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Trendy blogger Rajni Khaitan’s tale to prevail


Rajni Khaitan’s blogging journey began when certainly one of her friends endorsed her to start it; she continually had an element for dressing-up & getting clicked. One satisfactory day, they finally shot some pix close to her friend’s region & after a number of braveness Rajni sooner or later posted it on her blog & Instagram.

Rajni has completed her degree in Graphic Designing, BA(AVFX), Jewellery Designing from Sawansukha Institute of Gemology & Jewellery Designing.

Rajni Khaitan learned the genuine meaning of independence after doing what her coronary heart favored. She left her 9-5 job to emerge as a complete-time blogger & when you consider that then there was no looking returned for her.

Initially, she worked as a photo designer for four years & began running a blog aspect by using side. She managed early morning shoots before office hours & weekend shoots for her blogs.

Choosing running a blog as her career has in reality been a fantastic revel in for Rajni. She is doing what she loves hence she loves what she does.

Interestingly, the opportunity that Rajni has gotten, suits together with her wider profession purpose. She gets to realize new merchandise & brands; she additionally makes her fans privy to these manufacturers via her social media channels.

Also, she feels that blogging has grown to be a top-notch profession recently, something which humans by no mean notion about in advance. Rajni believes that there are many new ways to exhibit one’s expertise via blogging.

Additionally, Rajni has her own Social Media Marketing co. Via the call ‘Look At That Design’ which offers in creative designs & social media control of brands & startups. She is also hopeful to examine more approximately Jewellery & blogging discipline other than that.

As for Rajni, she is asking forward to explore more in coming time & be her satisfactory self! She is super excited to soak up challenging possibilities!