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Best Sixteen Songs From Procol Harum


This time the information certainly turned into about the band, not like the misinformation my mother related to me about six months in the past. She had known as to inform me that some Islamic extremists had followed the name of one of the bands I used to concentrate to, Procol Harum.

Finding that records tough to believe, I without delay scanned the Internet, relieved to discover that Mom had misheard the news tale. That Islamic extremist organization inside the information ultimate year was now not the musicians who formed within the overdue sixties, but as a substitute became called Boko Haram.

This week, however, it turned into certainly Procol Harum who made the information, announcing plans for their fiftieth anniversary. The satisfactory item among those plans is a new album, Novum, on the way to be the group’s first in twelve years.

As we count on its launch later this summer season, fans might want to reflect on the delights the band has already given us. Here are the fine sixteen Procol Harum songs, one for every of the vestal virgins cited in the band’s biggest hit.

Toujours L’Amour from Grand Hotel

The guy spends three verses taking into account his plans after finding a Dear John letter, possibly sojourning to France or Spain. His last idea is to buy a revolver and strongly take into account suicide.

Conquistador from In Concert With the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Originally just a music from the debut album, it became a long lasting hit once the band played it with this musical ensemble.

Man On a Mission from The Prodigal Son

Its recording date says 1991, however it sounds as though it is able to thoroughly were at some stage in the institution’s peak within the early seventies.

Souvenir of London from Grand Hotel

Banned from the radio because of a reference to a sexually transmitted disease, the humorous song has long since become a fan favored.

Whiter Shade of Pale from Procol Harum

This hit was the song that introduced the group to the USA, where it is nonetheless a staple on oldies stations.

Learn To Fly from The Prodigal Son

Any critics who say that prog rock artists can’t rock ought to listen to this electric powered guitar gem from the their ultimate idea album.

T.V. Caesar from Grand Hotel

The electricity of television is provided as a hazard in this tune, one of the few songs in rock history to say the underrated Superhero Mighty Mouse.

Pandora’s Box from Procol’s Ninth

Even after eight studio albums, this tune proved that lyricist Keith Reid nonetheless had a special chemistry with singer and song-author Gary Booker.

Wreck of the Hesparus from The Salty Dog

Having already struck gold with allusions to The Canterbury Tales in “Whiter Shade of Pale”, the group became this classic poem into a music.

Bringing Home the William Maxwell Aitken from Grand Hotel

This scrumptious tune have to be prevented when you’re desperately hungry, for its references to food will simplest depart you feeling greater famished.

Fool’s Gold from Procol’s Ninth

An splendid metaphor set to a great melody helped make this track the largest single from album variety 9.

Repent Walpurgis from Procol Harum

The mysterious name is an excellent moniker for this instrumental, that may serve as a soundtrack for a number of movies from any style.

Title Track from Grand Hotel

Creatively the band changed into at its peak, which explains the luxuries they revel in on this tune.

Song For a Dreamer from Broken Barricades

This tribute to Jimi Hendrix, whose demise had bowled over his buddies in the band, changed into at the closing album before guitarist Robin Trower left to pursue a solo career.

Typewriter Torment from Procol’s Ninth

Writer’s block is the situation here however, judging from the first-class, that lack of creativity must had been quite brief.

Eight Days A Week from Procol’s Ninth

This traditional of The Beatles turned into a first-rate choice for the band’s first cowl model.

Staff Development Options


Staff improvement is defined because the development of the understanding and abilties of personnel inside an organization by using providing them with schooling.

Organizations that invest in personnel improvement have determined that it improves efficiency, improves productivity, ensures the continuation of institutional knowledge, reduces turnover, reduces costs, improves employee morale, and will increase worker process pride. Staff development might also give the business enterprise more scheduling flexibility and might lead to operational enhancements.

Staff development can take many forms, as the following tables illustrate:

Staff Development Conducted in the Organization


A planned pairing of a extra professional/skilled character with a less skilled/ experienced one, with the collectively agreed aim of getting the latter grow and expand specific job capabilities or organizational knowledge.

Job Shadowing

Working with any other worker who might have a unique task in hand, might have something to educate, or can help the man or woman shadowing him or her to examine new aspects related to the job, enterprise, sure behaviors or competencies.

Job Rotation

Employees are moved among or greater jobs in a deliberate way. The goal is to show the personnel to unique studies and broaden a greater diversity of capabilities to beautify task satisfaction and to go-teach them.

Committee Assignments

Cross-department committees work on a particular venture both completely or on a transient basis.

Training Programs

Formal ability-constructing learning classes in school room workshops subsidized via the agency.

Staff Development Conducted in the Organization

Special Teams or Task Forces

Cross-department groups shaped for a special purpose of running on any particular undertaking or locating a method to a totally important hassle.

E-Learning Programs

Training modules available through an online gaining knowledge of gadget.

Leadership Development Programs

A series of management packages for decided on employees with management ability. This can also encompass scheduled formal schooling packages as well as a piece venture task to cope with an organizational problem.

Brown Bag/Lunch and Learn Sessions

Training furnished throughout lunch hours. Employees convey their personal lunches to the meeting

Book Discussion Groups

Groups of folks that meet frequently to speak about books that each one the contributors have examine.

Staff Development Conducted on the Job

Using The Print Screen Function on a Mac


Are you a Mac OS X person? If so, you know that Mac OS would not work the equal manner as the Windows working structures. For example, the approach of taking screenshots is exclusive on each the working structures. If you have got been suffering to discover a way to apply this feature in your Mac machine, study this manual until the quit.

First off, you will be satisfied to know that taking a screenshot on a Mac is less complicated than taking one on Windows. A Mac doesn’t characteristic a Print Screen button. But there are many easy approaches to perform this characteristic in this system. Let’s see how you may get this challenge completed with some clicks of the mouse or trackpad.

How To Take A Screenshot On a Mac: Shortcut Keys

Taking the “picture” or screenshot of your computer display is straightforward with the following shortcuts:

· Press and maintain both Cmd and Shift keys and then hit four

· Now, drag the crosshairs throughout the preferred vicinity on your pc display, after which launch the mouse button.

· That’s it. The screenshot will display up at the computer of your device. The file will be saved as PNG report with the time and date.

Another approach:

Here is another method: All you have to do is press and hold both Shift and the ‘Apple key” after which hit three. It will snatch the screenshot right away saving the photo at the computing device. Here it’s critical to word that this method will take the screenshot of the entire area of the computer.

Taking a screenshot with this method has a limitation. The resulting file can be in the PNG layout, and you can no longer be comfy working with this format. The maximum not unusual record codecs for images are JPG and JPEG. You can convert your PNG screenshots into JPG documents to fit your wishes. You can use any picture enhancing app for this cause.

Taking A Screenshot With Or Without The Shadow Effect

You may decorate a screenshot with the shadow impact. How are you able to do it? It’s pretty easy. Follow the previous technique, but whilst you see the crosshairs at the screen, hit Space. As quickly as you hit the button, you’ll see a camera icon in vicinity of the crosshairs, and the color of the window will trade into blue. Now, you must click on with the intention to take the screenshot of the blue window. You will see the picture has a beautiful shadow effect.

But what if you need a screenshot without the shadow effect? You can dispose of this shadow without a problem. All you need to do is hit the Alt or Option key, and the shadow effect will leave. It sounds peculiar, but it does work.

As stated in advance, running on a Mac isn’t the same as operating on Windows, as both of the working structures work barely in another way. However, with a bit bit of exercise and studying, you could effortlessly perform all the characteristic for your Mac as well. There are many beneficial sites and blogs accessible. And with any luck, this one additionally helped you with your trouble.