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It’s time we educated children for the future, rather than limiting them to subjects of the past


Robotics: A Look at The Future Technology


What do you understand about the future of the robotics? Well, we can’t say something for certain as technology is evolving at a fast tempo in all regions, including synthetic intelligence and device mastering. However, one aspect is plain: Robots will have a top notch function within the life of a commonplace man as well, not to mention that they may be used inside the industries as nicely.

A research company made 10 predictions for robotics that we’re going to speak approximately in this article. The listing has a few virtually thrilling forecasts that can have an exquisite impact on our society and enterprise.

Robots And the destiny of surgical procedure

Nowadays, surgeons are the usage of robotics in their surgical operations. As a remember of truth, technological development in AI, navigation, laptop vision, MEMS sensor and different technologies were making the robots constantly higher.

Moreover, robotics will accelerate the system of innovation, consequently disrupting and enhancing the paradigm of the destiny enterprise operations. In addition, robotics can sharpen the competitive edge of a organization with the aid of enhancing fine, and increasing productiveness. Given below are some predictions to help you get a glimpse of the destiny of robotics.

1. Growth of Robotics

In 2019, about 30% of the use of robotics in industries could be in the form of a RaaS model of business. This will assist agencies reduce down at the price of robotic deployment.

2. Robotics Officer

In 2019, about 30% of the main agencies of the world will use a major robot officer as a way to make their groups higher.

3. Evolving Competition

In 2020, big groups might be able to pick from one of a kind carriers with the doorway of latest players in the multi-billion greenback enterprise of records and communications with the intention to growth the deployment of robotics.

4. Talent Race

In 2020, the boom of robots will enhance the skills race. As an end result, approximately 35% of the roles related to robotics may be vacant and the mean earnings will pass up with the aid of as a minimum 60%.

5. Regulations

In 2019, the governments will introduce new policies related to robots in an effort to preserve jobs and clear up privateness, safety, and protection worries.

6. Software-described robots

In 2020, about 60% of those machines will depend upon cloud-based apps with a purpose to introduce new capabilities, apps, and cognitive abilities. As an end result, the world will see a robot marketplace on the way to be cloud-primarily based.

7. Collaborative robots

In 2018, approximately 30% of the robots can be smart collaborative machines in an effort to be three hundred% faster than the robots of today. Plus, they may be properly paintings round human beings.

8. RoboNet

In 2020, about forty% of the commercially to be had robots will be a part of a net of shared intelligence. As an end result, the general operational efficiency of the robots will pass up by using two hundred%.

9. Automating of operations

Two years from now, around 35% of the huge corporations, inclusive of health, logistics, and utilities will use the robots for the reason of automating operations.

10. Ecommerce

In 2018, around forty-five% of the foremost worldwide e-trade agencies will use robots in their shipping operations and fulfillment warehousing.

So, optimistically, this may give you a quite excellent concept of the way the robotics will form the world in a few years from now.

Dinosaurs and Their Appeal to Children on the Autism Spectrum


Dinosaurs and the Autism Spectrum

Autism is an existence-lengthy, debilitating situation that impacts a shockingly wide variety of human beings. Research from the National Autistic Society shows that as many as half 1,000,000 human beings in the UK have some form of Autism or have an associated condition which includes Asperger Syndrome. Autism is a situation that affects the way wherein humans relate to themselves and the arena round them. Sufferers may be over-touchy to sensory stimuli, they can find it difficult to make feel in their surroundings. Asperger Syndrome is a shape of Autism. People with Asperger Syndrome find it difficult to talk and engage with others. Neither Autism or Asperger Syndrome are associated with low intelligence, indeed, from our enjoy with kids which have Asperger Syndrome the child worried is often shown to have a better than common IQ. For instance, one of the attractions of dinosaurs to youngsters on the Autism Spectrum are the long names and all of the complex facts related to those prehistoric monsters. Some children at the spectrum, appear capable of hold enormous quantities of records associated with their preferred dinosaurs and may recite an astonishing quantity of actual facts about them.

Detecting Children at the Autism Spectrum

These conditions cannot be detected simply by means of looking at a person, there are no visible signs and symptoms however they do occur themselves in positive behaviours. If these behaviours can be recognized in young kids at an early age than steps and processes may be put in region to help them and their families manipulate their circumstance in an effective manner. As those are termed “hidden disabilities” it can be very tough to diagnose the circumstance. Fortunately, way to the campaigning of a number of charities and other corporations the awareness of each Autism, Asperger Syndrome and different related situations has risen considerably during the last twenty years or so and plenty of instructors and coaching assistants are actually skilled in being capable of become aware of Autism within the school children in their elegance.

Children with Asperger Syndrome might also have fewer difficulties with their speech and that they typically do now not have the accompanying gaining knowledge of difficulties associated Autism, but they will have precise studying problems. These can consist of dyspraxia and dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity sickness (ADHD). Fortunately, society’s know-how of these conditions has substantially improved because my own time at school. Recently a chum become diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum and having associated dyslexia but as a college infant her condition became now not observed and he or she did no longer (and nor did her mother and father), acquire the assist and assist needed.

With the right help and encouragement, human beings at the Autism Spectrum and with Asperger Syndrome can lead completely fulfilled and independent lives. The essential factor from our perspectives as instructors is to understand the situation and to install vicinity guide at an early degree to help kids and their mother and father/guardians/circle of relatives individuals manipulate.

Autism is a Spectrum

When teaching a category it may be tough to discover the behaviours in a younger child that could suggest that this toddler has Autism or a associated situation. The trouble is there are “levels” of Autism. I constantly opt for the term Autism Spectrum situation as opposed to the alternative name Autism Spectrum syndrome, but in my enjoy both are used. I believe the circumstance of Autism like a long bar with a person with this situation becoming somewhere along this bar as each character may be affected differently. It is proper to say that at the same time as anybody with Autism will proportion positive behaviours and difficulties making sense of their international and their environment, some humans may be capable of live unbiased lives while others, who may additionally have associated gaining knowledge of difficulties and disabilities will require expert aid for the duration of their lives.

Where do Dinosaurs Fit In?

There are positive types of behaviour associated with youngsters on the Autism Spectrum. Not all people will show the equal behaviours, Autism influences people in one of a kind methods. One of the mantras I use when coaching in a class where there may be a infant or kids at the Autism Spectrum is to consider to “celebrate their area of expertise and to have fun in the way that they’re able to see the world in a different way from myself”. However, there are not unusual behaviors and the subject of dinosaurs seems to lend itself to them.

For instance, a few children may be herbal scholars and end up extraordinarily informed approximately a subject they revel in. Studying dinosaurs appears to tick the boxes for them and that they end up almost absolutely immersed of their issue. Children on the Autism Spectrum may be able to keep in mind facts better than their friends, with so many information and figures surrounding the have a look at of dinosaurs they appear to be clearly attracted to this topic. For instance, being able to quote information and facts approximately dinosaurs – which changed into the largest, fiercest, heaviest, fastest, longest? Vertebrate palaeontology and the Dinosauria specifically appear to be a wealthy source of statistics this is often recited time and again with mother and father/guardians being bombarded with questions and needs for more data.

In addition, younger human beings at the Autism Spectrum may regularly not want to enroll in in games with other youngsters, preferring to play by myself, immersing themselves in their favourite subject area and playing with dinosaur models and different replicas. Often they could repeat the sport time and again again or insist on doing the equal hobby over and over again on the identical time each day. The availability of motion pictures and DVDs on dinosaurs can assist with this. Children on the Autism Spectrum can experience watching repeated plays of the equal DVD.

The Difference Between Being Smart, Educated, and Intelligent


I’ve constantly been intrigued with the aid of the situation of intelligence. As a toddler my mother could consult with me as “smart,” however I quickly observed that each one mother and father refer to their youngsters as clever. In time I could find out that every one children aren’t smart, just as all toddlers aren’t adorable. If that had been the case, we’d have a global complete of beautiful, clever humans – which we don’t.

Some of us are clever; but not as clever as we think, and others are smarter than they seem, which makes me surprise, how do we define clever? What makes one man or woman smarter than another? When do “street smarts” matter extra than “ebook smarts”? Can you be both clever and stupid? Is being smart extra of an immediate effect of genetics, or one’s surroundings?

Then there are the issues of schooling, intelligence, and information.

What does it mean to be enormously educated? What’s the distinction between being rather knowledgeable and surprisingly intelligent? Does being fairly educated mechanically make you fantastically sensible? Can one be pretty intelligent without being relatively educated? Do IQs, in reality, mean whatever? What makes a person wise? Why is knowledge usually associated with antique age?

My choice to are seeking answers to those questions inspired many hours of excessive studies which protected the studying of 6 books, masses of studies documents, and endless hours on the Internet; which pales in assessment to the life of studies and research that pioneers within the fields of intelligence and training like Howard Gardner, Richard Sternberg, Linda S. Gottfredson, Thomas Sowell, Alfie Kohn, and Diane F. Halpern whose paintings is mentioned in this newsletter.

My purpose becomes easy: Amass, synthesize, and present statistics on what its approach to be clever, knowledgeable and sensible in order that it may be understood and utilized by everybody to his or her advantage.


With this in mind, there was no longer a higher (or extra suitable) area to begin than at the very beginning of our existence: as a fetus within the womb.

There is mounting evidence that the consumption of meals this is high in iron both before and at some stage in pregnancy is critical to constructing the prenatal brain. Researchers have discovered a robust affiliation among low iron levels for the duration of being pregnant and dwindled IQ. Foods wealthy in iron include lima beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, seafoods, nuts, dried end result, oatmeal, and fortified cereals.

Children with low iron fame in utero (within the uterus) scored decrease on every take a look at and had substantially lower language capacity, best-motor competencies, and tractability than children with higher prenatal iron stages. In essence, right prenatal care is vital to the improvement of cognitive abilities.


Cognitive capabilities are the fundamental mental abilities we use to assume, examine, and research. They encompass a wide sort of mental tactics used to analyze sounds and pix, take into account statistics from memory, make institutions among one-of-a-kind portions of information, and preserve attention on unique duties. They may be for my part diagnosed and measured. Cognitive ability energy and performance correlates without delay with college students’ ease of mastering.


Drinking while pregnant isn’t always clever. In truth, it is downright silly.

A study in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research has located that even mild to moderate consuming – particularly throughout the second trimester – is associated with lower IQs in offspring at 10 years of age. This end result was particularly stated amongst African-American as opposed to Caucasian offspring.

“IQ is a degree of the child’s potential to study and to live on in his or her environment. It predicts the capacity for success in faculty and in ordinary existence. Although a small but considerable percentage of youngsters are recognized with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) every year, many more kids are uncovered to alcohol all through being pregnant who do no longer meet standards for FAS but enjoy deficits in boom and cognitive characteristic,” said Jennifer A. Willford, assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Paul D. Connor, clinical director of the Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit and assistant professor inside the branch of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Washington has this to say approximately the problem:

“There are a number of domains of cognitive functioning that can be impaired even inside the face of a noticeably ordinary IQ, which include educational achievement (particularly mathematics), adaptive functioning, and government functions (the potential to hassle clear up and learn from reports). Deficits in highbrow, fulfillment, adaptive, and executive functioning may want to make it hard to accurately control budget, feature independently with out help, and recognize the results of – or react appropriately to – mistakes.”

This is a key finding which speaks at once to the (psychological) definition of intelligence which is addressed later in this article.


Studies have shown that the common exposure of the human fetus to ultrasound waves is related to a decrease in newborn frame weight, an increase in the frequency of left-handedness, and behind schedule speech.

Because ultrasound power is an excessive frequency mechanical vibration, researchers hypothesized that it’d affect the migration of neurons in a developing fetus. Neurons in mammals multiply early in fetal improvement after which migrate to their final locations. Any interference or disruption in the procedure could result in bizarre brain characteristic.

Commercial companies (which do ultrasounds for “souvenir” functions) are now developing more effective ultrasound machines capable of supplying popular 3D and 4D pictures. The procedure, but, lasts longer as they are attempting to make 30-minute motion pictures of the fetus in the uterus.

The important stream magazine New Scientist reported the subsequent: Ultrasound scans can stop cells from dividing and cause them to commit suicide. Routine scans, that have allow medical doctors peek at fetuses and internal organs for the past forty years, affect the ordinary cellular cycle.

On the FDA internet site this statistics is published approximately ultrasounds:

While ultrasound has been around for decades, expectant ladies and their households need to recognize that the lengthy-term consequences of repeated ultrasound exposures at the fetus are not completely acknowledged. In mild of all that remains unknown, having a prenatal ultrasound for non-medical motives isn’t always an amazing idea.