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Managing Vacation Rentals Remotely


As technology continues to drive advancements across industries, new and more straightforward methods are being adopted daily. In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has also fostered a lot of technology-led change. Who would have thought that working from home could become the norm? This only proves one thing – change is constant.

The hospitality industry is not left out in all these developments. After the pandemic emphasized the importance of remote management, even skeptical rental owners are now fully aware of the value of technologies such as short-term rental software. Many managers across the globe now adopt remote control in their rentals.

Guide to Managing Vacation Rentals Remotely

In this article, we will be discussing all you need to know to manage your vacation rental remotely and with ease and effectively.

Use a channel manager.

With a channel manager for Airbnb, you can show your listings to the best online travel agents. This synchronizes your calendar across all channels and keeps you updated when a new customer books your rental.

Sign up for a short-term rental software

The perks speak for themselves when it comes to this type of tech. Using short-term rental software, you can cut costs, centralize your operations and even attract more customers. Many features come with rental software to help manage your rental business. Some include a vacation rental income calculator, a website builder, templates for contracts, and many more.

Have your check-in and check-out process automated

Automating this critical process in your rental operations will save you time and sweat. With this, managing your rental is further made seamless. This is also very convenient for guests as they can execute the simple process themselves. Some standard options that many rental owners use nowadays include Airbnb lockboxes and intelligent locks.

Employ a professional cleaning service

Your rental needs to be always clean, and this cannot be stressed enough. Having a messy rental is the fastest way to run your rental business to the ground. This is simply because no customer wants to check into an unclean environment. It is, therefore, essential to have a cleaning service on retainer that will oversee the cleaning of your rental, based on your agreed contract. Better still, you need not worry about managing the cleaners as the cleaning company will be responsible for that.

Install security systems

Another factor that needs no explanation for its importance is security. Your guests need to feel secure using your service. With the help of technology, you can install alarm systems and surveillance cameras that will provide you as a rental manager with real-time footage accessible anywhere in the world.

To conclude, having an effectively managed rental is key to the success of your rental. And with the help of rental softwares and its helpful features, you can streamline your operations and simplify your processes.