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8 of the Best Plugins for Optimizing WordPress Site Performance


How do you avoid having an internet site that’s as slow as molasses? Our Plugins remaining article targeted ten strategies for Performance optimizing your WordPress performance. This complies with up put up is a short reference of the exceptional plugins that fulfill your need for space.


We’ve protected eight of the excellent plugins that cover all the bases. We’ve additionally indexed nearly dozen options so you can discover which quality match your needs. Dive in and see what makes the maximum difference for your website.

If you’re following our WordPress Maintenance Checklist you’ll likely already be the usage of a number of those plugins. Keep it up! That craft will hold to accumulate.

Have we ignored your favored plugin? How has it helped? Let us understand inside the feedback.

1. W3 Total Cache
Cost: loose
Active installs: 1+ million
This plugin presents Easy Web Performance Optimization (WPO) the usage of caching—caching of posts and pages to reminiscence or disk, caching of feeds, search end result pages, database gadgets and minified CSS and Javascript files. To get the most out of it, spend a while configuring it cautiously.

W3 Total Cache can also paintings together with your CDN (like Cloudflare or MaxCDN) to further enhance load instances.

W3 Total Cache improves the SEO and person revel in of your site by growing website overall performance, decreasing download instances via functions like content shipping community (CDN) integration.
Alternative caching plugins consist of WP Super Cache, Hyper Cache, WP Fastest Cache and Cache Enabler.

If you prefer to avoid using plugins, a great choice for you will be to look for a web hosting provider as a way to do the caching for you. Our associate SiteGround has a remarkable coaching tool, evolved in-house, that can help you drastically increase your website velocity.

2. WP-Optimize
Cost: loose
Active installs: six hundred,000+
This free plugin will optimize your WordPress database with the press of a button, or automatically with its built-in scheduler. Redundant facts like spam remarks, submit revisions and other trash items might be cleaned from your MySQL database, speeding up how fast your site hundreds.

WP-Optimize is a powerful tool for mechanically cleaning your WordPress database so that it runs at most efficiency.
Alternative database optimization plugins encompass Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions, WP-Cleanup, WPOptimize, WP Database Cleaner and WP-DBManager.

3. Autoptimize
Cost: free
Active installs: three hundred,000+
Poorly established CSS and HTML will bring about a sluggish website online and misplaced site visitors. This plugin scans and tweaks your website, “minifying” and removing redundant code.

To save you compatibility conflicts, Autoptimize can ignore your different plugins. It also can force your plugins to run in a specific order. By experimenting with this, you are probably capable of considerably enhance your loading times.

Autoptimize makes optimizing your website without a doubt smooth. It concatenates all scripts and patterns, minifies and compresses them, provides expires headers, caches them, and movements styles to the page head and can pass scripts to the footer.
Alternative plugins that minify include WP Super Minify and Better WordPress Minify.

4. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

Cost: loose
Active installs: one hundred,000+
Bad plugins can adversely have an effect on the overall performance of your website. P3 will evaluate yours. It will identify the plugins that have the biggest effect for your website online’s load time, and show them in a pie chart so you can effortlessly see which tweaks will make the most distinction.

This plugin creates a profile of your WordPress website online’s plugins’ overall performance with the aid of measuring their effect for your website’s load time. Often instances, WordPress sites load slowly due to poorly configured plugins or because there are so many of them. By using the P3 plugin, you may slender down something causing slowness in your website online.
Alternative plugin-associated plugins include Plugin Organizer.

5. WP Smush
Cost: free and top class from $19/month
Active installs: seven hundred,000+
This plugin compresses snapshots by means of stripping metadata from JPEG files, optimizing JPEG compression, converting sure GIFs to listed PNGs and stripping the unused colorations from listed snapshots. You can set it up to robotically compress new pix after they’re uploaded on your website.

WP Smush is fast and performs nicely. Files are compressed using dedicated servers, and it’s recommended through the website overall performance tool GTmetrix.Com.

Resize, optimize and compress all your pictures with the, particularly effective and 100% free WordPress photo smasher, delivered to you with the aid of the superteam at WPMU DEV!
Alternative image compression plugins consist of EWWW Image Optimizer, Imagify, Kraken Image Optimizer, ShortPixel Image Optimizer and CW Image Optimizer.

6. Lazy Load
Cost: free
Active installs: 90,000+
This plugin makes certain photos are loaded handiest whilst they’re visible above the fold. It doesn’t require configuration and works out of the container.

Lazy load photos to improve web page load instances. Uses jQuery.Sonar to only load a photograph while it’s seen in the viewport.
Alternative lazy load plugins encompass jQuery Image Lazy Load WP, BJ Lazy Load, Rocket Lazy Load, Unveil Lazy Load and Lazy Load for Videos.

7. Insanity
Cost: loose
Active installs: 100,000+
Rather than imparting lossless compression, this free plugin routinely resizes pics to an extra “sane” decision. It’s capable of setting a maximum width, height and excellent of pictures, and can convert BMP files to JPG.

Insanity routinely resizes massive picture uploads all the way down to a length this is extra affordable for display in a browser, yet still greater than massive sufficient for traditional website use. The plugin is configurable with a max width, height, and first-class.
8. WP HTTP Compression
Cost: free
Active installs: five,000+
This plugin compresses your pages in the gZip layout (if the browser helps compressed pages). HTTP compression can lessen the dimensions of your pages via 60-eighty%, permitting pages to load 3 or four times faster.

This plugin lets in your WordPress blog to output pages compressed in gzip layout if a browser helps compression.

Are Your Performance Expectations Reasonable?


There are many reasons why employees are unable to meet performance expectations:

1. The expectation is not realistic in relation to the employee’s skills, experience or position in the decision-making hierarchy.

2. The expectations are too vague.

3. The time limits for the task are unrealistic.

4. The manager mistakenly assumes that the employee has the necessary knowledge and resources to perform the task.

5. The manager does not check to see and factor in what the employee is working on at the time and what other deadlines and projects s/he may have.

6. The manager unrealistically expects the employee to work as long and as hard as the manager does.

7. The manager expects the job not only to be done but to be done to an impossible standard.

8. The manager implicitly knows what performance s/he wants but is not able to explicitly state the expectations in clear and understandable language.

9. The manager keeps changing his or her performance expectations.

10. The performance expectations are too subjective, meaning that the manager will “know” acceptable performance when s/he “sees” it.

Managers need to set reasonable and achievable expectations for the work that their employees perform. These performance expectations should be specific, objective, observable, measurable, realistic and time-bound.

There are five strategies that can help managers set expectations that will allow their employees to perform better and reduce their own frustration and stress in the work place.

Strategy #1: Know your employees’ capabilities.

It is important to understand the capabilities of your employees so that you do not set your expectations unrealistically high or unnecessarily low. It is perfectly acceptable for you to give a stretch assignment to help an employee develop new skills. However, if you do, you need to lower your expectations in comparison with what you would expect of an employee who already possesses those skills.

Sometimes you will need to build your employee’s sense of comfort and confidence that s/he has the skills and ability to perform the assigned task.

Strategy #2: Establish a performance expectation that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

It helps to use the SMART standard when establishing a performance expectation. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

· The expectation is specific and stated in clear and unambiguous terms.

· Performance can be measured objectively according to a pre-determined and applicable measurement.

· The employee has the resources necessary to attain the performance expectation.

· The performance expectation is relevant, which means it is consistent with existing policy, precedent and protocol. If it is not consistent, there should be a clear and compelling reason for it.

· The time it is due is specified.

Strategy #3: Establish a realistic deadline.

It is important to consider what you can reasonably expect of an employee before you set a deadline. There are many factors that can affect your decision about the length of time it should take for the employee to complete the task. For example the employee’s current work load and deadlines; the complexity of the task; if the employee has performed the task before or is new to the assignment; and the availability of the resources necessary to support the performance of the task.

If you need the task performed within a specific deadline that has no flexibility, then review the employee’s current workload, rearrange priorities and deadlines for other tasks, and/or focus in on what absolutely needs to be done by the finite deadline.