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Meet the anonymous Indian blogger who has built a food video empire with only a digital camera


Opting Blogging As a Career in Today’s World


If you’re an utterly passionate writer looking forward to opting for blogging as a career, then here are some things that might help you have a kick start to your job. There are five kinds of bloggers on this planet of life.

a) The Hobbyist

The kind of person who uses blogging for their entertainment or entertainment purpose for the viewers without any intentions or expectations of wages or benefits

b) The Part-timer

The kind of blogger who uses blogging to supplement their income.

c) The Entrepreneur

A person who blogs for a company that they own, to support it through great ideas and interaction with their users, to improve the quality of the company.

d) The Corporate

A person who blogs along with their full-time or part-time association with a company.

e) The full-time

The person who blogs as a full-time career.

In the above blogger’s life, there is one thing in common other than the person who blogs as a hobby. They get paid and have a blast! You can be a full-time professional blogger who works mainly at one joint or state of business for an extended period or even short intervals. Else, you can work as a freelance blogger who changes their work medium for every blog post or article. Based on the option chosen, the wages will vary. For example, a freelance blogger may earn wages less when compared to full-time professionals. It can also be the other way around, depending on the context of the work being provided.

Structure of wages

In a survey of 1 K-bloggers by a well-renowned blog site in 2012, it is found that 17% can manage their lifestyle or provide support to their family with their blogging career, while 81% never make even $100 from blogging. The other 2% spend less than 2 hours a day blogging but make more than $150K. It all depends on how qualified your blog posts are and what kind of platform you work for in the case of blogging. Your wages depend upon how often you tend to blog, the quality of your content, how competitive your topic is on the web and network, and how effective you are at grabbing a great deal of audience, as well as a bit of luck.

Nothing comes easy. Every form of work takes time to become perfect and have proper and generous stability. Blogging doesn’t snap you to fame all at once, and neither does it make it rain cash all the time. It may take months or even years to reach a state of achievement, as equally taking in any other field. So if blogging is your passion and you want to take it up as a career, then start your career with all proper guidance and planning! Best of luck!

The Anonymous Asmodeus ((Old Testament Demon) (Poetic Prose))


You ignore him much nowadays, but he is around, been around for a very long term, the historic demon, Asmodeus, a baneful creature, from a mummy-like abyss. And that is a tale of his nature, attention, and his presence.

As in some pestilential mist, he sluggishly clogs his way, likened thru a muddy riverbed in desires in the circuit of the mind, like a fair and baneful succubus, looking to rape men, beasts or maidens, generating a nightmare, while sitting on their chests, within the midst of a middle of the night moon. And like a thief inside the night, Asmodeus did slip into my dreams remaining night, this hell-born demonic beast, as if into a cell and its nucleus, ere.

Why? Perhaps he becomes unable to calm his agitation with me, that I determined him out early that afternoon. The only such a lot of having within the beyond needed to use exorcism to attract him to desert his domestic far from home! Perchance, I offended him, and this becomes his frightful penance; demons can be counter punchers, as well as instigators; they tend to have ghoulish starvation and incubus-like dreams. But Asmodeus likes to eat guys, puts them in eldritch awe. Unlike many demons, his questioning and presence change from instant to immediate stressed,d impulsive, reckless. Hence, he wanders through the thronged bazaars of my subconscious (and he has for ages earlier than me to uncountable numbers), at some stage in its twilight: sanguine for something reasons to create evil, and sure, he in step with near did a few times like a cradling sea, barely look like out of nowhere simplest then to go back-returned through the sharp, harsh ridges and narrows of my thoughts, to his homestead, or hotel, or oubliette; however I did get a glimpse of him earlier than I forged him away within the Lord’s call.

He was of a peculiar semi-cloth of bulk count number and gloom, with rayless plated armor (like bloodless steel) with a relax of deathly risk and desolation on his face and inside his eyes.

This demonic being, with stirring, orbiting, and straining eyes spinning like on a pinnacle, likened to earth’s spinning counterclockwise, as it orbits the solar, together with his hidden ghouls, full of dark misgivings, all listening, watching ready at the back of that sepulchral gloom. At the same time, second through moment darkness continues to close in, and arising along with his intangible eddying, seething diabolical anthropomorphic shape, Asmodeus, slayer of husbands, circle of relatives destroyer, he hides in a shadow amongst shadows, looking for egress into the thoughts, an emission of light, -particularly among old guys, deep of their cyclopean sleep, their thews weakened, flanks unguarded, with a susceptible hearts, to create unrest, evil, to frighten them to demise, like the incubus who sits on the chest to inflict nightmares.

Aye, it becomes as though he came out of the catacombs, overcome using resignation, the oppression thickened the air in my REM sleep, awakened me to this horror and his plight, stifled me a few, I become his corridor’s give up, I subsided right into a wheezing and gasping breath, he wished to position me at the chill stone, I do consider. His rustic eyes, ogling, lured out of the gloom, ought to I now not have awakened who should inform, a lifeless poet-if or if not-changed into sent to a charnel house, the bone residence, the place of impedimenta, earlier than his time! Perhaps, perhaps not! But his ogling became accomplished chary-like.

How Much Does A Video Biography Cost?


I will allow you to in on some pricing secrets about video biographies or “own family records documentaries”, as they’re sometimes recognized. How an awful lot should you anticipate to pay, and what are you able to wish to get on your difficult-earned video biography money?