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‘Army is not against Kashmiris,’ General Rawat on fighting terror in J&K


New Delhi, May 13: At a time while Kashmiris had been further alienated from Army  the General mainstream terror India, the modern

remark by way of Army chief General Bipin Rawat will pass a long way in constructing bridges between the security forces and civilians in Jammu and Kashmir. In an interview to Indian Express, General Rawat stated, “Army isn’t always in opposition to Kashmiris, our activity is to separate the terrorists from the Kashmiri human beings and target the terrorists.” Army leader General Bipin Rawat “We remember that all Kashmiris are not worried within the so-referred to as militancy. There are some, choose in the wide variety, who take pleasure in terror and violence. Our process is to separate the terrorists from the Kashmiri people and goal the terrorists,” he delivered.

Learning More About the Terror Watch List

General Rawat

What a terrorist watch list is

The terrorist watch list is officially named the Terrorism Screening Database, which is run by the Terrorist Screening Center of the FBI. This database is the central repository of suspected, as well as known domestic and international terrorists of the country.

It consists of the names of alleged international terrorists given by the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment that the National Counterterrorism Center maintains with regard to the US intelligence community, as well as security agencies with information about terrorists. It contains data on local terrorists that was presented by the FBI.

The database only has the information needed to identify terrorists and it does not contain any classified information on them concerning what they have done, or how they are being tracked. The Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment keeps classified information on foreign terrorists, whereas the FBI maintains that of the domestic terrorists.

How the terrorist screening database is used

Additional lists are produced based on the Terrorism Screening Database to serve different purposes. For instance, the No Fly and Selectee lists prevent certain individuals from boarding a flight or further scrutinize them. To be part of the No Fly or Selectee list, there should be other evidence on a person’s threat to aviation security, and clear identifying data is required beyond the usually reasonable suspicion.

The Known and Appropriately Suspected (KST) file is the other list derived from the Terrorism Screening Database. Clear identifying information is required to be added to the KST file. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which checks the purchases of firearms, questions the KST. Being included in the file does not prevent an individual from purchasing a gun, but marks the purchase to be further reviewed. The person is only allowed to buy a firearm if he is not a felon, fugitive from justice, the illegal immigrant, mentally ill or banned from purchasing a gun due to other legal reasons.

Standard of proof required to be included on the terrorist screening database

To be included on the Terrorism Screening Database, government officials recommend a person whom, with “reasonable suspicion”, they believe to be engaged or aid in terrorist activities. However, there should also be an adequate level of identifying information to add the individual on the list. Legal battles on ways to be removed from the No Fly list have been going on and continue up to this moment.

The Happiness Bubble – Your Own Personal Army For Happiness


So I hear you mutter, what the heck is ‘The Happiness Bubble’?

Probably been written about before but heck I didn’t actually research the title, it kind of just popped into my head whilst researching and thinking about my next article. I thought it sounded kind of cool or maybe cute.

This is a little something that I’ve been toying with lately. We all know that happiness is a state of mind – a choice that each and every one of us decides on. Be happy or not.

Lately, I’ve been intimately involved in a situation that, whilst of my own design, is not necessarily one that I want to be in. It’s been the biggest struggle of my life to stay my happy-go-lucky self. That one person that always has a smile on their face with life going for them. In truth, there have been a few ‘individuals’ who have taken it upon themselves to try to burst my bubble. That’s where the title came from.

Having used absolutely every weapon in my arsenal every day that I have had to be around these people, I found myself in a constant struggle. My internal dialog was running rampant, like a bull at a gate and I found myself having to rein myself in, constantly.

So I decided to try something a little bit different of late. I kick-start my day with some happiness. Sometimes it’s some of my paintings, other times it’s working on my next article and still others it’s just a simple matter of leaving the day alone in the morning and just enjoying being.

Last week, on my way into a dreaded day filled with the above people my subconscious put into my mind the question – What would happen if you imagined a great big Happiness bubble around you today? It got me thinking all sorts of things.

It began with a bubble and it quickly transformed into a Bubble Armor, filled with countless little soldiers, all manning different entries in to my life – My Happiness Army.

All day I envisaged my bubble armor surrounded me along with my little army.

No matter what was said to me or by whom, it had to get past my army. I’ll tell you now, that army kicked @ss!

They were relentless in their pursuit of everything coming my way that day. It was glorious. My happiness meter stayed full all day and a very interesting side effect was noticed. The less that these people got to me, the more their own unhappiness was impacting them. Without being able to see the results of their efforts taking shape, they began to fall apart. It was almost like my Happiness Bubble just deflected their own unhappiness back on them.

Of course, I couldn’t just leave it there. Unhappiness is not something that anyone should be forced with so I ordered my little army to start absorbing the unhappiness, transform it into happiness ammunition and then shoot them out.

Interestingly enough, the more happiness ammunition that gets shot by my army, the less unhappiness defense they need to do.

There’s always going to be some happiness thief out in the world. They’re a bunch of sneaky little minded people. Don’t let them steal yours. Create your own happiness bubble, armor or bunker. Take the fight to them!

It’s kind of fun imagining myself surrounded by my little army. Try it out – or perhaps try a variation on it. I think you’ll be surprised.

My crazy world has included successfully combining all the skills of an artist, photographer, designer, programmer, and marketer into one crazy life.

I’m available for guest blogging, article writing, and speaking events.

Horse Racing: Two General Ways To Handicap And Two General Ways To Profit caps


Horse racing has two general ways to handicap and two general ways to profit. The first way to handicap is where each individual race per race card is done using several methods or systems (class, form, track bias, etc.) to find the strengths and/or weaknesses of each horse. As well as several elimination methods (largest morning line odds, last allowed odds, etc.) to remove weak horses. The mass majority of players use the daily racing form, the program and therefore use the first general way. The player usually spends years searching for handicap and elimination systems one by one and comparing them. This is time-consuming.

The second way to handicap is where basic statistical means, methods, and techniques are used and every possible handicap method or system is compared to each other. There are several thousands of methods. Then to go about finding their percent strengths and/or weaknesses. This way the player saves years of time searching for the most powerful methods. This is the advanced form in which handicapping takes. Doing handicapping in this form one finds one of the most powerful secrets in all of the horse racing which is: field size. Once the player knows this then the player’s in a much more leveraged position. Ask yourself: what will happen if on I played 10,000-20,000 races and knew how it all worked?

The first way to profit cap is where you profit cap each individual race per race card personally. Scrutinizing the odds on each horse on the tote or in the program and comparing them seeking value, profit and price. This has nothing to do with handicapping. This is about money and not about picking horses. Two very different things indeed. What horse(s) will come in with the best money-making odds based on the particular wager(s) you’ve chosen. In this case, wait until zero minutes to post. This gives you 60-190 seconds before the gate open.The second way to profit cap is statistically. What type of money amounts are we talking about as a total in 10,000-20,000 races?