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Asus ZenFone 3 Max starts receiving Android 7.1.1 Nougat update

Five Tips to Boost Battery Life of Your Android Smartphone


High-give up smartphones provide a big number of capabilities, however unluckily, they don’t have a reliable battery existence.

Over the previous few years, the patience of Android handsets has decreased because of more than a few of factors which include sleek designs with less space for batteries, large and brighter monitors, faster quad-middle processors, multitasking capability and shift to 4G from 3G networks.

In this case, it’s far difficult for the general public to move longer than an afternoon without recharging their cell phone.

Here are a few hints you must strive expand the battery life of your tool.

(1) Dim Screen Brightness:

Large and colorful show of the smartphone appears first-rate, but it consumes a huge quantity of the battery. Turn your display’s brightness all the way down to the bottom tolerable point to limit the electricity consumption and boom the persistence of your device.

You can also permit your device’s auto-brightness feature that uses an ambient light sensor to robotically alter the brightness of the screen.

(2) Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi:

Bluetooth and WiFi radios are both extreme battery drainers. Turn them off even as they’re now not in use to make your device ultimate longer.

(3) Kill Apps Running in Background:

Multitasking is an excellent Android characteristic which permits the customers to run a couple of app at a time. But it also a battery drain as every you run consumes strength.

So always kill the app you are not without a doubt the usage of to reduce the energy intake and amplify the battery life of your cellphone.

To close the apps running within the heritage, faucet the multi-tasking button and swipe them away.

Most Android smartphones additionally have battery monitors, which permit you to see that which app is using how a great deal energy.

(4) Turn off Unnecessary Notifications

Nowadays, the apps frequently send messages, updates, news and different records to the customers. Every time, your tool receives a notification, the display lights up, and display a message which consumes energy.

So flip-off the pointless notifications to extend the battery lifestyles of your tool.

(5) Turn off Vibration

Many humans put their smartphone on vibration to avoid audible disturbance when it plays a ringtone to provide you with a warning on an incoming call. But vibrating burns lots more energy than ringtone to make your cell phone shake.

So turn off vibration and enjoy an extended battery life.

If you’re disturbed with the aid of ringtone, it’s far higher to put your cell phone on silent mode and maintain it in view so that you should see while a name is coming.

Asus ROG Strix X99 Review


The Asus ROG STRIX X99 is a part of a chain of motherboards from Asus this is strolling the effective Broadwell-E HEDT CPUs. These motherboards come with a host of features to both enthusiast and overclockers.


Asus ROG Strix X99 motherboards come with RGB Lighting, cooling control, and enlargement slots. It has an entire collection of colors to choose from as well as configurable lights results. To beef up enlargement slots, ASUS makes uses of a unique generation termed SS or Safe Slot that makes use of a metallic frame for each PCI-e growth slot with a view to upload more strength to every slot and prevent them from potential damage. The new motherboards will offer a ton of functions to overclockers and enthusiasts who might be running Broadwell-E HEDT CPUs.

In truth, the present day Broadwell-E processors from Intel can feature with the prevailing present X99 motherboards, by an effective firmware replace. The X99 incorporates numerous advanced functions that help the ultra-modern storage, I/O, in addition to connectivity abilities. It will even characteristic the latest LGA 2011-v3 socket to support Broadwell-E processors. These functions make the ROG STRIX X99 Gaming motherboard extremely effective.


Some new functions at the motherboards encompass RGB Lighting, enlargement slots reinforcement and cooling control. RGB Lighting is turning into more and more common on motherboards, and ASUS is avidly pursuing this trend on all their modern day products. The motherboards will function several colors to choose from, and lights outcomes to configure at the boards.

The ROG STRIX X99 Gaming boasts of the essentially monochrome theme that the employer commenced the use of due to the fact these days and seems actual excellent. This specific motherboard comes with a black and orange shade scheme, so as to impart to the whole thing an appealing copper contact. The X99 additionally functions RGB lighting in order that customers are capable of transform colors over its I/O panel in addition to the internal heatsink with significant ease.


The Asus ROG Strip X99 is prepared with an 8 eight Phase Digit+ III VRM that is successfully powered through an 8 plus four Pin power connector. The board comes with no much less than eight DDR4 DIMM slots that may run memory at extraordinarily high speeds of a maximum 3333 MHz. The growth slots have four PCI-e three.0 x16, 2 PCI-e three.Zero x1 slots as also an unmarried M.2 slot down at the bottom of the PCH warmth sink. To add a hint of coloration, the PCI-e growth slots boasts of small LEDs which can be configured through using RGB outcomes. As to storage alternatives, there are 10 SATA III, one U.2 port, one SATA Express and 1 U.2 ports.

Then there are Ethernet, Wi-Fi Bluetooth four.0 connectivity, USB three.0, USB 3.1ports, 2 inner USB three.0 connectors, and many fan ports too, for powerful adjustment of fan space relying on their positions.


With all its effective capabilities together with Broadwell-E HEDT CPUs, game enthusiasts can have a thrilling time with the Asus ROG Strix X99.

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80244019 Error Fix – Windows Update 80244019 Error Repair Guide


The Windows 80244019 Error is trouble in the laptop that is usually skilled while Windows Update feature is getting used to replace Windows. This form of error can occur due to numerous motives; the commonplace motive, but, is that the Automatic Update carrier has not been becoming on. But then, you must still be cautious because this may cause severe complications for Windows together with the inaccessibility of Windows Update server or virus infection. When a virus manages to infiltrate the pic, it may blend up the values in Automatic Updates services and motive extra errors to appear.

What Causes The 80244019 Error?

This particular error is specifically introduced approximately through Windows Update malfunctioning and having trouble acting its obligations due to obstructions like virus contamination or the files and settings of Windows might have been broken or corrupted. Otherwise, the registry database can be the source of the error. Be wary of viruses because of a few goal the Automatic Updates carrier and disable the Windows Update functions. However, in case your laptop is becoming slow in its tactics, then possibly the source of the error is within the registry. If you need to restore this error right away, then comply with the instructions on this academic. The procedure will include the scanning of the PC for viruses, the disabling of Windows Update and the cleaning of the registry.

How To Fix The 80244019 Error?

First, you’ll become aware of the viruses that could have likely infected your update features. Run a powerful anti-malware application consisting of XoftSpy. This tool can efficaciously cast off viruses and identify the infections. Viruses may be elaborate to do away with; if you depart them on my own, they could deploy rogue files that can release malicious sports to your computer. They can have the same name of critical Windows documents or programs so you would possibly mistake them as the legitimate software program. With using the XoftSpy device, they may be detected and eliminated.

If the problem is not an endemic contamination, then the next factor to do is to disable the Windows Update Services. The mistakes would disappear if the hassle is with the Windows Update Services.

The very first tip and most essential are to ensure that the person that could be updating your imperative heating boiler is Gas Safe Registered. Anybody who works in fuel needs to be registered by regulation.

Every Gas engineer includes a fuel safe card with them, it’s a chunk like a driving license, it’ll have all of the details of what the engineer can work on.

Each card may have an image of the engineer, that is positioned top left at the front of the card. It will even have the engineer’s fuel secure registration and license quantity imprinted on the front.

Also on the front of the card will be the expiry date, commonly that is the thirty-first March of each year, from time to time the date perhaps unique, this is normally when the installer has to re-sit down their fuel tests but it’ll alway be within the 12 month period.

If the engineer shows you a card obsolete then, do not let them paintings on updating your relevant heating boiler, its illegal.

Now you’ve got checked the front of the gas safe card, turn it over and read the lower back section. Here might be indexed all of the appliances the engineer can work on and the form of fuel.

As you’re seeking to update you principal heating boiler, search for boilers on the card, next to the sort of gasoline, generally you will see herbal and LPG gasoline, make certain you test the right one.

Just because the engineer has boilers within the Natural fuel column it does not imply he can deploy LPG boilers.

If the fuel secure card does not have boilers on it, then the engineer is not qualified to work on boilers. It’s very essential for your own protection to test the card over and make sure the engineer can paintings in your appliance.

You can also go browsing and check the Gas Safe Register to make sure the engineer is all up to date and qualified for the paintings you want to be achieved.

Now you’ve got the gas secure component out of the way, you want to ask the engineer what they might advise updating your relevant heating boiler.

Your local gas secure engineer could be able to tell you what is great for your house and what is concerned in carrying out the update.

Any form of important heating boiler update has to be carried out to modern gas and constructing guidelines by means of regulation, so simply because you’re present boiler has been inside the equal area for many years, your new one may additionally need to be equipped somewhere else to comply with the regulations, now not all of the time however now and again.