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Exclusive: Banking software startup Sumeru raises angel funding

Website Design – Hardware and Software Tools You May Need


Before you get started out with your new website or enhancing your current website, you need to remember which hardware and software program gear you can need to help your efforts.

When it comes to hardware wished this may be very simple or reasonably complex depending on your particular needs. Of course, in case you plan to create a new website (or maybe view your new internet site later) you need a computer. Simple enough, proper? Not necessarily. We choose to paintings with Apple Macintosh (OSX Leopard on MacBook Pro) as we do a number of in depth pics work and have formerly invested in Adobe Creative Suite software program (Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc.). It is simply as clean to create your new internet site using your Windows PC, however, we might propose you live far from using Windows Vista (any model) and migrate to Windows 7 or stick with Windows XP. These working structures are simply lots more solid and reliable.

Another consideration for hardware ought to be a few kind of backup hard drive or removable USB memory stick(s). It is important that you lower back up all your internet site statistics to a removable force in the event your laptop crashes is damaged or is stolen. When you create website documents, maximum of your records will be stored at the website hosting servers but, in many instances, you will have many different “builder files” that generally by no means make it to the website hosting servers. If you lose these statistics you may be compelled to begin from scratch in lots of cases. Another piece of hardware that many forget approximately is an HD Video Camcorder. If you propose to consist of video for your website, you should be investing in something half of decent; you can commonly select up an amazing video digital camera that also captures “nonetheless pictures” for under $500.00.

When it involves software program needed, this could be fairly extra complicated, again relying on what your website design goals are. At the very least, you may want a few kind of textual content enhancing software program, FTP (document switch software program), photographs creation software program after which a selection of other gear as your development.

Here are some of the most common subjects you need to don’t forget whilst planning the design of your internet site product.


Do you presently have a computer that may process massive files (i.E. – video files) quick and efficiently?


Are you making plans to host your very own website portal? If so, do you understand what type of hardware and server software program you may need?


Do you presently have a few form of backup hard force gadget or plan?


Will you be growing custom films for your website and, in that case, do you have got an HD video camera prepared to go?


Are you making plans to make your internet site “mobile internet friendly”? If so, do you’ve got an iPhone and an iPad? Android cell phone? Blackberry devise? These will be needed for trying out purposes!


Do you have got any internet site advent software (i.E. – Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage) established, certified and ready to use?


Are you making plans to create your very own website portraits or edit snapshots? Do you have got the essential software program (i.E. – Adobe Photoshop or Photo Studio)?


Are you planning on growing a database for your website and, if so, do you understand which software to use for this motive?

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Disruption, the Startup Mantra


Today, startups are the “talk of the town”, with everybody displaying an eager hobby, whether it’s far an entrepreneur, investor or most people. With the so referred to as fulfillment tales of latest startups, many human beings are jumping onto the bandwagon and searching at ways of replicating these successes with their personal startups. While reviewing a number of those tales, I wondered what enterprise models these startups started with and whether it may be replicated effectively by others.

Twenty years again, who would have imagined that something like advertising might be a first-rate supply of income for a business whose number one product become logistics offerings or information change? This is where a business model comes in handy as it helps determine the assets of profits. If you’re an entrepreneur or making plans to grow to be one, do you’ve got a commercial enterprise version in the area? If now not, I could endorse which you put together one, because the axiom is going, “better late than never”.

Investopedia defines a commercial enterprise version because the plan carried out via a company to generate sales and make a benefit from operations. The model consists of the additives and capabilities of the business, as well as the sales it generates and the expenses it incurs. In other phrases, how you intend to make cash or in startup jargon “monetize”.

How do you go about planning an enterprise version? Looking at how the established startups are behaving, this perhaps is the “million greenback query”. There are numerous fashions that may be used in your enterprise. All you require to do is exercise session which one(s) might be exceptional to your enterprise. To start you off, here are some hooked up fashions that you may compare.

Marketplace or Demand Aggregation version:

Create a digital market wherein dealers can display their merchandise and shoppers can choose what they need to purchase. Your role is constrained to imparting a platform in which providers and consumers can come collectively. You can run the enterprise with zero inventories and really low overheads because of the seller’s carrier the orders without delay from their very own warehouses. You receive a commission for every transaction that takes location at the virtual market. This version is practiced by online giants like Amazon and eBay.

Freemium version:

This version combines some unfastened services with some paid offerings. Various services such as job portals and social networks have efficaciously followed this version. Anyone can register on the portal website and get to use some primary capabilities without being charged for it. The portal offers numerous premium functions that registered users can avail of by means of paying a charge. LinkedIn and Naukri.Com were the use of this model quite substantially.

The Islamic Banking Model


The starting place of Islamic banking dates to the very starting of Islam in the seventh century. The prophet Muhammad’s first wife, Khadija, turned into a service provider, and he acted as an agent for her commercial enterprise, the use of some of the identical ideas utilized in modern Islamic banking. In the Middle Ages, alternate and business hobby inside the Muslim world trusted Islamic banking ideas, and those ideas unfold for the duration of Spain, the Mediterranean and the Baltic States, arguably presenting some of the basis for western banking principles. In the Sixties to the 1970s, Islamic banking resurfaced within the present day international.

This banking device is based totally on the principles of Islamic regulation, also called Sharia law, and guided by Islamic economics. The basic standards are the sharing of profit and loss and the prohibition of the collection and charge of the hobby by using creditors and traders. Islamic banks neither rate nor pay interest in a conventional way wherein the charge of a hobby is set earlier and regarded because the predetermined price of credit score or the reward for cash deposited. Islamic regulation accepts the capital reward for loan carriers only on a profit- and loss-sharing basis, working on the principle of variable go back related to the real productivity and performances of the financed assignment and the real financial system. Another essential component is its entrepreneurial function. The device is focused not most effective on financial expansion but also on a bodily growth of financial manufacturing and services. In practice, there’s a better concentrated on investment sports such as fairness financing, trade financing, and actual property investments. Since this gadget of banking is grounded in Islamic ideas, all the undertakings of the banks observe Islamic morals. Therefore, it may be stated that financial transactions inside Islamic banking are a culturally awesome form of ethical making an investment. For example, investments involving alcohol, playing, red meat, and many others. Are prohibited.

For the ultimate four decades, the Islamic banking gadget has experienced a wonderful evolution from a small niche visible handiest in Islamic countries to a worthwhile, dynamic and resilient competitor at a global level. Their size around the sector changed into anticipated to be near $850 billion at the end of 2008 and is expected to develop by means of round 15 percentage yearly. While machine of banking remains the principle component of the Islamic economic system, the alternative elements, together with Takaful (Islamic coverage groups), mutual funds and Sukuk (Islamic bonds and economic certificates), have witnessed sturdy worldwide boom, too. Per a dependable estimate, the Islamic economic industry now quantities to over $1 trillion. Moreover, the possibility for growth in this sector is extensive. It is estimated that the system could double in size inside a decade if the beyond performances persevere within the destiny.