destruction. No one wants to have accidents. However, when one occurs we must learn how to prevent future occurrence. The idea is to find the root cause of the accident and implement corrective action so that the accident will not happen again.

The first step towards investigating an accident is to confirm that such an incident has taken place for this you must need a clear and efficient accident reporting written procedure.

Information Needed for Accident Investigation

For successful accident investigation the following information must be obtained: Who is injured? Where or when did the injury occur? What is the type of injury? What part of the body is affected by the injury? What object, substance, exposure or bodily motion inflicted or contributed to the injury? How did the injured person come in contact with the source of injury? What hazardous condition or circumstance caused or permitted the occurrence? Where is the hazard source? Once the investigation concludes, the next vital step is to implement proper corrective actions, without delay.

Corrective Actions to be taken after an Accident

After an accident has occurred, you will need to do everything within your power to see that it doesn’t re-occur. You will need to develop procedures to promptly correct deficiencies and act on recommendations, resulting from your accident investigations. The accident investigation form should hold not only suggested corrective action but also what action was taken and when. A tracking system should be devised to make certain corrective actions are taken in a timely manner. Also, corrective actions should be examined, after a time, to ensure that they are really effective.

Steps in Safety Performance Enforcement

You are required to explain the methods by which you will ensure that employees comply with your safety rules and work practices. Your program will only be effective if all employees and managers are held accountable for their responsibilities and safety performance. To achieve this, develop a clear procedure that explains: Who will be responsible for disciplinary actions? What will disciplinary actions be taken? And where will disciplinary records be maintained?

Be sure that the “punishment is apt for the criminal act.” It may not be appropriate to take a progressive disciplinary action where very serious infractions have occurred. Use your discretion, but be sure that your policy is clear, and that all employees understand it and it is uniformly enforced.

Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A DUI Attorney


You have just had a good night with your friends at the bar, and you are driving back home in high spirits. Just when you thought that you were experiencing one of the best days in your life, something terrible happens! You get caught by the police who frame a DUI (Driving under Influence) against you. To make matters worse, your vehicle is confiscated, and you are asked to pay a hefty fine so that you can come out free. So, how do you tackle this case? You need a professional DUI attorney to bail you out of the charges framed against you and to reduce the severity of your punishment.

When you are charged in a drunk-driving case, it is only your lawyer who can save you from this disgrace. Hence, it is only natural that you should spend considerable time to choosing the right person as your guide. A slight mistake here can complicate matters further for you than they already are. Ensure that you don’t make the following three mistakes while hiring a DUI attorney to defend your case.

Choosing an inexperienced attorney

When you are involved in DUI or DWI (Driving when intoxicated) case, you need an expert attorney by your side to guide you through the process and present your case strongly at the court so that your fines are reduced, and you get back your license quickly. Only an experienced attorney will be able to analyze your case better, get your jail sentence reduced or removed, and prepare facts in your favor so that your bail plea is presented in a convincing manner. Never choose an inexperienced or new DUI attorney just because he/she is or has been recommended by your friend.

Choosing an attorney with no subject matter expertise about DUI laws

In his position as a DUI attorney, your attorney should be well-versed in the local motor vehicles laws, DUI regulations and other traffic rules so that he can present your case in a very convincing manner. When the court asks you to undergo medical processes like blood tests, breath tests and the like, you DUI attorney should be the one who safeguards you and prevents you from taking up these tests citing certain legal reasons. When you choose a DUI attorney who doesn’t have much knowledge on the local DUI laws, you run the risk of serving the full jail term or paying the entire amount of fine as ordered by the court. Never make the mistake of hiring your DUI attorney in a hurry, as it can prove to be quite detrimental to your reputation.

Choosing an attorney who is not focussed

All experienced and professional attorneys are hard pressed for time. However, once they have committed to a case, they should pay undivided focus for the same to get beneficial results for their clients. DUI attorneys charge a lot of fees from their clients; hence, they should give their best to the cases they represent. When your attorney is not available when you try to reach him by phone or when he doesn’t give your case, the due importance that it deserves, it is best to break the relationship and join hands with a professional lawyer, so that your case doesn’t suffer in any way.

Find The Best Hotel Deals For Your Next Vacation


The cost of your accommodation is often your single biggest expense when you want to take a vacation or a business trip. A great way to cut your costs is to find a deal on your hotel. Here are some tips to help you reduce your costs when you are planning your next vacation.

Travel During Off Season

When you are deciding your travel dates try not to go for the high season. There are many travelers who have the limitations of traveling during school vacations or holidays but if you can be a little flexible with your dates you can save a lot of money. Sometimes a small change of dates from a weekend to during the week can make a substantial difference in the costs.

Use Membership Advantage

Many big chains of hotels offer free membership programs just like airlines offer frequent flyer programs which allow you to earn points which can be exchanged for free nights. Hotels also sometimes give lower rates to the seniors, military people, students or members of programs like Triple A. So make sure you mention all your affiliations while booking to get the lowest rates possible.

Internet Specials

There are hotels which have special promotions only for online bookings. So search on the internet for deals that are saving you money. If you also want to make flight reservation sometimes a complete package cost less than individual booking.

Hidden Fees

When you are comparing your hotel cost be positive that the prices you are getting include everything. Some hotels charge small things separately make sure whatever you need is included in your price.

More Ways To Save

When traveling with family first confirm if the children are free to stay or eat. If you are traveling with a bunch of people ask for a group discount. If you are coming from the airport inquire if the hotel has a free shuttle service. Ask if there is a free breakfast that the hotel offers. Booking a room with a small kitchen can also help you save money as you don’t have to eat out every time.

Be Flexible

Last but not the least is being flexible. You should not only be flexible with the dates but also with your requirements. Things that you can do without should not be on your list of the facilities hotels have to offer if you can stay without don’t go for them. Booking a small room instead of a suite. Choosing a hotel in a less expensive area are all ways to cut down your costs.