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Cradle Of Empires Mod – How To Start Playing This Role Playing Game


The latest Apkware version of Crave Online is “Cradle of Empires Mod.” If you’ve played other games online where you have to buy lots of stuff to gain certain levels of skills, this one may not be for you. Unlike most other games in this genre, this one has a straightforward interface, and you won’t have any trouble playing it. Just follow the steps below to start enjoying your game.

Cradle Of Empires Mod

First of all, install the mod manager. This tool will help you uninstall and reinstall the mod easily without affecting your other programs and files. By using this mod manager, you’ll be able to continue your game in a smooth condition. It’s also a good thing if your computer has a registry cleaner installed so that you can remove extra files and cookies in your computer system that may slow down your game.

Then, choose the race you would like to play. Humans are the cheapest race, but they are also the weakest ones. If you want to spend a lot of money on upgrades, you should go for the Orcs. On the other hand, if you think you will be up against tougher opponents, you should go for the Dwarves because they are stronger. This is also why there are two types of races in Crave Online: Humans and Dwarves.

It would help if you also created your character. Just select the race that you want and click on the Create New Character button. Now you will be given a choice of starting a gender. You can pick any gender you like, although the Human starting gender is the default one. You can change it by using the Change Gender button.

You also have to choose a starting gear. Gear can be used to buy various items that you will need during the game. There are two types of gears: crafted and raw. The raw gears are cheaper, and they can be sold to vendors for higher prices.

Using the MCM (mage manager), you can alter the way spells work in the game. These spells include abilities such as healing and polymorphism. You can also learn new abilities during the learning process. The MCM will also allow you to turn off or turn on certain spells and abilities to make them more powerful when you need them.

There are also many other features available in this mod. For one, you will be able to start playing as an Alliance after finishing one faction. You can start playing as a Horde once you finish with the Alliance one.

The mod has an economy where you can buy and sell things. This is similar to that of the vanilla game, but it will be better because you can buy rare items and sell common ones. If you find something that you need, you can sell it to get more money for it. This is one of the most popular features of the mod, and it is definitely worth downloading.