As Prince as soon as stated: “Tonight, we are going to celebration like it is 1999!”

As the hazard of Y2K loomed in the close to destiny, stars like Kate Moss, Mel B and extra had been wearing the finest clothes, doing the wildest matters and savoring every remaining second before the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve.

In terms of entertainment, the Sixth Sense became one among the most important blockbusters of the 12 months, along The Matrix and Tarzan, which all stay favorites within the library of film titles of all time. It additionally came about to be the year that Hillary Swank won Best Actress for her role in Boys Don’t Cry.

Then, there has been Britney Spears’ all-time favorite hit “Baby, One More Time” and the enduring tune video in which she dressed as a schoolgirl.

Meanwhile, in the global of fashion, developments had been being set and stars were musing over which runway looks they would put on in the twenty first century. Minnie Driver, Sandra Bullock and greater have been furnishings at the style scene at all of favor’s largest shows.