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Reliance Jio Broadband Preview Offer Expanding to More Cities, Said to Provide 100GB Data at 100Mbps


Reliance Jio consumer care had Data confirmed on CitiesTwitter some days in Expanding  the past that it’s miles carrying out trials for the JioFiber domestic broadband provider in six towns at the gift. With the organization’s points of interest set on dominating the market across us of a, it’ll come as no wonder to all and sundry that Reliance Jio is increasing its JioFibe

domestic broadband trials to greater towns. The plan to increase the broadband trying out to more cities “over the following few months” were stated in a Q1 profits name, however, there was no point out of whilst this would occur.

Replying to a customer on Twitter, who had asked about signing up for Reliance Jio broadband in Pune, the Jim Care team said the service is most effective to be had in select regions of Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Surat, and Vadodara. The Jamnagar operations are restricted best to employees of Reliance Industries Limited, in line with the tweet. Interestingly, a Twitter user in September had posted consequences of the Reliance Jio domestic broadband community velocity tests in Pune, with speeds going as much as 743.28Mbps.

Along with this, the photograph of a Reliance Jio leaflet offering details of the JioFiber Preview Offer has been posted at the micro-running a blog website online. According to the picture, the Jim domestic broadband preview provide will provide 100GB of information with quickens to 100Mbps per month; as soon as the 100GB restrict is exhausted, the velocity will drop all the way down to 1Mbps. Reliance Jio home broadband users will now not need to pay any rental costs for the first 3 months. However, customers will pay a refundable security deposit of Rs. 4,500 for the Wi-Fi router that Reliance Jio is presenting to perform the FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) connection.
Reliance Jio JioFiber Home Broadband Reliance Jio JioFiber Home Broadband Trials

Several customers who have had early get entry to the Reliance Jio JioFiber Preview Offer have tweeted about the provider within the beyond. One such consumer in Mumbai had said in January speeds between 70Mbps and 100Mbps on the 1Gbps connection. There is not any reputable word but on the commercial release of the Jim broadband provider yet, even though Mukesh Ambani had said within the 2016 RIL Annual General Meeting the provider can be for purchasers as well as businesses.

Reliance Jio became ranked the united states’ largest broadband connection issue for the month of February by TRAI courtesy its 102 million 4G users; the telecom regulator considers Internet connections with speeds of 512kbps or above as broadband, and blanketed both mobile and stressed out connections in compiling its statistics.

Must-See Cities in SpainCities


This provincial capital is located in the South of Spain. It brags being the seat of government for this region of Spain. There are great parks and several wonderful museums to visit. Seville has sightseeing tours to show off the historical beauty of the city. Restaurants and motels can be found where the food is reasonable and so are the models. Some of the museums include a fine art museum called Plaza de Museo, an Archaeological museum called Plaza de America and a great bullfighting museum known as Museo Taurino. With bullfighting being a past time of Spain, there should definitely be a visit to this great museum. Don’t forget to visit one or all of the great parks that are located in Seville. The Maria Luisa Park is the largest in the city. It began its life as a Romantic garden.


Alicante has wonderful streets lined with shops and palm trees. It is very well known along the Costa Blanca. This city is famous for its perfect weather and all that it has to offer. Visit the Island of Tabarca. It is located along the beautiful coast of Alicante. There is a sandy beach where you can soak up the sun and relax or you can take one of the many sightseeing trips that are available. Perhaps you would be interested in the museums in the area. There are even some great cathedrals that you will want to see. Alicante is found in Eastern Spain. Beautiful beaches, great restaurants, and loads to see and visit equals a city worth visiting.


Valencia is also known as the Bright City. It is the largest city in Spain and is one of the liveliest and fun to visit. It has a great nightlife to enjoy, museums and parks. The beach life is perfect and is visited by many tourists in the summer months. The Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, also known as the City of Arts and Sciences is relatively new and shows off the great architecture of the city. You can visit cathedrals, cathedral museums, old but famous bridges with more great architecture and there are even places that you can visit. Valencia offers something for every tourist. It doesn’t matter what your interests are, you are sure to find something you will love. The Barrio del Carmen is a district that shows how the people of Valencia live from day to day. You will find theaters, bars, and restaurants that you just have to visit. There are many great things to keep you entertained in Valencia so remember to make this city part of your itinerary.

Power of Data Intelligence


Digital data universe expected to double in size every two years — an analyst firm IDC reveals.

In today’s competitive world, data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, presenting a smorgasbord of opportunities for them. Pick any study, survey or research report, all of them highlights that it has the potential to revolutionize business performance. Sensing the importance of digital data, forward-looking entrepreneurs are making the best attempts to harness their critical data for driving breakthrough results. However, the speed at which data is growing has also brought forth data management issues. Deriving actionable insights that can help in translating business performance is not a doddle. To deal with the reams of data available, many organizations are on a lookout for tools, processes, and professionals that truly accord the data explosion and help them in informed decision-making. Even they have started appointing Chief Data Officers (CDOs) tasked with supporting transparent and intelligent data use across a business.


The amount of new data created annually will grow ten-fold, from 4.4 trillion gigabytes to 44 trillion gigabytes during the forecast period – 2013-2020.

In the year 2013, only 22% of all data in the world was useful (i.e., could be analyzed) and less than 5% of that was actually analyzed.

Data Intelligence is to Rescue!

Data intelligence is gaining a lot of traction these days. It enables organizations across different ambits to discover and interact with data in an astute manner. On top of that, it allows them to determine market trends and past data in a real-time mode, all without breaking the banks.

According to Techopedia, Data intelligence is the analysis of data, utilized by organizations to extend the reach of their business and gain better returns on their investments.

Companies, on a large scale, are embracing business intelligence tools and analytics capabilities, such as ONLINE ANALYTICAL PROCESSING (OLAP) to view, access, and analyze the diverse range of internal and market data.

Business performance, data mining, online analytics, etc. are the kinds of data that organization collects and utilize for data intelligence purposes.

Experts believe that data intelligence will change the way we think about everything – right from sales to human resources and marketing strategies to business expansion. Businesses integrating data intelligence solutions will grow at a 2x faster rate than their counterparts – recent research states.

No matter how much data you have collected, it cannot add value prop to your organization, if cannot be pragmatically analyzed. The dearth of analysis will wipe off your dreams of turning your business into a big story, nor it will let you capitalize the available market opportunities, and optimize sales and marketing spend.

How well the data has been analyzed will differentiate leaders from the laggards. Data intelligence fosters pragmatic decision-making and turns data into revenue streams. So, seize it as a strategic advantage before it comes in the consideration of your competitors or else be ready to face it.

Intelligent Field Is a Mind-Expanding Read


Intelligent Field by the immensely gifted author, Surendra Kumar Sagar, is a mind-expanding look at what he refers to as the Intelligent Field, a sort of Traveling Cosmic Mind that controls nature, but it’s the `Information` in the field and the flow of such information in the field that is responsible for everything that happens in the universe, including the imparting of Intelligence to the field. As mentioned in the Foreword of the book, within this `Intelligent Field` is a universal mind, that gives us “consciousness.”

Intelligent Field is a follow-up, of sorts, to Sagar’s book, Six Words. Both Intelligent Field and Six Words have a cross-disciplinary approach and are deeply philosophical. In Intelligent Field, as in Six Words, a wide variety of topics get incorporated into a heady mix, with Sagar always optimistic in the potential for the human race, but also pointing out how events unfolding in the United States and globally could lead to the possible end of human life on the planet Earth.

Sagar is not a prophet of gloom and doom in Intelligent Field, but he does mention that humans are getting closer and closer to midnight, as far as the Doomsday Clock goes. There is still time left to pull humanity back from the brink of potential extinction, but it can only be accomplished only if certain measures are taken before it is too late.

In part, Intelligent Field is a snapshot in time, presenting a picture of the state of humanity in the time before Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. Sagar writes about the potential that humans can achieve, and also the very real possibility that they might be hurtling towards self-destruction. However, Sagar writes in chapter 1B, “An Integrated Approach Toward Convergence,” about how mankind can change the course it is on, through avoiding nuclear war, a convergence of religion with science, resolving conflicts between nations and within nations, and eliminating nuclear threat, altogether.