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Myths about WordPress


Unicorns. Mermaids. Werewolves. Big Foot. The Loch Ness Monster. What do all of these items have in commonplace? They’re all legendary creatures that were once thought to in reality exist in folklore, however, had been categorized as pseudoscience today. Sometimes, perceptions persist even if they aren’t actual, however that doesn’t suggest we’re stuck with them.

Take WordPress, what changed into as soon as a blogging platform now powers over 28 percentage of the internet. Everything from non-public blogs to agency websites may be constructed the use of the CMS.

WordPress is now not an amateur tool, but some nevertheless perceive it to be “that one blogging platform.” Is WordPress actually only a toy for bloggers? In this white paper, we’ll debunk that and some of the biggest myths about WordPress nowadays.

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WordPress is just a toy for bloggers
If you positioned WordPress on a spectrum between toy and tool, the fact is, WordPress fits as each. While WordPress use to be a toy for bloggers (and nevertheless technically can be used that manner), it has also evolved and is equipped for the agency.

WordPress is the most popular CMS on this planet, taking giant strides over competitors Drupal and Joomla, which handiest electricity an insignificant 2.Nine and 1.73 percent of the marketplace share respectively. In addition, as stated above, these days WordPress powers over 1 / 4 of the internet at a marvelous 28 percentage of all websites (and growing).

There are a ton of bloggers who use the “.Com” model of WordPress for its loose website hosting and in-residence safety features. However, those trying to take a far better method use the “.Org” model as a platform to construct definitely something they choice…Blogs, applications, stores, and so on.

Just a few high-quality manufacturers the usage of WordPress to power their online presence consist of TechCrunch, Beyoncé, MTV News, Walt Disney, and extra. Not most effective do these manufacturers use WordPress due to the fact it is value effective in comparison to other solutions like Adobe, but it additionally offers enough flexibility in the front-cease layout, with powerful, open supply backend functions.

WordPress’ open source nature approach anybody can download the software, a subject matter, or a plugin, and tweak the code the manner they want. It’s now not a closed cease answer. If you continue to disbelieve this, check out 14 Things You Didn’t Realize You Could Do With WordPress. Many large manufacturers and organisation are the use of WordPress as a secondary CMS; take a look at out WordPress Success Among Enterprise CMSs.

It’s now not properly for e-commerce

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If trying to promote tangible or digital goods or services online, WordPress is a superb choice for an online store. The maximum famous solution is WooCommerce, which presently powers 41 percent of all e-commerce shops. WooCommerce is an extraordinary clean solution to apply even without much technical know-how. However, there is the not unusual misconception that WooCommerce can’t scale.

Without investing in hosting, you could endure issues with scaling for site visitors. WP Engine addresses lots of these problems with its e-trade plan dedicated for WooCommerce customers. However, you aren’t simply restrained to WooCommerce on WordPress.

There are lots of integrations for other solutions, like Shopify as an instance, who built a plugin to integrate WordPress and Shopify. With the Shopify e-commerce plugin, you could make any WordPress page or blog shoppable, including e-commerce functionality in your WordPress site. Other WordPress e-commerce solutions include BigCommerce, Volusion, and Magento.

For more statistics approximately succeeding with e-commerce on WordPress take a look at out 10 E-commerce Optimization Tips for Spectacular Sales.

WordPress isn’t scalable
Because WordPress is an open source platform that also takes place to be free, the question of scalability is usually a challenge. Will your site be capable of managing an unexpected visitors spike? If you create the right environment, you may actually construct a WordPress website this is scalable and capable of dealing with any amount of traffic.

Some of the key approaches to appropriately scale a WordPress web page is with the aid of developing an appropriate and sustainable improvement environment, effective horizontal scaling, caching, and query overall performance. Design-sensible, WordPress can be used as an easy running a blog website the use of a built-in theme or may be scaled to have a complex and sophisticated design structure using complicated gear.

No support

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Since no one owns WordPress and it’s free for anybody, there need to be no one accessible to help you, proper? Wrong. WordPress has a totally lively network of builders, designers, content producers, marketers, assist representatives and extra.

WordPress offers community-based aid boards supposed for mastering, sharing, and troubleshooting. Additionally, a plethora of assets from numerous blogs and agencies associated with the WordPress platform usually offer academic content to keep a top-notch WordPress web page.

There also are CDN alternatives which involve routing your website online through an opposite proxy and leveraging caching at this stage. Offloading content thru this type of CDN can be valuable for sites with extremely excessive tiers of visitors. They allow for custom configuration of caching for pages and documents as nicely in case you want a greater granular method to caching. By the use of this sort of CDN, it allows offloading an awesome part of the server processing to cache it instead.

It’s not at ease, or more likely to be hacked

There is sincerely no proof that WordPress is any less comfortable than another CMS site. Truth is, all websites are susceptible to protection breaches, inclusive of WordPress. Because of its sheer volume at the internet (approximately 28%), it attracts attacks. But WordPress is not a brand new platform. During its decade-long evolution, WordPress has launched some of the informative safety tutorials as well as reliable protection plugins. And as WordPress continues to develop and mature, the security plugins best get greater superior resulting in decreased unblocked hacks.

Each new update brings more difficult security measures and capabilities. However, the actual safety of a WordPress website comes from the consumer’s ability to constantly replace themes, plugins, and accessories and maintain backups. Users need to additionally create complex passwords and trade them often. Nearly eighty percent of real safety threats and infections are because of a vulnerability triggered in previous software program/password exploits. A virtual enjoy platform like that provided by way of WP Engine is assured to ensure indestructible safety on your WordPress website.