Home Tech Updates Trump fired James Comey because he was too much his own man

Trump fired James Comey because he was too much his own man


The Oval Office, right now, is an unfriendly Comey whether for truth,” says the former CIA boss man General Michael V Hayden in a phone interview from Washington DC,


handiest two days after the sensational sacking of James Comey, the director of the FBI.

Like many senior US officials, beyond and present, Hayden is taken aback, shocked and involved via President Donald Trump’s summary dismissal of the man investigating Russia’s intrusion into the presidential election; not like most, he is talking out.

The portrayal of War and Women in Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man


George Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man revolves around the War between the Serbians and the Bulgarians. The story depicts Bluntschili, a mercenary for the Serbians, being rescued by Raina, the protagonist. Raina belonging to the prominent Petkoff family, is also in love with Captain Sergius, who can secure a massive victory for the Serbians at Silivinitza. The rest of the play takes place in the home of the Petkoff family. Bluntschili returns to the house and returns a coat belonging to Raina’s father. In it was Raina’s portrait and a written inscription: ‘To my Chocolate Cream Soldier. When Raina’s father demanded the coat, she was able to dodge and remove the note artfully.

War is portrayed as a semi-comic antic by Shaw. Both the funny side and the tragic side of the War are depicted with an authentic tinge. Blutnschili, the Serbian mercenary, invades Raina’s room. He is covered with mud and blood and is escaping the Bulgarians. Raina takes pity on him and protects him even though she is a Bulgarian. When the Bulgarian soldiers enter her room, she brilliantly hides him behind the curtain. Raina becomes a pacifist.

As a mercenary soldier, Bluntschili is portrayed comically. His revolver does not have bullets, and like a small school kid, he carries chocolates with him. When Raina hands him chocolate to eat, he goes to the extent of emptying the carton by scrubbing it with his hands and finishing up everything. Raina becomes affectionate towards him and labels him as: ‘My Chocolate Cream soldier’. Bluntschili is a child archetype who is least concerned about the seriousness of War. When his life is in danger, he takes protection in Raina’s room. Through Bluntschili, we come to understand that War is a tragic comedy, an anathema, a volcano that injures people’s minds and bodies. Bluntschili is least bothered about whose side wins the War. He is not courageous enough to fight back and tries to save his skin. Through Raina, we understand that even in battle, enemies can be become friends, a quality that it is basic human instinct to be existentially kind to the other. Raina is the prophet of nonviolence even though her romantic inclinations converge with men being in the War and being fearless, daring, and courageous.

Sergius, the would-be husband of Raina, is characterized as a brave soldier. By overruling his superiors’ orders, hes, makes the bold cavalry charge and wins the battle for the Bulgarians at Silivinitza. Sergius is portrayed as a man with warlike qualities. Raina and Catherine, her mother, rejoice at the Bulgarian victory, and they feel proud that would-be son-in-law and husband are successful at thwarting enemies. The serious aspect of War is given room for thought through this character.

The two contrasting personality types engaged in War show ambivalence in Shaw’s depiction. People by their very nature are peaceful, and War is satirized as a comic adventure through the character of Bluntschili. On the other hand, the seriousness of War is given vent through the psyche of Sergius. There’s nothing to admire about War except that it brings devastation on life and property. Shaw becomes an apostle of nonviolence and questions the integrity of nations to indulge in violence and cruelty.