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Is Cosmetic Surgery Right For You


Cosmetic surgery has become popular in recent years, and they are a dermatologist’s and surgeon’s most promising arsenal against anti-aging. Research by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery revealed that the number of people who’ve undergone cosmetic surgery in the past ten years has increased by 64%.

Cosmetic Surgery

One of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed on patients is laser resurfacing. Like other cosmetic treatments, it eliminates wrinkles and lines caused by facial expressions and sun damage and combats acne scars.

The good thing about laser treatment is that it’s minimally invasive. Moreover, companies like Sentient Lasers supply highly effective equipment required for laser treatments. Some people are still afraid to go for cosmetic surgery because they fear the risks associated with it. This article will tell you whether cosmetic surgery is right for you or not.

1. It’s Not For You If You Have Sensitive Skin

Not everyone can be an ideal candidate for cosmetic surgery. If your skin is susceptible, this treatment isn’t for you. That’s because, after cosmetic surgery, a doctor may recommend that you use lubricants and medications to hasten to heal. If your skin is sensitive, it may react with these medications and cause itching sensations.

Some dermatologists also recommend dark-skinned individuals because it may alter their skin color unpredictably and dramatically. However, if you’re dark-skinned and find an experienced surgeon, you can benefit from this surgery.

2. It’s Not For You If You’re Not Patient

According to Dr. Tina Alster, the Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery director in Washington, cosmetic surgery isn’t for people expecting quick results. There’s a notion out there that because cosmetic surgery is an invasive procedure, you can walk out of the dermatologist’s office and continue with your activities as normal.

However, it may take some time to get results after cosmetic surgery. You may even stay in your house for up to ten days, nursing, swelling, and bruising. Getting unflawed skin also requires time. It’ll not happen instantly. In the first few months, you may get a 50% improvement.

You may also have to refrain from applying makeup for at least ten days after the surgery. And even after those days, you’ll have to follow a rigorous aftercare treatment that involves using lubricants and thoroughly cleansing your skin.

3. It’s Not For You If You Fear Pain

Cosmetic surgeries are invasive procedures. However, they may come with some pain. Patients who’ve undergone the process compare their sensations during these treatments to a rubber band snapping the skin. Others report no strange feelings.

The pain you’re likely to feel during a cosmetic surgery will depend on the area and depth of the region being treated and your pain tolerance levels. If you go for a laser treatment that requires removing some skin layers, you may feel pain. But it would help if you weren’t afraid because your doctor will inject you with anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the process.


Cosmetic surgery has taken the world by storm because of its promising results. Unfortunately, it doesn’t favor everyone. If you fall into any of these three categories, you may have to look for alternative cosmetic treatments.