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PNB Housing Finance Q4 net rises 47%

2012 Recruitment for Allahabad Bank and Punjab National Bank


A career in banking is preferred by the majority of youth in India. Due to its acceptance of candidates from all walks of life, it has gained much popularity. Also, our growing dependence on banks has led to a great number of bank branches opening in different part of the country. This means higher demand for personnel which has led to an opening of a wide variety of jobs for the aspiring candidates. There are some banks, which ensure that the best candidates are recruited irrespective of the great demand, they decide to choose only the best. Two such banks are Punjab National Bank (PNB) and Allahabad Bank. They are well known for their excellent team of employees, who are recruited only after a tough exam and a challenging interview session.

Punjab National Bank (PNB) Recruitment:
Punjab National Bank (PNB) is the one of India`s largest bank with more than 5000 branches spread across various parts of India. It is also the second largest public sector bank after State Bank of India (SBI).

It has adopted a strict method of recruitment through which it recruits candidates from all over India. There is a common test which is followed by an interview, which is conducted in various regional offices of the PNB, all over India.

Every year it offered various posts which are highly coveted among the youth of India. In the year 2011 and 2012, PNB with some other banks, aim to recruit more than 5,000 candidates for facing new challenges.

In 2012, it is offering posts like Manager (taxation), Senior Manager (marketing), Officer (industry), Officer (printing technologists), and Management Trainees etc. All these posts require a different eligibility criterion. One can resort to the official website of PNB for recruitment related queries.

Allahabad Bank Recruitment:
The Allahabad Bank is one of the top notch banks of India. It has contributed majorly to higher the success graph of the banking sector of India. It offers the best job opportunities to the aspiring candidates.

The Allahabad bank is well known for its unbiased method of recruitment, which focuses largely on the capability of the aspiring candidate and his/her commitment to work.

Candidates, who wish to apply for any post offered the Allahabad bank, can fill an online application form. The application form is not accepted by any other medium.

Like every year, in 2012 it is offering posts like Management Trainee, and clerical posts. However, any candidate aspiring to be a part of Allahabad bank needs to give the common written test (CWE) by IBPS.

For recruitment into any of these banks, Allahabad bank or PNB, you have to work extra hard. As you can see, the posts for 2012 are already out. If you want to apply for any of these posts, you must start preparing because the competition level is already quite high and the tough question papers designed by these banks make it even more difficult.

A Massive Housing Shortage Is Coming


“I got the residence!” wrote my buddy “K.”

She changed into pumped due to the fact she has been on the hunt for a residence for 6 months.

She “misplaced” homes to better bids.

Nationwide, you are seeing this every day, in which those who need to buy a residence can’t locate one.

Then, once they do find a house, they’re outbid through people who are willing to pay more.

There definitely aren’t sufficient houses available on the market.

Now, there may be an awesome motive why this is going on. It’s something that I’ve been announcing on account that February of 2016. And these days, I’ll display you one way you could advantage from this housing surge.

The Largest Generation in American History

The motive why maximum housing markets within the United States are facing a quick supply is because of the surge in the call for coming from the millennial era.

The oldest individuals of this generation at the moment are 34 years old, which has traditionally been around the time whilst Americans relax, purchase houses, start households and spot the fastest rise of their incomes.

While there is some small improvement as compared to ultimate yr, in truth there may be no change. And consistent with the National Association of Realtors, which commenced tracking housing numbers 18 years in the past, we are at a rock bottom.

However you need to spin it, we’ve got too few houses as compared to the range of folks that need to shop for them. As we get wave after wave of millennials getting to the age of 34 within the years beforehand, we’re dealing with a big housing scarcity.

Right now, housing begins are at simply 75% in their historical common. In different words, we’re completely and fully unprepared for what goes on. I consider we are going to need a homebuilding boom to offset the coming housing shortage.

And I agree with the largest gains from the millennial housing boom are still ahead.

It’s also no longer too overdue to get in on a super possibility within the housing zone. I trust this inventory may want to upward push by means of as lots as 300% as waves of the millennial technology come to shop for houses.

However, to get access to this possibility, the housing ETF that I’ve been telling you about – iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF (NYSE Arca: ITB) – will give you extensive exposure to the housing area, and it’s now not too overdue to get in.

Use this opportunity to benefit off the millennial mega trend.

How Much Interest Should You Pay for an Equipment Finance


At a recent system financing and gadget leasing alternate display, we polled over 125 enterprise proprietors with a brief survey and had numerous discussions with several inclined members. Our predominant query turned into easy; if you borrowed $a hundred,000 to your business, what is the greenback quantity of hobby you’ll be inclined to pay lower back assuming you’ve got the top credit score. The majority responded that $10,000 of a hobby is the maximum they could need to pay for borrowing that amount. Of direction, this becomes all hypothetical when you consider that there wasn’t a specific challenge in thoughts but $10,000 was where maximum owners’ comfort level landed.

We feel many humans picked $10,000 because it becomes 10% of $a hundred,000 which gave the impression of a reasonable higher restrict for them. Then we asked how long a term might they need the loan for and this is in which things were given exciting; of course a few proprietors said “as long as feasible” but for practical purposes a majority of owners responded that 1 to five years or something in among might make feel but there has been no actual emphasis on the time period; they, in reality, felt they didn’t want to pay over $10,000 in interest.

Then we asked approximately hobby charge; nearly anyone checked the five-9% rate container as their target rate. Discussing charge was surely the maximum emotional query on our survey; chatting about maximum greenback amount of hobby or period of the term was bland in comparison to rate talk wherein emotions ran excessively. Later within the occasion, we shared the subsequent chart with the individuals and some eyes opened hugely.

Amount borrowed: $a hundred,000
Interest paid returned: $10,000
Term / Interest price
1 yr = 17.9%
2 years = 9.3%
3 years = 6.3%
4 years = 4.7%
5years = 3.8%

The identical quantity of $10,000 hobby become paid again in each case however as you could see, adding an additional 12 months to the time period made a large distinction to the rate. The proprietors which expressed that a 1 or 2-year mortgage failed to make that massive a difference to them as ways as the approach but stated they could by no means pay over 10% rate had been very amazed to look how big the distinction changed into; nearly double.

The secret’s while you are borrowing cash you have to first recognition in your commercial enterprise coins float and do an analysis; what dollar benefit does the finance provide lower back to the enterprise. The second purpose is to take out the loan or gadget hire for the shortest term feasible which works with the business cash float while nonetheless imparting again; the longer you borrow the greater bucks it will cost you. Finally, study the rate; in case you’re extending the time period any other yr just to sense higher approximately the hobby then you definitely’s no longer gaining whatever except time which may be of cost but based on our survey, failed to in reality make a huge distinction. Focusing on best one element will not help you’re making the excellent selection of your business.