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Travis: Left-wing Sports Media Using Kaepernick to Advance Political Beliefs


In the twenty-first century, no sports activities free marketers were included greater than LeBron James, Peyton Manning,


Brett Favre, Kevin Durant and … Colin Kaepernick. The first 4 are in or headed for his or her respective Hall of Fame. Kaepernick, a free agent quarterback seeking to assist Black Lives Matter to circulate the ball forward, receives a ton of press simplest due to the fact left-wing media are the use of him to increase their personal political opinions.

Clay Travis, author for Outkick the Coverage, hammers that subject hard in his trendy column. He asserts that “inside the whole records of sports activities free agency, no one has ever been protected extra who mattered less than Colin Kaepernick. The fevered insurance of Colin Kaepernick is ready biased left-wing sports media, 96 percentage of whom voted against Donald Trump in the 2016 election, blatantly rooting for Kaepernick to be signed and calling out the NFL, NFL teams, and NFL personnel for the truth that he remains unsigned.”

Travis writes the kool-aid ingesting left-move media “media has completely deserted the belief of objectivity in reporting on the subject of Kaepernick. Never have we seen such a lot of inside the sports media take away all pretensions of objectivity in want of rabid rooting and endorsement of Kaepernick.”

Kaepernick is manner too much ado approximately nothing, Travis writes:

There is not any athlete that has ever mattered much less and been covered greater than Colin Kaepernick. How awful is it? Colin Kaepernick makes the NFL coverage of Tim Tebow, every other jogging quarterback who NFL defenses found out, look downright spartan.
But why is one of this favored son of the Left still without an enterprise? “The simple truth is this: Colin Kaepernick isn’t a free agent due to the fact he protested the national anthem ultimate fall, he’s a loose agent due to the fact he protested the countrywide anthem ultimate fall and he isn’t an excellent quarterback,” Travis writes. As an aging, running QB, Kaepernick is not a recipe for success.

Furthermore, consistent with Travis, NFL teams don’t need distractions from replacement players. “NFL teams need returned-up quarterbacks to be like kids in the nineteenth century, they need them to be seen, but not heard.”

The schedule-driven left-flow media doesn’t get it even though. They don’t “cover sports testimonies any greater; sports activities are an opportunity for many ‘reporters’ to suggest for own their left wing political opinions thru the world of sports activities. That’s the best way to explain how Kaepernick is one of the 5 most included unfastened marketers within the twenty-first century.”

There is also a “white guilt” thing in play, Travis claims. Many inside the sports media are afraid to criticize Kaepernick out of fear they may be known as racist. Travis, but, isn’t afraid of drawing a racist label. And he doesn’t percentage the Left’s worldview.

Travis thinks he on my own is opposing Kaepernick’s candidacy for an NFL job. He criticized media comparisons of Kaepernick with the overdue Muhammed Ali, but Jason Whitlock, of FoxSports 1, also blasted those who made that weak argument. Newsbusters has always exposed left-wing bias over Kaepernick.

Travis concludes Media with two Political  points:


1 The former 49er isn’t even a pinnacle 30 QB, “yet he’s now likely the maximum covered NFL unfastened agent in the history of the sport. All due to the left-wing beliefs of the sports activities media. How insane is this? And how insane is it that no person else has mentioned this insanity?” The writer also speculated that “MSESPN” and different networks also are not interested in hiring Kaepernick due to the fact “his problems exceed his skills.”

2) “There’s no grand conspiracy operating against Kaepernick within the NFL, he’s simply no longer right enough to be a starter and his protest makes him too much of a distraction to be a backup. Anyone within the sports media arguing something else isn’t surely arguing about Kaepernick in any respect, they’re simply using sports activities to argue for their personal left-wing political opinions.”

Why are the elites of Hollywood busy eating filet mignon and drinking the finest wine, walking on red carpets with gun-toting security in designer clothes giving themselves awards and accolades while they are selling us out to the Chinese? Why does Meryl Streep believe she can use the stage to trash our next president? Of all the hypocrisy in the world, this has to take the cake, and it is totally out of touch with Middle-Class America.

Hollywood is slowly being bought by Chinese interests. It’s interesting that China limits the number of US films allowed into their markets each year, but if those Hollywood Movie companies are run by Chinese interests, they will have inside clout to get those movies into what will be one-day a market as big as the entire world’s market for movies today. Chinese pirated DVDs flood our markets, movies stolen from Hollywood, this limits the profits of the Motion Picture Industry – and in this weakened state, these large corporations can be bought on the cheap. (Cite 1)

For the Hollywood elite to lecture the American People on their visions of society and political correctness is pathetic considering they make millions of dollars because we watch their movies. They make lots of money because they participate in the free-market system and then tell us how great socialism can be for America while taking money from Communist Governments. The same Communist Government that is noted for its amazing censorship, all the while Meryl Streep tells us how the international journalists expose Donald Trump as a meanie, racist, misogynist, bully, and hater?

Hollywood with Meryl Streep leading the charge now tells us that disrespect causes more disrespect, that violence causes more violence, and yet, they will not call out our Teleprompter in Chief who constantly invites continued race wars, protests, often leading to riots, and usually funded by political operative George Soros. Hollywood, the Obama Administration, DNC, and leftist journalists here and around the world have disrespected our Nation’s right to self-rule, and the right-leaning citizens of this great nation.

At some point, it might be nice to start calling out Hollywood for their hypocrisy, it is legendary indeed, and probably deserves a Global Golden Yellow River Stream Award for that, and no pun intended, you see I am not all that pissed off about this simply because they make themselves look so juvenile, it really doesn’t deserve a whole article here, but in case you missed it I thought you should know, or in case you live in that same leftist echo chamber I thought I’d hand you your mirror.

Social Media – Do You Have a Strategy?


Social media has the same principles as face to face networking and is the most important part of your marketing. It not only enhances your relationship building but reinforces the outcomes you want from your business. We need to have strategies for our social media to help us achieve what we have created by making sure it is in both our business and marketing plans.

Most small businesses are not aware of how important it is to have both a business and marketing plans so that they are moving in the right direction. If we do not know what we want our business to be in the future, we can’t create it, so the clarity of our VISION for our business is very important. Social media gives us the opportunity to market ourselves to a wider group of people and businesses whom we would never have the opportunity to connect.

Are you aware that when you are using a social media platform, no matter which one, your aim is to create your likeability both personally and as a business? Then you can become known for your skill set and expertise in your subject by gaining the trust that you do know what you are speaking about.

Social media can make or break you and your reputation in the business. Your efforts on social media will play an enormous role in achieving what you want for you and your business. I believe that you and your business come together as one if they are congruent. In today’s business world, we as small business owners are viewed personally as much as our businesses are. If someone does not like you, they will not do business with you and use your products or services.

When we firstly commence business we are full of enthusiasm and if we do not create systems to support ourselves and the business in general we will be behind the eight-ball. So, a one-page business plan of what you want to create for the next year is important. Create a one-page marketing plan as well noting that social media is a large part of marketing in today’s small business world. This does not mean you do no other market though!!

When you are creating your marketing plan it is important to know what your objectives are. Find out the social media platforms that suit you and your business best i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest being the main ones. It is important that you work out what campaigns you plan to run to achieve your marketing goals.

If you have an electronic newsletter and or magazine these can be used very effectively in your social media plan. Remember that your website is also another way you can boost your social media presence. It is important that you link everything including your flyers and brochures, your business card and signage too, so you can have a story that is consistent and congruent.