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Trichy police warn public against flying gadgets


TRICHY: Sensing publicĀ  the risk from the terrorists to us gadgets of a through sub-traditional aerial platforms, Trichy metropolis police warned the general public of severe criminal motion in the event that they fly one of these gadgets over the place bounded via a circle of five km around strategic important factors.
There changed into a better possibility of the threat that could emanate from non-nation actors, terrorists and elements inimical to India, using sub-conventional aerial structures like para-gliders, para-cars, powered-cling gliders, microlight aircraft, hot air balloons said an announcement from Trichy town police commissioner’s workplace.
Without the required permission will be an offence below phase 287 (imprisonment up to six months or first-rate as much as a thousand or each), 336 imprisonment up to three months or satisfactory up to 250 or both), 337 (imprisonment up to six months or pleasant up to 500 or both) , 338 (imprisonment up to two years or quality up to 1000 or each) of IPC. The public must acquire permission for using these gadgets.

Gadget – What is the Meaning of This Word?


GADGET, this word refers to any electronic device that has a very specific function as voice recording, music playing, surveillance, video playing, photos displaying, etc. The good thing here is you can access these electronic gadgets anywhere and anytime.

I’ll talk about some of these electronic gadgets, what’s their jobs and how you can enjoy with them.

Audio Gadgets, gadgets that help you to listen to your favorite music anywhere, it’s a very small, lightweight and smart device that can play any type of music in all formats as mp3, Wav, WMA, etc. Audio gadgets may be just a mp3 player with different memory spaces, it may be 256mb, 512mb, 1gb, 2gb, it even may be 20gb according to your needs.MP3 player gadget may be built-in another thing as sunglasses with a built-in mp3 player, it’s very good for the people who have an active lifestyle. It also may be with watches, pens and digital cameras.

iPod, it’s the perfect electronic gadget has been known until now, it does very well with music and recording functions, it also has other functions as FM radio, E-book functions, voice recording, it has great models according to the space of flash memory. It can play all types of music and in some models, it can play videos and display pictures, GREAT GADGET, isn’t it?

Video Gadgets, another function of some gadgets to enjoy your time, by these gadgets you can watch your favorite videos and display/share your personal photos. MP4 player is one of those gadgets which allow you to watch your films, video clips, personal recordings and even play games. It should support all video and photo files, it also should have a high-resolution screen for good displaying.

Camera Gadgets, as wireless internet cameras, surveillance cameras, sunglasses cameras, etc. By some models of the wireless internet cameras, you can access your camera from anywhere and at any time by using the IP address, it’s very good idea to have a something like that.

This was a very short description about some of those gadgets providing you some information on haw you can benefit from the electronic gadgets, there are very great gadgets available now, they are created to have a better life, just search to find.

Public Enemy


As the sun was setting over the Western sky Tom Hardy was putting the finishing touches on a news story for tomorrow’s paper. With so many people still in disbelief over this past year’s election, Tom was duty bound to find tangible proof that Donald Trump not only conned the American public but is engineering a most sinister agenda against millions of Americans. His story is not about the public enemies that are so portrayed in the movies most notably by James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart but about how Donald Trump and the Republicans are aiming to do a full-scale assault on the American Public. In doing so Donald Trump is well poised to achieve the largest wealth grab in recent history.

At first, Tom thought after months of investigating all this was just speculation but when he found out that the FBI coordinated with the Secret Service were wiretaps were placed all throughout Trump Tower unbeknownst to Donald Trump or any of his closest associates and family he knew that a story had to be told. For months now the FBI has been involved in a discrete investigation into Trump’s financial dealings as well a physiological profile.

It was during the months that led up to the election that so many people began to realize that Trump displays what many psychologists call a narcissist complex as well as being known to stretch the truth on so many occasions. It is as though every time Trump opens his mouth some outlandish statement always spews out. The false bravado that is always displayed according to many noted analysts is due to a reality that Trump is as the expression goes “so full of himself” that he really can’t help it. This and the fact that he is oblivious to so many of the realistic solutions to the many urgent problems millions of Americans face.

As Tom continues writing this cover story “Public Enemy” he can’t remember a time in the history of the United States has an elected President be looked upon as a public enemy. This is even before he is even sworn in. Then in after thought, Tom began thinking who really is at fault for this election that has turned out so despicable?

In trying to answer that Tom figured there were many to blame. Russian hacking aside, it was Trump who on one hand played right into the hands of the disenfranchised and disconnected voters. Then there was the Democratic establishment who from day one went out of their way to coronate Hillary Clinton as the heir apparent to succeed President Obama. There was also the voting public where so many were beguiled into believing Trump and his message. All Trump was doing was conning the gullible public because the Democratic establishment locked out Senator Sanders movement which to everyone’s amazement became a national phenomenon.

Now, with just a few days to Inauguration, the improbable has become a stark reality. With the Republicans in control of Congress and their mindset in place, the assault on the American public will commence. This assault will target the most beneficial programs that are in place to prevent so many from falling into a calamity of economic disaster. The reverse Robin Hood mentality is set to begin right when this Public Enemy is sworn in.

History of Trichy


Trichy also called Tiruchirappalli is one of the important cities of Tamil Nadu in India. It is situated on the banks of the River Cauvery. It is one of the places of historical importance as it was ruled by different kingdoms during different times that include the Cholas, Pandyas, Pallavas, Delhi Sultanate, Madurai Sultanate, Vijayanagar Kingdom, Nayaks, and British. Cholas had Uraiyur as their capital which is one of the suburbs of Trichy.

The name Tiruchirappalli originated from the Sanskrit name Trishirapuram meaning three-headed cities. The popular belief of Hindus is that the demon with three heads named Trisha meditated at this place towards Lord Shiva to obtain his favor. This city was referred as Tirussilapalli that means holy rock town in one of the inscriptions of the sixteenth century. Chiruttapalli means little town and the name might have originated from that. It was called Trichinopoly by British.

The early settlements in Trichy started in 2000 B.C. The remnants of the people lived in Uraiyur from 3rd century B.C. to 3rd century A.D are found in the excavations carried out in Trichy. The historian Ptolemy has mentioned the city in his works as Orthoura. During the time of Karikala Chola, Kallanai was built across the River Cauvery. In the 6th century, the place was ruled by the Pallava Dynasty. It was during the tenure of the Pallava king Mahendravarman I that the cave temples of Rockford were built. Pallavas ruled Trichy for two centuries and in 8th century A.D., it came under the control of the Cholas. They held sway until the beginning of 13th century A.D.In 1216, Pandyas captured Trichy but within a century they lost it to the Delhi Sultanate. Malik Kafur the general of the Delhi Sultanate defeated them and looted the treasures. From 1311 to 1378, it was ruled by Delhi Sultanate and Madurai Sultanate. In 1378, it was added to the Vijayanagar Empire and it was followed by the rule of Nayaks of Madurai. It remained in their hands till 1736 until it was taken over by Chanda Sahib. In 1741 Marathas captured the place and the Maratha general Murari Rao took care of its administration for a couple of years