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HTC annonce un nouveau casque VR standalone, fonctionnant sans PC ou smartphone et attendu pour cette année


HTC Snap – The Smartphone That Got Smarter

HTC Snap is a smartphone with equal capabilities to Blackberry however it runs at the Windows Mobile 6.1 preferred running gadget. This Smartphone from HTC has an elegant design with a thin built. It has a wide show screen measuring 2.4 inches. This display is a noncontact QVGA display screen. It has a thumb-operated trackball that is used to go through the Windows Mobile 6.1 interface. The HTC Snap measures 4.59 inches through 2. Forty two inches.

Like different Smartphones, the HTC Snap has a full QWERTY keyboard that lets in smooth and fast typing for growing emails and textual content messages. The QWERTY keyboard has massive keys compared to other Smartphones, which allows users type higher.

This HTC phone is genuinely designed and optimized for email and messaging purposes because of its email filtering software known as the Inner Circle. This program filters the emails, and shall we users concentrate best on emails from contacts that belong to the user’s “internal circle”. There is even a dedicated Inner Circle button for clean get right of entry to important emails.

HTC Snap is one of those fantastic mobile cellphone offers because it has many functions to offer the clients. For folks who are always on the go however want to be constantly online, the HTC Snap can provide a high pace net with complete cellular surfing enjoy. It has full Wi-Fi connectivity and an excessive speed HSPDA 3G connection for a quicker net experience.

Aside from internet connectivity, this Smartphone also has Bluetooth 2. Zero Technology for file transfers, sharing, and different functions. File storage isn’t always a hassle because it has a 256 MB ROM, 196 MB RAM, and an expandable reminiscence via the MicroSD slot, which allows sixteen GB. Storing of song and video files will not be a problem due to its expandable reminiscence. The playback of these media documents, HTC Snap capabilities a media participant that plays music and video files of various formats.

For folks who would like to take perfect photos, the HTC Snap has a 2.0-megapixel digital camera. This lets users take photographs in addition to videos.

Access to workplace packages together with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is likewise viable through the HTC Phone because it runs thru the Windows Mobile 6.1 running system. In addition to that, it additionally gives Microsoft Direct Push Technology which allows actual time email delivery and automatic synchronization with Outlook.

Smartphone Cases


As designed by the manufacturer, accessories of the telephone include hardware and software that isn’t always vital to the operation of a phone, which provides for anti-lost and selfies wireless partners, instances, mass garage, chargers, and external batteries, image accessories, selfie stick, etc. In this article, we are going to speak about cellphone instances.


Smartphone instances are specially designed to attach, support, or in any other case hold a telephone and are one of the famous maximum add-ons for many smartphones. The dimension of the issues is especially primarily based on the show inches.