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Asus ZenFone 3 Max starts receiving Android 7.1.1 Nougat update

Five Tips to Boost Battery Life of Your Android Smartphone


High-give smartphones provide a significant number of capabilities, however, unluckily, they don’t have a reliable battery existence.

Over the previous few years, the patience of Android handsets has decreased because of more than a few factors, including sleek designs with less space for batteries, large and brighter monitors, faster quad-middle processors, multitasking capability, and shift to 4G from 3G networks.

In this case, it’s far complicated for the general public to move longer than an afternoon without recharging their cell phone.

Here are a few hints you must strive to expand the battery life of your tool.

(1) Dim Screen Brightness:

A large and colorful show of the smartphone appears first-rate, but it consumes a considerable battery. Turn your display’s brightness all the way down to the bottom tolerable point to limit the electricity consumption and boom the persistence of your device.

You can also permit your device’s auto-brightness feature that uses an ambient light sensor to alter the screen’s brightness robotically.

(2) Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi:

Bluetooth and WiFi radios are both extreme battery drainers. Turn them off even as they’re now not in use to make your device ultimate longer.

(3) Kill Apps Running in Background:

Multitasking is an excellent Android characteristic that permits the customers to run a couple of app at a time. But it is also a battery drain as every run consumes strength.

So always kill the app you are not without a doubt the usage of to reduce the energy intake and amplify the battery life of your cellphone.

To close the apps running within the heritage, faucet the multitasking button and swipe them away.

Most Android smartphones additionally have battery monitors, which permit you to see which app is using a great deal of energy.

(4) Turn off Unnecessary Notifications

Nowadays, the apps frequently send messages, updates, news, and different records to the customers. Every time your tool receives a notification, the display lights up and displays a message which consumes energy.

So flip off the pointless notifications to extend the battery lifestyles of your tool.

(5) Turn off Vibration

Many humans put their smartphone on vibration to avoid audible disturbance when it plays a ringtone to provide you with a warning on an incoming call. But vibrating burns lots more energy than ringtone to make your cell phone shake.

So turn off vibration and enjoy an extended battery life.

If you’re disturbed with the aid of a ringtone, it’s far higher to put your cell phone on silent mode and maintain it in view so that you should see while a name is coming.

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