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The Biggest Beauty Moments You Didn’t See At The Oscars


Despite all of the drama that ensued previous to this 12 months’ 91st Academy Awards, the show did cross on — and the way. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga almost made out (that’s what passed off, proper?), Rami Malek professed his love for Queen and Lucy Boynton (then directly fell off the level), and Spike Lee gained his first Oscar (no longer counting the honorary statue he received in 2016). Overall, the nighttime grows to be being something unique… Or, at least, something worth tweeting about.

The Biggest Beauty Moments You Didn't See At The Oscars 1

But that only bills for the entirety of the cameras controlled to trap. It turns out, what is occurring in the back of the scenes — as crews of makeup artists and hairstylists run around making sure everybody appears ideal for a whole lot of the display’s three-hour runtime — is just as interesting as what’s happening on the degree and broadcasted to 30 million human beings.
Unfortunately, we are no longer privy to all that — at least, now, not commonly. Then, we met Bruce Grayson, the makeup branch lead for all behind-the-scenes splendor paintings that happens at some stage in every primary awards display, including the Oscars. Grayson and his team of artists are not simply answerable for the presenters who prep their jokes behind the scenes or the host (while there’s one), but all the winners when they go out-degree proper and head to a tent filled with journalists waiting to interview the newly-minted Oscar winner.

For all intents and purpose, Grayson’s makeup green room — and big package — is what prevents historical splendor catastrophes from going on (consider all the mascara-stained streaks of tears we might’ve visible with out him). So, we decided to tap him for all the juicy info that went on throughout this 12 months’ Oscars, from what it became want to have a hostless display to Olivia Colman’s insane (and outstanding) Best Actress upset. His answers, ahead.