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Each week, I obtain heaps of questions from my listeners about tech worries, new products, and all matters virtual.

Sometimes deciding on the full, exciting inquiries to spotlight is an excellent part of my process.
This week, I obtained questions about the quality LED bulbs money should buy, a secret Microsoft browser, iPhone pointers and tricks, and more significant.

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Vulnerable telephones

Q: I have the brand new iOS 12. Is it really that Apple made it less complicated for the police or a family member to get into my cellphone when it is locked?

A: Apple constantly stresses that the employer takes user privateness severely. Still, there are ways for the determined to interrupt into an iPhone.

One of the full interesting new iOS 12 functions is the USB-handiest mode, which makes it extra tough (not easier) for humans to get admission to your smartphone by way of your computer or a unique tool.

That’s no longer the handiest change Apple has made. You want to study all of the defaults.

Tap or click on here for 12 security settings you want to change correctly now.

Protect your Edge

Q: I use Microsoft Edge. You stated that there might be a selected placing to prevent awful commercials, malware, spyware, and power through downloads. I cannot find it. Help!

A: Microsoft Edge has become a soar for Microsoft, and maximum customers agree that Edge is superior to the now-defunct Explorer. Microsoft software program is entirely liable to malware, and there’s no more straightforward way to agree with a virulent disease (or get hacked) than through the internet.

One manner of defending yourself is to make your browser invisible on the net, and Microsoft had the foresight to make that possible.

The Windows Device Application Guard is a new characteristic that’s explicitly designed to hold you secure.

Tap or click on right here to use the net securely with Microsoft Edge’s unique placing.

Listen in!

Q: I would love to pay attention to your radio show. What station are you on in my native land?

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A: I’m glad to record that The Kim Komando Show has a 98% footprint throughout the United States and is broadcast on four hundred radio stations.

There’s never been a TV Guide for radio programming, so even extensively dispensed can be hard to discover, besides with the aid of trial-and-error or a complete coincidence. That’s why I even have a reachable station finder on my website.

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Better bulbs

Q: I hate LED bulbs. Are there any bulbs that don’t blind you?

A: When LED bulbs first became popular, they regarded too top to be authentic. They burned brighter, lasted longer, and had been smaller than an incandescent bulb on the market. They were more environmentally friendly, too.

So that’s no longer to like? Well, as you factor out, not all LED bulbs are created identical, and a number of them can be downright annoying.

Luckily, there’s an extensive form of bulbs available; some live bright, others can be dimmed, and still, others are designed to retain a herbal-searching color.

You might not love LEDs, but there’s probably a bulb accessible that works for you.

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