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20 Connected Gadgets To Help You Cool Down This Summer


With Rachel’s Cool, intelligent sprinkler controller, homeowners can automate their outdoor watering systems via their smartphones Summer.


Rachel’s clever watering system could customers control their garden sprinklers from their iOS or Android devices, but the design itself can do the maximum work. The ratio can agenda itself primarily based on local climate styles accessed thru Wi-Fi and automatically optimizes a watering schedule based totally on the precise wishes of your yard. For instance, if it’s miles raining outside, Rachel will routinely flip off. Rachel said house owners using its product shop about 50 percent of their outdoor water use. Rachel is currently to be had for $200 for eight sprinkler zones across the yard.

Summer Masturbation Tips: Beating the Heat


Masturbation is an activity for all seasons, but the summer brings with it some opportunities for a little season-specific solo fun. A man who has been following good penis care guidelines will be well-positioned to take advantage of these opportunities and add a bit extra spice to his solo sexual sessions.

Some of the suggestions below involve masturbation outdoors. It’s essential, of course, to remember that public masturbation can bring with it trouble from the police, so men are advised to limit their outdoor stroking to private locations.

Cool it.

As every guy knows, masturbation is heavily dependent on friction. The rubbing of the penis, whether vigorous or more practiced, creates a conflict of varying degrees, which stimulates the sensitive penile nerves and produces the sensation that makes masturbating so irresistible. But friction also produces heat, and on a hot summer night, a little extra warmth is the last thing a guy needs.

If engaging in a lengthy pleasure session, remember to keep things cool. Spread the legs (especially if lying down or standing up). If sitting down, stand up every so often to let some of the mid-section heat escape. If masturbating outdoors, we are spreading the legs can allow a nice breeze to add a pleasure-enhancing tickling sensation as well.

Cool it – again.

A more fun way to keep cool is to point a small fan directly at the crotch while masturbating. Not only will this cool the balls down, but it can also add a slight extra degree of stimulation that can be pretty exciting.

Cool it – one more time.

Many men know that the masturbatory experience can be enhanced by a sudden change in temperature – usually by applying icy water or ice wrapped in a towel to the balls when approaching ejaculation. This feels even better and is even more appreciated during the dog days of summer.

Lotion not lube.

Summertime is the perfect time to walk around the great outdoors in the buff. Guys who are considering this need to be sure to apply sunscreen to protect sensitive penis skin. If alone while outside, a man may be tempted to use that lotion for lubrication further. However, be advised that sunscreen is not made for this purpose and if it gets into the urethra, it is likely to produce a burning sensation.

Be husky.

Corn on the cob is a summer delight – but don’t throw away the husks after shucking the ears of corn. Wrapping the husks around the penis provides a very different masturbatory sensation which some men find intensely pleasurable. For an even more unusual experience, keep the corn silk and use that as well during one’s solo fun.

Enjoy a melon.

Watermelons are also at their peak in the summer – and can provide some juicy fun for a man. Carve a hole of the appropriate dimensions and depth in a melon, insert the penis and simulate intercourse. It’s a bit messy but definitely, provides a kick.

Take the plunge.

Masturbating in the shower is one thing; masturbating in a lake or ocean is quite another. The sensation that comes from masturbating while the penis is completely submerged in water is really unique. (Again, be sure to indulge in this activity only when alone, not while others are around.)

Of course, masturbation in the summer can still be practiced the same way as in any other season. Whatever the season and method, it pays to regularly use a top-flight (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to keep the manhood in tip-top shape. Those who masturbate frequently and roughly should select a crème with acetyl L-carnitine, which helps protect the penis from desensitization due to over-enthusiastic rubbing. A crème with L-arginine is also a fine idea. L-arginine is an enzyme that helps to create the circumstances under which penile blood vessels can relax, opening them up for the rush of blood that is key to a hardy erection. Taking steps to maintain penis health will only enhance one’s self-sexual encounters.