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Cartwright Dismissed in Bizarre Fashion During Domestic Match


Playing for Western Australia towards New South Wales inside the groups’ Sheffield Shield healthy on Tuesday, Australian batsman Hilton Cartwright became dismissed in a manner that can be defined as weird.

With Jason Sangha bowling at the other end, Hilton Cartwright was given into function to tug the ball flat over mid-wicket because it pitched midway throughout the wicket. However, as quickly as the ball flew off Cartwright’s bat, it hit the unfortunate Nick Larkin at short-leg directly on his helmet as he ducked for cover.

The ball, without delay, looped up within the air, simplest for Sangha to pouch a clean capture and leaving Cartwright in disbelief.

New South Wales subsequently went on to win the match with the aid of an innings and 51 runs.

Interestingly, in February 2017, Queensland’s Mark Steketee became the first participant to be brushed off inside the identical way when a trap became completed after it hit a fielder’s helmet. Even extra superb is that the fielder in question then become – you guessed it – Nick Larkin! It turns out, and lightning does strike two times.

Prior to 2017, the wicket could not have stood as any ball that hit a fielder’s helmet become declared a dead ball. After Philip Hughes’ unfortunate dying, the guideline become amended.