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End of an era as Blackberry stops making phones


BlackBerry Z10: It’s Now Or Never For RIM


‘Z’ is the ultimate alphabet in the list of alphabets recognized to human type to date. The most widespread number scale used for ranking is 1 to ten. Joining both the dots plus the present-day market situation of BlackBerry Smart Phones, Metaphorically, the Z10 would possibly be the closing throw of the cube for Research in Motion. Though I am now not asking you to read too much into the indicative elements of the complete vocabulary of the all-new BlackBerry Z10, it just clicks given the actual situation BlackBerry unearths itself in, does not it? Many agree with (and they have the correct cause to achieve this) that ‘this might just be ‘it’ for the erstwhile pinnacle brand.

What went incorrect for the Research in Motion (RIM, the agency that owns and powers the BlackBerry) is a tale for every other day. But the overall consensus in industry circles is that the Brand is in a soup. It is grappling with on more than one front. If Porter’s five forces version was followed, the sharp contention among the competitors inside the SmartPhone enterprise is killing (or many could trust already killed) BlackBerry.

With their backs to the wall, RIM released its innovative BlackBerry Z10 pinning all hopes on a remarkable turnaround on what could well be the defining moment in a dynamic industry. So, what does the BlackBerry Z10 have in the shop for us? For starters, it’s a full-contact display screen telephone! No, I am no longer announcing that that is a stand-out characteristic; however, that is a demonstration of the reality that ultimately RIM has woken up to accept that this is what the marketplace wishes and better equipment up for it. Z10 is a sturdy yet intense look that might not compete with the iPhone or galaxy in aesthetics. However, it has a unique ‘BlackBerry’ look. I am sure; it is a glance that different gamers in the marketplace may quickly start emulating.

BlackBerry hub is another new addition to the Z10 that facilitates users to compile their entire gamut of emails, social networking sites, and feeds. The notification window stocks everything from messages to birthdays. Indeed, the BlackBerry traditional base, the so-known as ‘Business-Class’, would love it. The BlackBerry Balance possibly is any other function directed towards their trusted vote-bank; professionals now could cut up their monitors into two halves for personal and professional usage. It sounds like a laugh, isn’t always it?

The BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) Video is one of the big blockbuster releases embedded with the Z10. Phenomenal voice readability over the BBM allowing the customers each voice and video chat for the ones on the BBM is an immediate answer to the FaceTime (Apple’s video call provider) or depend on the most popular Microsoft-bought out provider, the Skype. A 2MP the front digicam isn’t too horrific, and it might check full bins on an aspirant’s tick list.

‘Keyboard’! Ah, this is one area in which BlackBerry constantly scored among its company elegance for the sheer ease of use. One cause also, why the earlier touch-screen variations of the RIM providing did not workout turned into that the keyboards were simply no longer intuitive sufficient for the heavy keyboard customers of BlackBerry. This one is some distance greater intuitive with a neat alphabet flipping feature that instinctively predicts which alphabet you are going to kind and offers you a choice to turn it on to the display screen. This characteristic has already made plenty of noise within the enterprise circles. Get prepared for a few patent wars over it in the coming days.

At about £500, the Z10 with a snapper of 8 MP will face the heat from the Lumia, Galaxy, iPhone5, and HTC’s ultra-modern offerings. But, what it has virtually done is helped BlackBerry placed its hand up and say… “We’re no longer going down without combat!” One feels that it has nevertheless no longer carried out sufficient at the design factors of the device. But BlackBerry’s area of interest changed into usually the Business class, which within the recent beyond was starting to dessert it for beneficial commercial enterprise + social media offerings from the Android arena. Whether the Z10 will stop the exodus of BlackBerry customers is a million dollar question, time will simplest be able to answer. For now, the level is about for a grand showdown!