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Uttar Pradesh: Village bans women from using mobile phones

Mobile Apps: Helping the Music Industry to Explore New Horizons


Alike some other enterprise, the sector of the tune has won momentum with the upsurge of cellular apps. Musicians hook up with humans via using some of the advanced ways these days and most significantly, navigating the panorama of technology has to turn out to be crucial for them to grow.

Scope of the Music Industry in ‘Going Digital’

The power of Live Streaming: With the creation of live streaming, unbiased musicians are becoming a possibility to gain a robust foothold within the industry now. They do no longer want any label of large associations as a number of tech startups are there to promote them within the global of virtual tune.
Being Web-Savvy: It has turned out to be essential for participants of the Music Industry to have a lively and sturdy internet presence. Thus, they want to recognize the performance of organic search visibility in selling their expertise and use the same effectively.
More Revenue Opportunities: Gone are the times whilst tune turned into the most effective source of producing income. However, musicians can installation a set of factors in recent times to make earnings like products, podcasts, and iTune optimization. This, in flip, will assist musicians to hyperlink to the sector of mCommerce and prevail.
Consistent target audience engagement: Earlier, track businesses incurred large charges best at some point of an album release. However, the picture is specific now. The industry is transferring to the float of ‘greater steady income technology and persistent streaming’.
How cellular apps are evolving the Music Industry

Web Optimisation: Building a web presence and optimizing it has ended up essential. Be you are a musician, a DJ, or an organizer, web optimization is enormous for promoting the expertise at its exceptional. Apps substantially help in optimizing expertise throughout the net thereby, integrating it nicely with emblem awareness.
Location-primarily based Marketing: Location is one of the fundamental factors that determines the achievement of musicians. With the help of location primarily based cell apps, you could personalize your advertising and marketing sports and hit the target audience in the proper place and proper time.
Reputation Management: With so many players in the music industry, it’s miles essential for corporations to fetch tremendous reviews and hold an aggressive area. Managing online recognition is vital for a brand and with cell apps, you may spark off listeners to offer opinions and decorate your profile.
Content Display: Placing the content material flawlessly across the media channels is vital for musicians. Adhering this truth, mobile apps allow users to place the content material at leading edge with right optimization strategies, thereby letting musicians connect with clients without problems.
Purchase and Payment: Apps give the scope to song listeners to shop for track or merchandise. This, in flip, facilitates musicians to get into the fingers of clients and generate sales which, isn’t viable with different alternatives like downloading or stay streaming.
Apps are a massive part of the revolution experienced by means of the music industry and it’s far the time to use the capacity of them for reinforcing patron-connect. Talent actually needs a medium to reach the target audience and while considering the sector of a web, apps are the best device to showcase your capacity.

Using AngularJS to Create Awesome Web Applications


Angular JS Makes Web Applications Work More Efficiently
AngularJS is good information for developers because it creates a more effectively development workflow via logical and flexible techniques. For instance, it makes a developer divide up their application version view controller (MVC) into additives, after which AngularJS manages the interplay of those components, eliminating the need to put in writing code to make the additives engage collectively. It additionally has a number of systems to make life less complicated while writing web packages, inclusive of facts binding (so that once information adjustments at the machine it is contemplated in all of the utility); it has constructed in an assist for AJAX queries.

AngularJS Extends the Functionality of a Web Page
AngularJS makes web pages into rather practical and adaptable internet pages. This approach that person experience can be substantially more suitable by means of using AngularJS and its scope for sensible implementation in uses such as organization solutions is enormous. Multiple users can log into a web page and access functions including ordering, shopping, e-commerce answers, requesting records and also presenting information.

Integration with Server Technology
All the software interplay happens in the internet browser, making it perfect for use for interaction with server technologies. It also makes programs impartial of the platform that they’re used on. Creating AngularJS apps means that they can be utilized throughout any quantity of browsers along with Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera. They also can be accessed independently of the running system or kind of hardware used to run the software. This method that web applications written in AngularJS can be run on an iPad or a Google Android pill, or on a Linux, Windows or OS X machine. This makes get admission to exceptionally powerful and also frees all of the users to be in any given geographic location.

How to Implement AngularJS in Your Web Application
You will first need to set up your development environment to build AngularJS applications, by using putting in AngularJS using Git and additionally NodeJS. It is satisfactory to utilize a web server to make AngularJS requests, so you will need to configure your server for that reason. For greater information on a way to do that, observe tutorials on a way to configure the JSON bundle to operate using https requests on remote servers. You will need to use Karma and Protractor to check that end to give up requests are running, after which you may be capable of understanding that your net application may be configured to behave correctly.

Beginning Your AngularJS Web Application
All AngularJS packages are started out from seed projects and bootstrapped, this ensures that the primary framework is enacted on the way to create the app to work properly within the browser environment. Setting up the seed undertaking is the first technique for configuring the web improvement server and the improvement surroundings. From there you could utilize a number of one-of-a-kind templates to help you to speed up your improvement manner and have your software going for walks up and quickly.

Yes, All Women Deserve Dignity


In the aftermath of the Bengaluru mass molestation, there’s been a wave of reactions throughout social media. Outrage and sadness poured in from nearly all quarters, but now not quite. #NotAllMen began to trend on Twitter as men got here out to protest the generalization that they had been all perverts. In reaction, the #YesAllWomen motion wearily picked up steam once more as it attempted for the umpteenth time to explain to guys what it method to be a woman in today’s society, and the degree to which ladies face sexual harassment each single day.

It’s now not the primary time ladies have been made to justify why they deserve an existence loose from eve-teasing and sexual harassment. Among people who haven’t killed it, there is a well-known consensus that the each day problems girls face with casual sexism are best a minor inconvenience, and absolutely distinct from the more legitimate fear of rape. What appears so difficult to just accept is that being hooted at whilst crossing the road or followed as you stroll your dog at night time is in itself a traumatizing occasion. Women around the arena are forced to justify why they experience helpless and terrified in a scenario the world sees as ‘uncomfortable’ at most.

Here are some facts: Eve-teasing is sexual violence. It is the intentional infliction of emotional misery. It involves “making vulgar comments, indecent proposals, unwelcome gestures with palms, legs, hands or different organs, attempting to make physical contact, and many others. Any kind of verbal or non-verbal behavior, bodily behavior or display of items or pix and feedback about a female’s looks or frame can also be considered as eve-teasing”, as defined with the aid of 2014 observe.

The common case of sexual harassment might be whatever. It will be your milkman looking at you as you matter out your money. It could be the bumping and grind in the packed bus that hides creeping arms. It can be your boss insisting which you get inside the pool at an off-website, or your co-people joking approximately what you have got on underneath that breezy blouse. It can be your uncle exclaiming how you have grown when you understand he’s no longer talking approximately your peak. It could be an abnormal guy on the street making a song voyeuristic Bollywood songs as you leave the residence or your downstairs neighbor soliciting for the 1/3 time while your husband could be home.

The earlier stated 2014 look at changed into performed at the University of Calicut, Kerala. It requested a hundred and twenty girl students how they reacted to eve-teasing. Almost all expressed a readiness to react if burdened, either with the aid of at once confronting their attacker or through complaining to a higher authority. Yet only 1,444 cases of eve-teasing were registered in 2015. So, why are not extra women speaking up? Let’s try and apprehend this.

At the instance of harassment, three emotions take over.

Fear, that the smallest incidence of intimidation can escalate.

Shame, the grotesquely unfair end result of a lifetime of victim-blaming and ethical policing, shame at being taken by using surprise another time, shame at the sheer hopelessness of our scenario.

Helplessness as manage over our-our bodies is taken from our time and again and once more.

Nothing prepares you for the anger and frustration that comes in a while. No amount of second-hand gossip, or public lectures or inaccurate movies readies you for the personal and painful enjoy of getting your strength taken from you with a passing gesture. When you want you had turned faster when you reimagine all the scenarios in that you would have gotten justice. Even while you get the hazard to confront your attacker, it is with a burning feel of rage that comes from an area of entire vulnerability. Just by using the distinctive feature of being a girl, you grow to be a goal. Every situation holds the capacity of violence for you. Every man has the capacity to hurt you. To stay with this know-how, every day is trauma.

The outcomes are simply as telling. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, persona disruptions, addictions and suicide can all be simply as a whole lot consequences of sexual harassment as they are of rape. To belittle someone’s experience of roadside harassment, to call for that she faces physical, brutal violence earlier than she bitch, and perhaps not even then, is merciless.

If you’re a lady who is had her peace of thoughts disrupted by using sexual harassment, ask for assist. What is going on with you is not every day, it isn’t just something everybody has to address. Sexual harassment has very actual psychological repercussions. Seek to assist among your fellows and be honest with yourself approximately what you feel. #YesAllWomen deserve dignity, and #YesAllWomen deserve to assist.