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Retainly’s WordPress Plugin Completes Lead Generation Portfolio


Certainly Lead announced the discharge of its Official WordPress Portfolio Plugin. The WordPress plugin is known as Retaining Optin Forms because it helps bloggers design very beautiful option varieties of differing types and with distinctive show alternatives. The plugin is absolutely free and can hook up with a Retaining Email Marketing account with an unmarried click and API Key validation.


Certainly, Optin Form does not need any coding abilities and can assist the blogger to without problems customize appearance and experience from extra than 100 shape templates. Optin bureaucracy is a must for virtual marketers to capture leads and subscriber data. Unlike other option paperwork already available within the WordPress plugin listing, Retain’s plugin additionally affords the connected advertising automation tools from its SaaS utility. This also facilitates in keeping the plugin very light and no longer increasing any processing load on the blog’s server. The leads captured from the plugin can be automatically sent to the users mapped List or Segment internal Certainly. The consumer may then also create automobile-responders with a download link, or a series of time-delayed electronic mail campaigns the usage of the Drip advertising characteristic.

One hundred+ Form Templates for the maximum beautiful Pop-up Forms
100+ Form Templates for the maximum beautiful Pop-up Forms
Retain’s marketing automation platform has been designed to assist banking, financial marketplace intermediaries and Insurance to growth their revenues from current clients. It also enables all Internet Based corporations to create new inbound leads, engage the prospects, and convert them. This WordPress plugin will specifically help digital media agencies to accumulate new leads and subscribers.

Retain’s WordPress plugins offer 6 forms of Email List builders.

Slide In Forms: It slides in at the lowest of your traveler’s screen, and can be set to seem after a selected time or point at the page.
Traditional Popup: Set the popup opt-in bureaucracy to seem mechanically after a specific quantity of time, after traffic reaches a specific factor on your page, or maybe after traffic goes away a remark or make a purchase.
Protected Content: Offering treasured content in alternate for an electronic mail address is one of the simplest methods to grow an electronic mail listing. Protected content forms allow imparting content that site visitors can “liberate” by opting in.
Inline: Forms make it clean. These can be displayed clearly everywhere, including on any post or page at the website.
Widget: For the sidebar, footer, or another widget regions on the web page — be equipped with a stunning decide-in.
Below Content: When visitors study a whole post, they are exceptionally engaged, making this an amazing manner to turn that engagement into a conversion.

5 Reasons Why to Add Swing Strategies to Your Portfolio



Recently, I received several questions, why an ATS trader should also spend time developing swing strategies (and not only day trading strategies). In this article, I would like to sum up the most important points why I consider it important to have swing systems in a portfolio as well.

1. Swing strategies are a great way how to diversify a portfolio

Fighting with a high correlation of strategies is quite challenging – every at least little bit advanced ATS trader knows that it is not so easy to find out low-correlated strategies to existing portfolio. I have also struggled with this issue for a long time until I have added swing strategies to my portfolio.

It makes sense – swing strategies stay in the market longer (mostly several days), so the profit distribution can be dramatically different from intraday strategies and, therefore, we can achieve lower correlation. And only the combination of intraday and swing strategies I consider to be sufficient diversification. Having only intraday strategies in a portfolio is, in a certain way limiting, as we are losing several benefits that are coming from holding positions longer.If you are still struggling with correlation, it is time to start working on swing strategies.

2. Swing strategies have bigger drawdown, but, as a matter of fact, they help you to reduce the drawdown

Beginning traders are often scared of bigger drawdowns that swing strategies often have. This is, however, just a groundless fear coming from the inability to see the bigger picture. Once you start seeing it from the broader perspective, you will find out that drawdowns of individual strategies don’t matter – what matters is the drawdown of the whole portfolio, and that can be reduced by adding low-correlated systems to your portfolio (it also makes the equity smoother). This brings us back to the first point – low correlation is important for many reasons and the more colorful portfolio you have, with low-correlated systems, the more stable equity and the lower drawdowns you will experience. Personally, I know a trader who is willing to start trading live a losing system, as long as it is low-correlated to other systems and it smoothens the equity and reduces the drawdown of the whole portfolio (yes, this is how it really works!). This is just another confirmation that focusing on a drawdown of a single strategy is just too shortsighted and you need to take the things into perspective. You should definitely experiment with swing strategies also for this reason – working on correlation and on a portfolio is something what moves us ahead and swing trading is part of it.

3. It is impossible to create a system in some markets (except for the swing strategies)

Another sound reason why to add swing strategies to your portfolio is that in some markets you won’t be able to build a daytrading strategy. This is how it is and if you won’ t add swing strategies to your portfolio, you are limiting yourself and your trading business is running just on 50%, instead of 100%.

Trading as many different markets as possible is another great way how to diversify your portfolio and another solution how to fight high-correlated systems. You need also to consider the time investment – why spending hundreds of hours in a certain market, trying to find an intraday strategy, when you can create a swing strategy for a market that is not suitable for intraday systems, in the fraction of time? From my point of view, it is really pragmatic and necessary to add them to your portfolio. In our database, we have over 400 trading systems, and over 60% of them are the swing ones.

4. Swing strategies increase considerably your average trade

Sometimes you can experience unpleasant slippage (especially when markets get really wild) and if your strategies have a low average trade, it can have rather negative impact.

With swing systems, this is not a problem any more. In most cases, you will have really high average trade and you will rarely bother with transaction costs – and that will give you more inner peace and an option to breath freely and stop worrying about things like slippage.

A Miracle Formula To Lead A Healthy Life During Old Age


As Oprah Winfrey says, “there is one irrefutable law of the universe: We are each responsible for our own life.” If you are young and if you have great health, you cannot assume that this will continue for ever. Remember that age can take a toll on your health. No amount of sugar-coating can hide the harsh reality that aged people with poor heath may have to lead a hellish life. If you want to avoid such a situation in your life, you should first study the lives of those old people who have been leading a fulfilled and healthy life. This will help you realize that these successful and old people possess great life skills. This means that even while you are young, you must make all possible efforts for acquiring life skills so you can also lead a fulfilled and healthy life during your old age.

But what are these life skills? Though various experts have come out with their own versions, skills like determination, emotional stability, control, conscientiousness and optimism cover most of them. Those who practice and acquire these skills are almost likely to enjoy the health benefits as well as all the good social outcomes during their golden years.

Thanks to these skills, they will have financial stability, there will be no affliction by chronic ailments or by mental depression and most importantly, they need not fear social isolation. Since they will have overall general health, they may lead a smooth life. Andrew Steptoe, a Professor working for the University College London, who conducted a study on a number of aged and healthy people, also corroborates with this fact. He says, “No single attribute was more important than others. Rather, the effects depended on the accumulation of life skills.”

The findings of the study that were published in the PNAS journal, clearly reveal that those who possess these life skills have favorable biomarkers in their blood. Their cholesterol levels are perfect and the C-reactive protein in their system amazingly stands at the right level. It is a known fact that the level of C-reactive protein is a near-perfect marker indicating inflammation that can cause several diseases.